Video shows fake Trump elector spent hours inside GA elections office

Video reveals for the first time a Republican county official in Georgia and operatives working with an attorney for former President Donald Trump spent hours inside a restricted area of the local elections office on the day voting systems there were breached. CNN’s Drew Griffin has the latest. #CNN #News


  1. Yet those people still free and having fun . If that was me , I’ll be in prison in 2 seconds because it is a crime .

    1. @Dixie Longate lol, I probably wouldn’t compare him to the previous guy, if you’re trying to tell me he is hard at work 🤣
      The test is nessicary as 60-70% of voters have no confidence he is capable of doing the job, he shouldn’t do a single thing before taking the test.. “too busy” in this case would mean willfully negligent.

    1. And the footage of her waiting outside for those 3 dudes. To let them in. She paces like someone afraid to get caught. Totally guilty.

  2. It’s always the loud ones, the ones making all the accusations and spreading misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories

  3. If the old lady is guilty by just sitting there, what about all of thoes with their faces blurred and the other one sitting behind the desk?

    1. Hey now! Perhaps the dog is trained to find bamboo paper. Or able to sniff out if there’s any dead Venezuelan hacker dictators hiding in any of the machines. Obviously you didn’t attend Cheatanelection 101 at Trump University.

    1. @John Freedman I really miss debating issues. Every so often I run across a Republican that is not a Trump puppet. It is nice debating issues using facts and offering possible solutions.
      Now the Republican party that support Trump yell, deflect, insult and threaten.

    2. @Bigfoot hunting MT with Elmo I find Liberals are much less willing to engage in political discussions.
      In most chats Republicans will try to discuss policy, or Biden’s inaction/failures, and they get Trump, Trump, and Trump in responses back.
      It’s good to discuss things, and good that you do it.
      They are out there. You have to go to a biased in one direction source. Like how I use CNN. You will get probably 5-10 people insulting you, and then one person who will discuss.

  4. Hours inside? The person overseeing this “office” should be arrested and dumped into a prison cell on a life sentence, without a trial.

  5. So I as citizen can just get a couple of people together and walk into one of these places and start scanning ballots? Arrest these people what’s wrong with you

  6. These people are fanatical and don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing. That’s what is really disturbing! And the fact that law enforcement isn’t pulling them in is equally disturbing!

    1. @Scigirl It’s a spambot, along with 5-6 others in the comment secion here, please report that account for spamming.

  7. Just the fact that those people were willing to do that is deserving of a prison sentence. That woman is on video doing the thing she says she didn’t do. She had no business attempting to do any of that

  8. So what is the DOJ going to do about this? Are any of those people in prison? Cause I’m pretty sure that any other American caught inside any business after hours would be arrested

    1. @Floyd Vaughn if it was legal why is she under investigation? I don’t think people realize playing with trump will ruin your life and reputation.

  9. It’s all very well to tell us these things, and to remind us that they are crimes, but until we charge and arrest the people committing these crimes, it doesn’t mean much.

  10. No, they planned to have her their purely as a figurehead. A person of power meant to psychologically invokea desired response from personnel. This is acting as an agent illegally, illegitimately to perform illegal activity. If she was in the room, she was acting in conjuction with the illegal activities.

    1. Phil, here’s the thing: *Democrats: “We don’t talk about how our own majority cities FOR DECADES have THE HIGHEST CRIME RATES AND DRUG ABUSE. No, MAGA did it! Putin did it! White supremacists did it!”* 😅

    2. @Source Awareness I mean everyone knows cities have higher crime rates cause it’s cities….. because when I think crime I think small populations very spread apart🤣 no it’s mass amount of people in a small location that’s where I’d expect a lot of recorded crime that can be entered into the crime index

  11. These people need to swear under oath and take polygraph tests regarding their dubious, likely illegal actions. Why are they not being interegated and detained?

    1. @DWF They do not know what to do if you do not fall into their weak logic traps, or play by their rules. Take care.

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