1. @vegastjg probably true..I don’t think the ppl really know what’s going on n the army is only following orders from Putin

    2. They don’t. Most of them, and you can look this up on multiple news outlets and online publications, and YouTubers, we’re unaware of where or why they were going anywhere. Most of them view Ukrainians as brothers and sisters.

    3. Proper title: ”Video shows explosion and puffs of smoke in a forest.” Where’s THIS drone’s footage of supposed tanks entering/and leaving the forest ? Have ANY newsrooms updated the ”13 brave Ukraine soldiers tell Russians to Eff-Off” story ? They surrendered and were released UN-harmed !! Checkout the 2minute 34second ”Wag the Dog – Original Theatrical Trailer.”

    1. Yes, Zalensky the Mad 666 is tilling the soil with high explosives and fertilizing the soil with the blood and guts of his citizens💀🌻💀🌻💀🌻💀🌻💀🌻💀?….

  1. Having a presence in Ukraine, as he suggests, would be an escalation that could come with a heavy price. Not having a presence in Ukraine could allow Putin to escalate further which could have a heavy price. This is what makes this conflict so dangerous. The inevitability of eventual engagement presents a potential no win scenario for either side, just a wide and bloody war with implications way way beyond Ukraine and even eastern Europe. The question is, do we want to do this now, or put it off for x months? Does it really make any difference?

    1. @dave farmery because he knows if he does, its the end of him and Russia as they know it. Russians will be his biggest enemy.

    2. You have to strike while the iron is hot. The Russians are down, or at least bogged down for the moment and now, today would be the time to go for the jugular while they’re stuck in the mud. This is one of those moments in history when we’re going to be saying woulda, shoulda, coulda… If we had only have done something at this and this of time. Here’s the point where you carpet diem.

    3. Of course it makes a difference! Now is MUCH better than later. The lasting political ramifications will haunt not just Europe for many years to come, but the rest of the world, as well. What in this calculus would indicate that it’s better for the virus to take complete hold and create further spread, instead of cutting it down before it gains irreversible momentum?!

    1. ”Slava Ukraini” <---------------the sound my toilet makes when i flush it...should it be replaced?

    1. @Boris Johnson *🤷🏾‍♂️Ukraine is Corrupt and I don’t care because it’s a European country.*

    2. @Boris Johnson trump aiding and a betting the enemy,trump ,putins man in the USA ,screw those two burns 🔥

    3. In order for all Americans to understand Russia’s goals in Ukraine, Putin explained everything in detail today, which is understandable even to a child. And it will be a very informative speech for Western politicians, I hope it will be translated into English, so for now you can read the subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftsGzxijido

  2. After this confrontation we have to reevaluate and rewrite everything we know about Putin. He is not the great, strong leader we thought. Over the last 20 years he has tried to rebuild the russian reputation, economy, industry and military. All of this collapsed in approximately 20 days. He is now back to 2000, maybe even before that.

    1. We in Russia don’t care what you think about Russia. You don’t understand this operation. This is the beginning of the end of the West. No one in the world will be respected by the West. This is the sunset of the west.

    2. The re-evaluation is not about putin. It’s about international law and cooperation. This kind of thing needs to be curtailed early, not when it’s already murdered and pillaged. The pace of the global response is simply not quick enough. Too much talking and parsing the rules. Change. The. Rules!

    3. @Ruslan the poor mistake from NATO were to did unilaterals sanctions, without multilaterals decisions from the many russians partners all over the World.

    1. @Travel Crawl So are you not human yourself? Because I mean your third person perspective of Humanity seems pretty objectively biased to the notion that humans were only created to fight and kill one another in an endless cycle. Oh great, All-Knowing Being, please lay your hands of Enlightenment and Peace on our feeble human hearts and minds, so that we may understand the BLATANTLY OBVIOUS FACT THAT IN WAR, IN ORDER TO LIVE WE MUST DIE. But let me guess, “some of US may die, but that’s a sacrifice YOU are willing to make”, huh? Forgiveth us for our great sin of following basic instincts for survival. We, foolish mortals hereby promise to never ever ever never ever ever ever kill each other again. Because apparently, “that’s bad”, and we should be ever grateful for your groundbreaking, mind blowing compassionate teachings about Life’s Preciousness and How Fighting amongst ourselves only increases the likelihood of Punishment or Death for anyone and everyone involved in such mundane practices like Surviving.🤞😬 🥺😇

  3. Brave and sacrifice showing by Ukrainian against the invaders are extremely wonderful,I strongly support Ukrainian and my deepest love to Ukrainian..I constantly praying for Ukraine….

    1. @vmcintee i was just saying how western media doesn’t show ukrainians are also killing civilians in Donetsk.
      US/NATO are the one who provoked Russia for this war.

    2. Did you pray for 1.4 million Iraqis killed by US? Half a million Yemeni killed by US. 1500 children of Dombas and 14.000 civillians killed by Ucrainian neo-nazis? Or were you hypocrite?

    3. I am amazed at the stupidity of Europeans!? Russian Russians in eastern Ukraine have been waiting for 8 years for the Nazis in Kiev, who seized power in 2014, to come to their senses, but instead the Nazis gathered a military group of 300,000 people, heavy weapons, aircraft under the slogans – “Cut the Russians”, did the Russians really need to wait for the carpet bombing, shooting at civilians in columns refugees? Ukrainians are not fighting, but degenerates poisoned by Nazism. The people of Ukraine, you say, are at war?And under Hitler, the peoples of Europe also went to the east to fight for freedom? Europe has once again decided to act under the banner of fascism and covers it with words about democracy.

