1. @Spring Bloom That’s a ridiculously stupid thing to write. There’s no rational reason the Ukraine’s would kill their own people.

    2. unhinged comedian president zelenskyy asked civilians to take arms and ambush Russian troops…war is ugly

    3. @Gerald

      Yet, they’re doing it. Warfare is chaotic and lots of things happen that shouldn’t. The issue here, is that one side not only refuses to take responsibility for those mistakes, it wilfully deceives the world that its own mistakes are deliberate acts by the enemy.

      Then, there are the Ukrainian death squads, hunting ‘traitors’ and ‘spies’. In other words, hunting Ukrainian civilians.

    4. @İbrahim Moncada Patriotic President Zelinsky has unified his people to fight the invading hordes of Russians led by the bloodthirsty tyrant Putin. There fixed it for you.

    5. @Spring Bloom And where are you garnering all of this anti Ukraine Intel? Sounds like Russian propaganda to me.

    1. @Tima Salmanov What happen when Rome crash? Oh yeah, the dark ages! Sure that is what the world needs all over again! Grow up!

    2. @John Smith No one wants war, love and peace, but why is America always looking for loopholes to us, why does it climb, always wants to quarrel everything. And now what is she doing, sitting silently and watching, in the distance. America is evil, or rather its government

    3. @Tima Salmanov I would have to agree! It is the republicans who want war, not the democrats. The republicans have lost their minds and trying to duplicate the NAZI’s all over again. These people are nuts!

    1. Yeah …. you are helping so much.
      Did you feel like a better person after leaving your youtube comment?

    2. @Richard Jordy this is the reason why you America will fall.thinking that God doesn’t exist when God help your forefathers to build this nation

  1. May their souls rest in peace,🤲🏻we pray for the ukranian families who are suffring from this painful situation,🇺🇦🌻may our brother & sisters be strong& patient♥️

    1. @Houdini You mean…why should you believe the legitimate News Networks of the world entire…as opposed to Russian State TV? That’s a stupid question…but I think you know that because you work for them.

    2. @Richard Jordy Welcome to YOUTUBE RUSSIAN TROLL!!! It’s seriously too late. Russia is the pariah of the world. They are being exiled from every sporting event, world banks, with massive historic sanctions that will bring the Russian economy to its knees. This is the news of the world. Every news agency in the world is saying the same thing. The only one that isn’t is Russian State TV. Nice try with the ridiculous Trumpism though…but even Trump, Putin’s American Girlfriend, has turned on him.

    1. And how much do the Nazis pay you for such comments? And what about the NATO bombing – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya (there are a lot of them)? Are you reviving Nazism and supporting it? Is America so full of drugs that you write the same thing like slaves?

    2. @Glory to Russia!!!! Not to nazism!!!!! Keep crying Russian troll. Rubel is down 30% maybe save some vodka for later.


    1. These fallen soldiers are following their racist leader. This Zenlensky guy ordered his minion troops to not allow african students to board on the train. The african students must stay in this hellholl country to perish.

    2. #Nato has made
      14,500 dead in Libya
      165,000 dead in Afghanistan
      224,000 dead in Syria
      1,200,000 dead in Iraq.

      It didn’t shock anyone. That time United Nations was sleeping.but why?😢
      None of these countries has been sanctioned.

      Russia starts a war in Ukraine and leaves barely 200 mostly military dead that everyone is shocked.

      Does NATO has a moral grounds to rebuke Russia?

      So why crying…just once remember for gaza,iraq, Palestine 😥😭😭

  3. This is so shocking to see, my thoughts are with the Ukrainian people….. the world care’s 🇺🇦

    1. @J K Yes and this is the end of ukraine they already lost the war they are fighting one of the most powerful military in the world.

    2. Yeah …. you are helping so much.
      Did you feel like a better person after leaving your youtube comment?

  4. How joyous must the citizens of Kharkiv feel today now that mad Vlad has ‘liberated’ them?

    I also genuinely feel for the good folk of Russia who have to endure the whims of this despot.

    My prayers are with Ukraine

    1. @QWE RTY Ты главное оружие в руки возьми, горе защитник.

    1. Yeah …. you are helping so much.
      Did you feel like a better person after leaving your youtube comment?

    2. @Darin Cates Over the past two days, people around the world voiced their condemnation of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Protesters marched in the streets, anti-war protest from London, Tokyo, Lisbon, Boston, Tbilisi, Tehran, Baku, Mexico City, Prague, New Delhi.

    3. ​@Darin Cates I just want to tell the truth. If we built a military base in Cuba and delivered missiles, what would the United States do? In Ukraine, a base was built in Ochakov, for further deployment of NATO there. Zelensky also requested the deployment of Nato missile systems on the border with Russia

  5. Russia needs to be completely isolated from the rest of the world. Ukraine needs unlimited and endless support from everyone else.

  6. My wife has a friend living in Kharkiv, she says that there are more and more russians laying down their weapons… They dont want to fight.
    Hope we will se more of this.

  7. Taganrog airport was attacked with a heavy missile today. Missile was destroyed before it reached it’s target. Pray for the Ukraine..

  8. We would be hard pressed, in this country, to find a stand-up comedian turned President as brave as the one in Ukraine. His resolve is amazing. His bravery is unsurpassed. It is heartening to see such unity in a country. We should take a lesson.

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