1. So America has more than 20 military bases surrounding Iran and they say Iran is acting aggressively!

    1. @Seyam Rahman um. No.
      Nukes arent the kind of thing we have sitting around on military bases. Those are naval weapons. If anything, they’re on a destroyer or submarine. You really dont know how this works, do you?

    2. @brian bowes our bases are highly mobile and heavily defended against incoming missile attacks. In fact, we have air superiority. The only way Iran would know the coordinates would be if someone else gave them the locations. Not only would a missile strike fail, but would open up a can of worms. Iran does NOT want to play games with the United States. They already have political hostages. It’s their own people.

    3. @Uncle Reggie wtf are u talking a bout… Patriots can launch nukes… besides, countries where those military bases are definitely have a place to store those nukes.. it doesn’t have to be on the base

    4. @D Lob Bro. With nuclear submarines and B52s everywhere in the area, do you honestly think our commanders are going to risk losing a thermo-friggin-neuclear warhead to a bunch of grunts on a forward line? If deployed, they will likely be fired from a submarine or dropped with a giant parachute just off the coast from 50,000 feet. Likely from a Stealth bomber. All we need is one airplane and 2 pilots. They can take off from Miramar AFB and be over Iran in about 10 hours or less.

  2. THEY ARE LYING…AGAIN..mines/torpedoes do NOT blow up above the water.line jeez look at the ship jap capt & crew SAY this didnt happen.

    1. All who have been in Congress/Senate for over 20 years .. 1st on the Front line. Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, McConnell, Grassley .. would solve many problems.

    2. Yup trump first then his sons and all other mofos in gov on the first line why american kids to die for what and who mofos in Gov

  3. If the Iranian have a drone or airplane fly near the US border they will shoot down the same thing no question.

    1. The US flips when Russian aircrafts are flying just on the fringe of the Alaska US border. Why Iranians would act differently ? 😬

    2. @yaw kean huat The us is the only country that put footprints in the moon. And our technology is junk? We literally control drones on the other side of are planet while setting in a air conditioned room in the us lmao

    3. thanks i thing also that in our words , it is the right , if any iran’s CID drone or net system boom or air fresh booms fly on the us sky . but they not right talks to media ,

    4. @cantonpillow doesn’t matter, they will start war with iran and send millions of young Americans over there to die. The u.s won’t win this war.

    5. @Bryan Mannoia nope the us will lose this war. Iran plus Russia plots China we’ll be toast! 😆

  4. Yes, but we don’t need to see the point of impact with the water after it is shot down.
    We need to see the (accurate) flight path the drone took. I doubt the USA will tell us nor show us it.

    1. First sentence of CNN dumbass mouth was a total lie! Mr President Trump didn’t say WAR! CNN and New York Times are the ones trying to start a war!!!

      Democrats gave Iran 150 billion
      Democrats are the ones advising Iran “John Kerry”

  5. This just to distract you from the UN report that concluded MBS ordered the killing of kashoggie

    1. Stop being a bully, America. We all know who created this crisis….it’s an old American mo. And…. Trudeau looks so cute while trump looks like a pos,

    2. @Michael Lou Trudeau is filth. He knows nothing and he is a dictator. He is all dressed up on the outside but he is slime on the inside.

    1. Matthew Kopp just because nobody died that time doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care, I really doubt they knew it was a drone. It could have been a plane full of US personnel and they still would have shot it down. Had that been the case it would be a whole different story already

    2. @Nick mag if Americans are in it,if i were iranian technician would even shoot them down while taking off😂

    3. Nick mag Of course they know what it was, there’s lots of ways to recognise aircraft that are only a few miles away

  6. I wonder what the U.S. would do if a foreign power decided to deploy military assets close to America’s shores.??
    Oh well, I suppose there’s no way to know for sure…
    Huh.? Wassat.?
    What exactly is “The Cuban Missile Crisis”.?

  7. Iran is NOT Iraq, they are Media Persians and Parthigians. They will fight to the last man .

    1. @Marcelo Oofen Wonken lol ya I guess when usa losing a war then I guess they well use nuke like they did in Vietnam

    2. @ftn819907

      lol that’s just wrong lol, … relax just saying, Iraqis bloody their mouth and they cut tail and run, Persians are a different breed. They are nasty dirty little fighters

    3. @Amo Coertez you do know that’s technically impossible right? It’s hard invading a country than getting attack by one, and I guarantee that the CCW will take you out before you even get a chance.

  8. Blood thursty satanic freemasons want to start another war to further enrich the US military industrial complex.

    1. @Trump will you fight, or sacrifice your sons! What a sad hate filled life you must lead. Delusional alt right cuck. Alfa incel.🤣🤣

    2. @Christopher Moreno your president is a draft Dodger that only won the election due to foreign interference. How does that make you feel?

  9. I mean if they were so sure of their safety and that they are in the international airspace, why a drone? and why in 04:00 local time? Try harder to fool people U.S you wanted to test the radars and ranges and find the center of them, typical researching about your enemy scenario with aid to Israel’s goals, and you were not even caring about your drone it was a suicide mission anyway.

    1. MachinatoreX I don’t think that the Us would waste a 2 million dollar drone onto a suicide mission and why should we use real pilots? It’s easier to use drones as there is no pilot who can fall asleep or something else.

    1. @brian newsom why is scummy swine upset? Because Iranians took their country back after us changed their regime in 50s? Nazi civilians looked cute when red army came… they ran to America to produce scummy fucks like u… this time, when scum tries to ruin away, we will chase u and put an end to your scum reproduction

    2. Lol, Iran defending against a unarmed surveillance drone. That was deployed because they thought it was going to be a idea to mess with a couple oil tankers. They brought it on them selves.

    1. @Werk Telefoon Over 5000 WMD’s/ Poison Gas instruments.. were found in Iraq between 2004-2015 .. Try to keep up.
      You’ve trusted a UN report.. UN the babbysitter and funder of 3rd world communist dictators looking for a handout check to embezzle.

    2. @Closeoutracer ah yes, equating improvised chemical weapons (similar to the chemical weapons used in WWI) to Weapons of Mass Destruction… Everyone knew they had biological & chemical weapon capability, THEY DID FOR DECADES. If you’re stating we went to war with them because of their crude chemical & biological weapons, then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t care that you can technically say “but but these are WMDs’ because they have nothing to do with the war. We went to war with them because we wanted to go to war with them. All the bs at the time was implying NUCLEAR PROGRAMS though. Going to war for supposed nuclear programs, then finding out they had crappy handmade chemical weapons does not validate the decision.

  10. The us military would know exactly where it is flying…this was a bait up to pull iran’s chain.

    1. yes,vinto34 I am agree with your statement.What is true US Drone passing over International Zone Or Iran Zone.

    1. I mean not just Israel, just think of all the uninformed votes Trump will get from starting a war with Iran.

    2. Megabba the truth hurts. We are done fighting for Israel we’ve lost sight of wats important which is wtf does our government do for us. Absolutely nothing that’s wat

  11. First the ship explosion excuse, then provoking with drone. US looking for any alibi to start a war.

    1. Why was the USS Cole attacked in 2000 by Iran in Yemen? USS Montgomery fired at Iranian gunboats. Over 500 tankers have been attacked in the Persian Gulf since 1984 .. Mostly by Iran and Iraq.

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