1. So two unarmed citizens Tackled a heavily armed shooter, but dozens of heavily armed police officers in Uvalde were too afraid to approach the shooter! Let that comparison sink in

    1. @Melting Pot It wasn’t a “hostage” situation. It was a slaughtering. And going in with guns blazing? That would be overkill, but at least then the police could say they did some little thing. Did you know a mom ran into the school against polic eorders and pulled her own children out? SHe then tried to run back in to grab other people’s children but the police nearly shot her to stop her from re-entering the building. They were cowards obeying inhuman orders. Palin and simple.

    2. @Brian Martinez 👈🏼🙄 uh yeah … it didn’t say that it did have something to do with this it was only brought up. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️💯


  2. If the killer was a person of color, confirmed or not he could have executed immediately. but you can see this murderer being begged to please keep moving to the loving arms of the police. (Am exagg. But that’s the way police should act unless guns pointed at them).

    1. Plenty of violent and armed black mass shooters are taken alive. The University of Virginia shooter is alive and well. Posts like yours are simply untrue, disingenuous and help no one

  3. My condolences to the parents,families and friends who lost people they love. We are all diminished by this senseless tragedy.😵❤💙💜

    1. Ya they deserve a metal. The kind that shoots bullets and fits in their pockets. That way they can end the attack in a second rather than running across a room to stop the shooter as the shooter is taking lives.

    2. @Larry Martineau taking a gun to the club is a bad idea. More people will die from fights that from shooters that way.

    3. @Larry Martineau Just what we need…an untrained guy in the midst of a highly chaotic situation, inside a darkly lit club to start shooting bullets across the room at the (possibly moving) target…are you fcking kidding? Are you just pretending not to know about the concept of ricocheting bullets or do you really not know?

      Now shooting the MFer point blank WAS an option that the hero(s) chose not to take and I am not second guessing it, *however,* I wouldn’t second guess their action if they did off that ev!l s.cum, either way they stopped the threat as soon as they were able and didn’t sit by twiddling their thumbs for almost an hour….

    4. @Larry Martineau how did those guns work out for the shooter? He had two, and yet someone completely unarmed, ran across the room, after being surprised and having no time to prepare, and took him out before police could even arrive. He’s still hospitalized and only alive because one of the men didn’t want to kill him.

    5. @Elias L Nope, I have to disagree with you 100%. Good people with firearms do not use their firearms to hurt other good people.

  4. The motto of CPAC this year was “We Are ALL Domestic Terrorists”
    BELIEVE THEM when they tell you who they are!

    1. We have no idea this man’s political affiliation or if he even has a political affiliation. As for his grandfather being republican, if you are white and your grandparents are still alive most likely they are republican. That’s just a demographic fact.

    2. Yep they get to define anyone who goes crazy and kills people as there enemy and try to redefine the republic of America into a bunch of homosexuals and lesbians

    3. @Mobilus In Mobili look at pew research. Most white people over 30 vote republican 2-1. If you are white and have grandparents still alive most likely they are republican. It’s just a demographic fact.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and families of those who were killed. As for the heroes, you are true heroes. If you weren’t there there would’ve been so many more dead.

    1. @C Colborn you don’t have to be a Right Wing extremist to send out thoughts and prayers. This was definitely done by a MF Right Wing Terroist.

    1. They did a much better job protecting people than the Uvalde police! They should be officially recognized. Without them, how many more would have died?

  6. RIP you sweet people. Lord wrap your arms around the families that lost a loved out to this disgusting disgraceful act no one deserves their life cut short due to evil people. GOD BLESS

  7. I can’t wait for an explanation for how a person arrested for a bomb threat was able to get guns. Good people WITHOUT guns stopped this bad guy with one. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎

  8. It’s interesting that so far what we know lines up perfectly with the research and guidance put out by the FBI Behavioral Science team over the years. If they’re correct, while he probably has no love for gay people, they were likely just the group he liked the least and a side note. His real goal was notoriety. If they’re right, he will have had a recent event in his life like getting fired from a job. He’ll work a menial job, but think he’s smarter than almost everyone and have tried numerous times to get more professional work. His behavior would have changed in the recent months or weeks and he will generally be an inadequate loser who is paying back society for not recognizing his brilliance through this act. Let’s see.

    1. After the mass shooting in Christchurch, NZ, Jacinda Ardern vowed that she would never utter the killer’s name. She took away the one thing he was looking for – notoriety. This should be the action of ALL – maybe we could just call them the murderer?

  9. My heart goes out to the families of all that suffered from the attack. Violence is sad and I never understood it.

  10. “This is an act of evil”
    NO. This is an act of HATE. “Evil” implies that this person was taken over by a demon, led by a devil, or born “evil”. The truth is that he LEARNED TO HATE. He learned how to funnel his anger and discontentment into hate for a scapegoated group. I will let you decide where these people are learning to hate entire groups of people enough to open fire on them, but call it what it is…..a product of hate mongering for profit.

    1. @MsFlame That’s what I am waiting on, Dude must be way nuts, I mean, he tried to harm his own mother. wonder what happened with THOSE cases as well?

    2. @No NO exactly, people are jumping to way too many conclusions. All we know is that this dude has a history of violence.

    3. we don’t know yet, stop assuming. And the things you say make no sense, everyone hate some groups, for example a lot of people here hate the police for so stupid reasons.

  11. My prayers to all the families who lost loved ones and also to those that are affected by this inside and outside the nightclub! 😢❤

  12. My sincerest condolences go out to my brothers, sisters, and others in the LGBTQ community and those taken by this senseless act of cowardice. You are loved my the majority of this country.

    I’m sure we can all guess the political proclivities of the shooter, and we must continue to condemn the fascists, Christian nationalists, and Reich Wingers.

    1. What the hell you mean Christmas the last shooters reported were like leftist authoritarians and democrats……

    2. Actually we can’t guess. We have no idea what his motive was. Jeffrey Dahmer targeted gay men. As horrific as what Dahmer did it wasn’t a hate crime.

  13. 3:05 That is so sad what this man said. I never thought of it that way. Makes it even more tragic. “For a lot of people like myself……..”

  14. Heartbreaking that person said, “we have no family” 💔. I could never abandon my child or any family member or friend for sexual orientation issue.

  15. The tragedy always starts when individuals become angry that others do live another life and then start to force them to do so by using violence. This happens not only in the many political opinions but is also the reason for religious wars and terrorism in general.
    I am still puzzled that terrorists can not understand others to the point that they don’t realize that their actions cause the opposite of their intend: After a terrorist attack no one will turn around and say: _”Oh yes, let’s adopt the terrorist’s opinion!”_ It will only harden fronts.

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