1. So fucked up, my heart goes to all of those who were directly affected and to those who were in these situations.

    1. Oh so you are aloud to drop the F bomb and not get banned from cnn channel? Must be nice to have that privilege

  2. Regardless where you stand politically please be mindful people lost their lives. It’s appalling how if a victim was from the left or right it counts as a win for your stupid political party. I can’t believe some of the comments. I gave up on politics because of such hatred.

    1. @Feisenbach You may be right but it is “In God We Trust” in America. Those were the values that America was built on. Maybe they don’t pray in the schools where you are from because they pray elsewhere. What country could you possibly be from? Maybe, your country has structure and consequences. I don’t know but I was just thinking about a pivotal point that may have been a contributing factor to massive shootings. That’s all.

    2. @TheSimpSlayer I do and I love everyone but God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to being a present day America during those times. I just feel sorry for America.

    3. @okema bell I appreciate you reply and respect, thank you! 🙏🏼 I really am not quite sure as to when it will end? I think every aspect/element in life has a balance. And unfortunately is needed by each other for that reason. It sucks that we have to have bad to be a balance with good. Recent times definitely seems to be slightly more on the bad side. But I stay optimistic that things will get better.

    4. @REZIVOR since93 Awwwwe, that is sweet. I did enjoy having this debate without everyone becoming disrespectful. I normally work all the time and never have time to respond. This has been interesting. I am going to pray for our country and know that God is going to do just what he said. When I went to college, it speaks against religion and I lost my faith in God. That was one of the worst things that I could have done. I was able to catch myself. See, the book of Revelation is the book of prophecy. Everything that is in the book of Revelation is taking place now and that is enough to make me believe. The Bible was written thousands of years ago and was able to predict what’s going on now, that makes me a believer. Be blessed!❤️

  3. It took hundreds of organizers and thousands of participants to put this parade together. It only took one individual with evil in his heart to tear it all down. Chaos is easy, peace and understanding are hard.

    1. @Jr Martinez you clearly don’t interact with people much besides the internet. I feel pity for your genes.

  4. Wow this is beyond crazy you can’t even enjoy a parade in peace without guns firing😲

    1. @American Gamer Nebraska does indeed have a low gun fatality rating. Not as low tho’ then that den of California.

      Cute how you compare NA which has barely 2/3rds of the population of Chicago.
      Nebraska with a population density of 9/km² comparing to Chicao with a pop. density of 4500/km²

      Whoa, talk about being silly.

      By the by, your safe Nebraska with ‘only’ 10 fire related deaths per 100.000 population
      , while being in a very sparsely populated area is still way higher then any heavily gun regulated European country, and this by a factor of 5 to 10.

    2. @PDVism there is no country with the gun culture of the US. And there is no way you could possibly get the US to be like a nonUS ountry. I have seen a guy with a walk in basement protected by an old school bank vault door, with 3.5k guns of all types. All registered or old enough to be considered historic. Also made his own ammunition. You can’t stop guns in the US. And I promise if more people where armed in cities there would be less people willing to start trouble when they could be gunned down by anyone in defense. Why do you think there are no school shootings where kids don’t know if the police overlook teachers packing heat.

  5. Horrendous situation, it is sickening.
    So glad you put the video on repeat so it can just continue to echo in people’s minds. Thanks for that.

  6. Respect to the Officer at 0:32 running towards the gun fire. Wish this hero was at Uvalde.

    1. @JoeyisDREADful It seems you misunderstood what I said. I said the majority of police serve and protect citizens. I didn’t say that it’s their duty. Some officers don’t, but I believe more do than don’t.
      Anyway, what doesn’t make sense is that even if it’s not their duty to protect citizens, it is their duty to stop a shooter. The shooter is breaking the law, and it’s their duty to enforce the law. The police will stop someone if that person is speeding. Why not stop a shooter? They’re both breaking the law. Or is shooting people not considered a crime? I don’t get it.

