1. “When I look into Putins 👁 💀 👁 eyes I see the KGB.” Republican Senator John McCain/American Hero & Patriot/Decorated Vietnam War Vet with a Silver Star, 2 Legion of Merit medals, a Distinguished Flying Cross, 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Navy and Marine Corps Commendations and The Prisoner of War medal/R.I.P.

    1. @John Galt009 almost every line you wrote is a proven lie. For one, he got tortured and didn’t “bust his arm himself.” He served his country well, and I’m sure you didn’t serve one day even to respect that fact.

    2. @Freedom_At_Last Busted his arms during ejection, because he didn’t keep his wings in; Found on ground, already injured- see if you can even READ the captions ON THE PICs!; wouldn’t set them, nor let them heal. Facts.

      My father served, so I wouldn’t have to. Take that served stuff, and go wait on tables @ Dennys. Don’t try that self-righteous “Patriot” crap on me, it’s Simplistic, self-serving & bogus.
      Now go camp out in a library somewhere (not in children’s section) and read about “This great hero”.
      Or do your PATRIOTIC duty & google some articles to support your idyllic hero worship: Keating-5: bought & paid for CORRUPT.
      Destroyed the S & L’s! Forced a massive govt bailout! We paid for that!
      You don’t even know… this???

      Songbird: sang like a bird.
      PERSONALLY impeded ALL efforts, ALL THE TIME, to locate Missing POWs/MIAs. Straight from their accounts!
      No one left behind ? BS!

      3-airplanes. Any one of which would’ve gotten a less- connected, washed out. Go Read it!!!!

      He’s no hero. Ross’ running mate was a hero. Not songbird. Look up his name. I’m not going to get it to you nor keep fetching your water.

      But still better than the Caligula Conman. But it’s a LOW BAR.

    3. The funny thing is, he’s probably low level KGB, like just an office worker. Not that we have any certain records, but I think some old veterans have said as much.
      Pretty clear now though that he has very little idea what he’s doing, he’s just a thug that uses nuclear blackmail. But because he has no idea what he’s doing, there’s a fair chance most of his nukes are no longer functional. They’re very expensive to maintain and apparently the triggers are quite precise. On top of that there’s the rockets themselves, there’s plenty of footage of Russian rockets failing in all sorts of strange ways, and I imagine most of them are from the Soviet Union era, some might literally have rusted through, as we’ve seen with some of their trucks and tanks. The money meant to maintain them likely went to buying more mansions, luxury cars, vodka, yachts, etc.

    4. He s a psychopath and a consistent liar 9f decades. He lies ot and frightens hus on people who he also does nothing to support. He s a criminal for real. He is what would happen if baby don got a totalitarian state to run. Sovereign democracy indeed. With one candidate.

  2. The term Greek tragedy, has officially been replaced with the more apt term, Russian tragedy. 😫 👈 Russian tragedy mask.

    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. David J : If one knows anything about Russian history its filled with epic TRAGEDY. Take Ivan the Terrible, The cruel Czars and serfdom only abolished after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Rasputin, Communism, Stalin and Stalinism, Gulags, forced labor, famines, purges etc.

    2. Actually, the Greek Tragedy is a more accurate description of the Tragedy Ukraine finds itself in. Ukraine lost 20% of its land, will be cut off from the sea, over 100k soldiers dead and wounded, millions of refugees flee the country, and destroyed economic base. Greek Tragedy has been officially replaced with Ukrainian Tragedy.

  3. Putin: “Since Ukraine had no plans of ever invading Russia, They left us with no other choice but to invade Ukraine.”
    Russian logic.

    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇲

    1. @Viral Meme’s putin should totally announce full mobilization tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes over.

      Hint: doesn’t matter how many people you have if they don’t want to fight in your senselessly absurd war.

  4. Thanks for being loud and obnoxious on purpose. Disruption of peace is a crime and will be met with retaliation.

  5. imagine if the United States Marines were fighting the Russians they US Marines would have been in their Capital celebrating in Russia MoscowUkraine people are fighting for their homes Russian soldiers are fighting for microwaves figure that out

  6. It is time to put a 500% tariff on ALL non-democratic countries. Free trade should only be with free people. All democracies must join together in a free-trade union to crush oppression. Discounts can be given to encourage improvements.

  7. Saw it hours before they went off, the Russians thought the video was fake and took no action 😄😄👍🇺🇦

  8. Coming into “play”? Excuse me, this isn’t a fucking video game honey. We are talking about thermal nuclear genocide. I wish the media would try harder to report the news more sensitively… it’s a incredibly serious situation.

  9. Somehow all of these talks about nuclear weapons is getting a little bit irritating.
    Is irritating the right word to describe that depressing dull feeling you get when you hear something you’re really sick and tired of?

  10. Video is 2 minutes and 41 seconds. 2 minutes and 20 seconds was on Nuclear problem. 20 seconds was on helicopters being sabotaged. Yet the video headline is about the helicopters! Talk about clickbait!

  11. Tactical nuclear weapons have to be maintained on a regular basis. Any guesses whether Russia has been doing this over the past 20 years? Me neither.

  12. haaaahahahhahaha ukrainian special forces is waltzing onto Russian airfields walking round whistling non chalantly planting explosives! haaaaaahahahahahaha

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