    4. @Jon Wyatt I have thought for myself, and now I am asking “why”?
      Maybe you can give an answer.

    5. I didn’t know people from the West were such hypocrites. You were silent when the US attacked Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan. None of the Americans sympathized with the peoples of these countries. No one imposed sanctions against the United States. You are hypocritical people who are told by the media what to think about.Independent thinking is not for Americans. And I’m sure none of the Americans were interested in the real reasons for Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Simply: Russia is bad, Putin is bad. That’s enough for Americans. This is the mindset of 4-year-olds. Wake up if you don’t start thinking on your own, then your politicians will drag you into big trouble. And then from stress you will start thinking. But it will be too late. I’m from Russia.
      PS Don’t believe a word I say. Don’t believe a word of your media. Just try to find the real causes of the war in Ukraine on your own

    1. @Travel Crawl Trump probably loving this more than anyone. “I don’t see why it would be Russia.” “Very savvy man”

    2. Except politicians that are invested in arms manufacturers. Publicly denouncing the war while filling their pockets.

  4. I see what he is saying, we need to dictate when and where the confrontation happens so that we can contol the situation better. Instead of getting dragged into something unprepared. Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

    1. @zack mac he didn’t say go to war, but to confront. The West did virtually nothing during Georgia or Crimea, 2016 US elections or Brexit referendum. That has to change.
      Ukraine, Moldova then Poland and Baltic States. We either confront that expansion or just let it happen.
      How many Mariupols can you stomach?

    2. it wont matter how we are draggeed into this war…the end result will be the same a sky of mushroom clouds all over the planet…..around 10,000 of them…see you on the other side dude

    3. @Dave Box worst case scenario he takes the ones who are not part of nato…a travesty true, but i can stomach that more than nuclear war… he can only expand so far without directly attacking nato…he knows if he does that we all die him you me the west the east … gone

    4. @Matthew Lachs Ukraine hasn’t planned this either. Or you think we are stupid?) How will you avoid the war if your enemy wants it?

  5. I agree. This is not only about Ukraine vs Russia, this is about NATO vs Russia & China, this is about democracy vs authoritarian regimes. A very important point in time.

    1. It also might be time for humanity to end too. Or at least the beginning of an eternal dark age where humans will retreat to bunkers. When the time is right, we will emerge and try to rebuild. The only problem is that we will never be this advanced again. Fallout will be real, but with fewer technological improvements.

    2. America is sliding towards that Authoritarian behaviors.
      One side more than most but both are bagging very closed minded.
      Kind of scary honestly knowing what these Tyrannical people are capable of.
      Most scary is the brutality normal men will commit against another if given legal authority to do so.
      History is rife with lessons and we seem to not heed a single one.

    3. What some people don’t understand is what a democratic society can potentially do to a communist government. In the US, there’s freedom of speech and freedom of press. When you allow free speech and free press, it can cause people to protest and make false claims against their government. That is why Russia and China don’t want western politics entering their country. They know that when they allow that kind of society in their country, it is just an attempt to overthrow the communist government. Once the US can learn to respect other countries, then that’s when wars will stop.

  6. The rest of the world should make it clear if anyone helps Russia there will be serious consequences.

    1. @Kingpawn 8 Trump will what? You do know he isnt the President right now, dont you? If Trump has any global political power right now its because people like you give it to him.

    2. @Tony Thomas WTF are you saying. All trump has to say is relax what’s happening in Ukraine is a hoax and you will fall humbly in line. I wish you would’ve taken the advice of trump….Bleach

    3. @Kingpawn 8 Well its flattering that you think such a small group on the global scene with no national govt standing hold such incredible world power and influence. Like I said, any power Trump has comes from you, not me.

  7. That general is spot on, we are at war with Russia but still in denial. It’s like the pandemic all over again. Wait until it is too late once again.

    1. NATO could be waiting for the experienced Russian military forces to be used up before they make a counter move. Also the Chinese haven’t had meaningful combat experience since Korea. Besides without the American consumer base much of the Chinese economy will go up in smoke.

  8. Love and support from Canada! You are an inspiration of courage, strength and determination to stay and fight these Russian monsters! I wish as a Canadian I could help join the fight against the atrocities that are taking place. STAY STRONG 🇨🇦❤️🇺🇦✌️🙏

    1. Michael respectfully, and to the critics/detractor’s,
      referring to 4:30 into this video,
      {Our Home World } planet is on the brink of a World War,
      that may likely end all life, save but briefly those bunkering
      deep underground.

    2. @Ruslan completely wrong. Lots of opposition to these things. But I guess nazi lovers like you will try to justify anything. Sooner or later we’ll take care of the lot of you. Don’t worry

    3. @Karim Bouslama .Можешь только о своей никчемной жизни позаботиться.

    4. ​@Kamil Ushurov Позаботься о своей жалкой жизни, прежде чем осуждать других

    5. @Robert Kabatoff .Ты его секретарша что ли.Передай ему ,что его дружки наемники в Яворском полигоне улетели домой по частям.))))

  9. Along with the human damage, how horrible it is for the animals and birds that live in those forests—fear, injuries, deaths.

  10. “I think NATO should have a presence in Ukraine”
    – A wealthy man who has a luxury underground bunker.

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