  7. Does not compute to a rational mind. Slight positive note, officers on bikes stood their ground to assess threat, origin and level. Well done men.

  8. “These were deadly bullets”. In a semi automatic weapon can be a handgun as well as a rifle, and the rate of fire depends on how fast the person can pull the trigger.

    1. @Jose Mercado funny how he finally stopped. That is a dangerous person!

  9. Rest In Peace to the people that died in this tragic incident, why are people filled with such hate?

  10. Thats hard to watch, hearing that rapid amount of shots fired, knowing that’s one more person who could have died. :S
    Kudos to the those who ran toward the gunfire… some brave souls.
    Gun violence is an epidemic in America.

    1. @Linloucf Gouyg These people didn’t do any such thing. You sound like you have a lot of hatred in your heart.

    2. @Ryan lex It was not in Chicago. It was a very wealthy suburb outside of Chicago. People just say that because it is the closest nearby big city, but it isn’t even in the same county.
      And that is horrible you would watch this & your first thought is to make it political. You are what is wrong with USA today. Lost humanity.

    3. @Truth 4tufftimes Gun violence doesn’t happen this much in other developed First World countries…
      Most of that stuff you mentioned happens in developing or third world. I’m confused, is USA wanting to compare itself only to third or 2nd world countries now?
      To be the best, you must compete with the best.

    4. @Allaiya I was just thinking this today! Americans seem to only compare ourselves to second or third world countries. Somehow we don’t mention Scandinavian countries when mentioning our shortcomings. I live in Europe so I can truly see the difference between us and other first world countries from the inside.

    5. @Allaiya “Gun violence doesn’t happen in other countries” meanwhile we are shipping tens of thousands of machine guns to be used by Ukraine.

  11. We couldn’t even go July 4 without being reminded what we are as a country. So scary these days man. I’m so sorry for anyone who was hurt, injured or killed by this shooting

    1. All tha parades in my county went off without so much as a fight.

      What is the population of where this happened? Is it urban?

    2. @Trisha Eaten-Cox 1. I love your name
      2. Highland Park, the city where this happened, is a small city. Its population is around 29,500. It’s a suburban city

  12. Among the 36 global developed economies, the US has the highest rate of gun violence deaths per 100,000 citizens. Americans are 25 times more likely to be killed in a gun homicide than people in other developed economies. More Americans died of gun-related injuries in 2020 than in any other year on record.

    1. But it’s the only country without national history, roots and totally diverse …plus you have to fix illegal guns problem first, then maybe. ..

  13. I can only imagine how scared these kids were. Probably their first ever parade, I feel bad for these younger generations and this is coming from someone in their twenties.

    1. @club4ghz they’re literally in America most guns per capita in the entire world, are you seriously this slow or are you trolling

    2. @Harold Moore trump supporters in Chicago?? There’s isn’t many of them here Bruh!😂😂

  14. My reaction to that sound and people screaming in terror is tears, tears for a country that won’t do anything to stop this. Those were innocent civilians who’s lives will never be the same, they will never leave their houses again without fear in their hearts and minds, any survivors of an incident like this will suffer for years to come with fear that they should never have to experience.

  15. Using one side of your examination paper only, try to imagine how the civilised world looks at the preoccupation of the American people and SCOTUS with guns and the right to life (Roe v Wade) while living through one mass shooting every week (so far) in 2022.

    1. It breaks my heart to see the level of gun violence in the US, and blows my mind that there are still people in the US who oppose the gun controls that work in other places (I’m a viewer from Australia).

  16. So let me get this straight: people will take 1-3 months of driving lessons, study from a driving manual, stand in line to take a drivers’ written test and schedule an appointment for an actual car test, all to obtain a license to get permission to drive. And yet, these same people get all up-in-arms when approached with the mere suggestion of providing testing, background checks and an estimated waiting time of 2-3 weeks to get a gun…..

    A car provides the average America the freedom to travel and a gun provide that same American the freedom to protect themselves. Honestly……

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