Video shows explosions rocking Russian-occupied town

A Russian-occupied town in Kherson was hit by a strike that left at least seven dead, Russian state news agency TASS said. The strike was in Ukraine's efforts to reclaim land along the Black Sea coast. CNN's Scott McLean reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Volker Siegel I’m talking that your “democracy” will buy Russian gas for Rubles. Ukraine no longer selling coal, cz Est Ukraine now Russian.

    2. Wow I would have never thought that after listening to the first 5 seconds of the video when she tells us .

  1. ammonium nitrate was the explosive in beiruit.. It doesn’t spark like that though. This was clearly munitions.

  2. When the opponent does not follow the rules you cannot expect those trying to defend there land to passively stand by and be polite.

    1. @Aleksander Fradkin The Dombas region has been fighting for independence from Ukraine for 8 years. Now you know.

    1. @Jeff Moore As someone that teaches history and understands historical perspective…..what you just wrote is total nonsense !

  3. When they remaster this into call of duty modern warfare 4 / Ukrainian front . it’s going to be FIREEEE. I’m pre ordering it 100%

  4. Not likely you have so many secondary explosions from fertilizer. It would be one big explosion.

  5. If they hit hospitals, etc, it’d be simpler for Russia to just say that “they just did to us what we we’ve been doing to them, only we were not provoked”.

  6. Excellent, being reported across news agencies! Slava Ukraini! 🚜🇺🇦🚀🙏🛩️🇺🇦🙏

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