Video shows new views of security guard’s confrontation with Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri

Video shows new views of security guard's confrontation with Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri 1


Footage shows sherriff’s deputy shove Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri twice before he pushes back.

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50 Comments on "Video shows new views of security guard’s confrontation with Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri"

  1. haha this is OLD NEWS move on!

  2. He might as well have judo threw him at this point
    nobody cares

  3. I never doubted the police were at fault.

  4. Typical American going straight to a law suit. And the nerve claiming physical and mental abuse on Ujiri. It’s a sad time in the world. Everyone wants something for nothing

  5. Ujiri is counter suing. Dumb “security guard” hurt feelings making over $200K a year. Hope he loses everything.

  6. George Floydd from the grave says let’s protest… then we become immune

  7. Doesn’t seem Ujiri showed his credentials before encountering the security guard while storming the court but for the officer to try and suck money out of him by claiming injury is disgraceful.

    • He reached for his credentials and was shoved…. as clear in video. Maybe he only half pulled the credentials out, because only an idiots wouldn’t be aware of who he is when he is guarding access to court. So dumb, he deserves what he gets out of this.

    • A simple can I see your credentials is all he needs to do.

    • Brian Windhorst said on live television he walked in without being asked for any credentials by that SAME PIG!! hahahah nice try CONS

  8. That “COP” was just pissssted Cause the Raptors won beating his home town team. Otherwise, i am 100% SURE that COP KNEW who Ujiri was/is at the time.

    • He probably doesn’t give two shits about the Warriors and just wanted a payday with the suit, he’s been charged with fraud before after all.

  9. Who in their right mind would believe that “cop” and you Americans think you’re free…HA!

  10. I’m Sure the Officer = Feared for his Life + Thought he had a Weapon + or he Was Resisting ?? isn’t that the usual Stories ??

  11. IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers | August 19, 2020 at 12:47 PM | Reply

    Who are those fairly large individual girls with the pony tails attempting to get into the middle of their sweeties argument !?

  12. Law enforcement punishment for breaking the law should be more severe then the average person. They have more power which makes it more dangerous for them to abuse the law. We have the opposite right now some crooked cops even get sent home with pay. They know the laws and they’re supposed to uphold them not break them. A higher standard should be held for law enforcements.

  13. Only in Murica a f-ing security guard makes 200k a year… what a joke of a country.

  14. Time for masai to sue the officer

  15. Haha, thought he was gonna cash in, now he’s gonna pay court costs at the least.

  16. The audacity to assault someone, lie and pretend they hit you first/ at all, THEN try suing them ….. Cops wonder why there’s such a distrust. This cop felt confident doing that with a body cam AND a bunch of witnesses/cameras around, how do you think the avg citizen feels when there’s not a sea of witnesses around and 100s of courtside cameras or a body cam…The cop has gotten over $150,000 in tax payer dollars saying he got a concussion and “suffered physically and mentally” from the incident… Of him pushing someone unprovoked….His wife also is suing Masai which is such nonsense. One of the biggest moments of his life ruined by some racist ego-tripping cop. I hope the countersuit is a big one

    • Sarah when we were in highschool ‘mr. hunter’ you can imagine why we called him that used to say and I quote ‘my job is to make sure you n-words never graduate’ hahaha i just love how shocked you all seem by all of this. We’ve been ‘hunted’ as early as grade 7, that’s when everything changed. This is canada, in ontario. So, let’s just cool it with all the ‘omg did this happen’ talk.

  17. He was suppose to be wearing two pieces of ID Witch he was not . The security were told no one who did not wear proper ID comes on the floor. It looks bad but really if he was wearing the ID like everyone else he would have walked right on to the floor.

    • Stop making sense of this thing the liberals are trying to push the blm movement how dare you interupt it lmao

    • Beeezy, Cop lied and sued. I guess the liberals made him an a..hole.

    • Okay even if the guy isn’t wearing two pieces what justifies the second push. I am not all for the left but your clearly being more biased than the left right now.

  18. Bodycam must be accountable in any incident transparency equity judgmental behavior and justice to all your

  19. Who cares

  20. The deputy Alan Strickland was previously convicted of insurance fraud. He’s now collected $142k of tax payer money through workers benefits after claiming he was hurt and cannot work. He’s a con artist and a disgrace. He needs to be held responsible for his actions

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