1. Regard other people’s problems as our own.
    Always have the interests of others at heart
    and refrain from harbouring selfish thoughts.
    Selfishness leads to distracting thoughts,
    which, if left unchecked, will make us more
    disturbed and miserable.

  2. Unfortunately the media will be posting this guys name and picture all over the place and give him exactly what he wanted and to encourage other crazies to do the same.

    1. @Apple Dough no it won’t just like the war on drugs didn’t work. helping people with mental health issues is a bandage approach, what is causing these increases of mental health issues. Poverty, unequal application of laws, people tell others how to live. these all cause anxiety among the many other causes. we really don’t want to solve this. we can’t even agree that racism still exists in America

    2. @Kevin Kennelly unfortunately you can’t stop them, all they have to do is go to a gun show, even those with mental illness. I just found out that’s how my ex was able to buy a gun.

    1. @Grant B. Oh, my mistake. I replied to the wrong person. I was looking at what Lars said to Duchess.

    2. There’s shootings everyday, thankfully most are restricted to gangs/suicides

  3. The motto in the US in 2022 “Our deepest condolences to the victims of the families, our thoughts and prayers are with them”

    1. @Arizona Kickstart not enough to form a basis for a reliable opinion. Why speculate? Impetuosity doesn’t help. Unless you have a barrow to push. This is rather repetitive. Enough. Bye.

    2. @Robyn Shiels pastel hair, wears dresses,drives a Honda Fit. I’m from Chicago, Illinois is a democratic ran failing state

    3. @Arizona Kickstart what are you talking about? Are you trying to guess who I am? I hope the rest of your guesses are way more accurate than these stereotypical guesses. You are SO wrong that I’m actually smiling.

    4. @Arizona Kickstart I see the problem. I referred to ‘good old hermit’. I think it was the name of someone jumping to conclusions. Either that or a spellcheck glitch. I tend to focus on ideas (& how they are expressed/ agenda/ intended reader matters) not on private lifestyle choices.

  4. Condolences…. After every mass shooting ….. innocent citizens losing their lives… very sad

  5. I have never seen anyone acting so crazy on Social Media if I did I would turn them in. Thats nuts. Freaks You cannot take it like a joke now after all these shootings.

    1. look into the victims. one of the people that was killed just so happened to be an official for Mexico visiting family. not only was he killed with several of his family members shot. this area is also known for the Latino gangs that reside there.

  6. This problem is a lot deeper in USA than checking one person’s background check .
    There is something wrong with system

    1. @Bill Robbins yes, it will be interesting to see if more stringent measures will be introduced. A civilian owning an automatic is unheard of here.

    2. @Rebenaki then that should change, don’t you think? As far as I know, the background checks in the US are a joke. That should change too.

    3. @David Martin If you are 56, then you did not play video games during your growing years. Also, I bet your parents watched where you were going and who you were hanging around with, and if the internet existed then, I bet they would have monitored what sites you were visiting. Mine certainly would have. In short, you were brought up right and matured before you played any video games, well beyond your impressionable years.

    4. @from Ireland Yea the only video game I had then was a football game with a little dot! lol. My son 29 plays games and has for years but I did watch him and he’s taught right and was told its a game. I guess some parents don’t pay attention these days. I had a 22 rifle at 16 but my dad took me shooting at 5 years old and made sure I understood and if I shot something I better plan on eating it!! Hard core games didn’t come along until I was like 35 years old. I guess you could bulk movies into the mix also.

  7. Never thought i’d see another shooting after the Texas shooting, and it’s on a holiday too. It’s just troubling and horrifying

    1. I just had a work place shooter video training at my work. America is normalizing it. The training was basically useless, but sensible if you are lucky. Kind of like what to do in an airplane crash. Helpful if you land in one piece or are far away from the shooter. Too bad if you are the first person to blown out of the plane or be in the path of the shooter.

    2. @L Flint i had a live active shooter training at work where there wete 3 scenarios. One was when to stay and block yourself in, when was winter run, and one ways if the shooter to get into the room and to make a plan to take him down. We heard bullets, people running, pounding, screaming and shooter was dressed in full gear. Even though it was a training, some people froze up! We did manage to take the shooter down. The adrenaline was through the roof even though it was a training exercise. What kind of a world we live in where we have to train for this in a school?

    3. I wish there was not another shooting, but I knew there would be another very soon. This is the state of our country. These disturbed individuals have access to semi automatic weapons. Disgusting.

    4. thought you would never see another mass shooting????
      this is an almost daily occurrence in your country

  8. I wonder how an average American feel and think that there are a lot of mass shooting nowadays. Aren’t they feel frustrated….or do they feel just ‘okay’ with it? I personally feel terrible that innocent people became the victim of it. It is sad.

  9. I understand that investigators need to do their work, but it just strikes me a kind of silly that we need to “look into where he got the gun”. Really? As if it’s difficult to buy or get a gun in the United States?

  10. Hey, Mr. FBI agent. The shooter didn’t live alone; he lived with his father and his uncle!

    1. This guy obeyed the police commands. The other guy shot at the cop’s car. Best way to not get shot by cops: Obey commands, hands in the air, lay down on stomach, ect. Certainly, do not shoot at cops or run, then spin around quickly and then reach for your beltline. That will get you shot every time. If there are 6 cops there, each one will empty their clip on you until you are not moving, resulting in a lot of shots.

  11. All these people who reference the family of such individuals should be the first to recognize the warning signs to call attention to their troubled kids. In my experience, families should be the first to know, but often they are the last to know and write off the aberrant behavior as “just like Johnny to do that”. Then the behavior escalates unless a child accepts the guidance of some positive role model. Honestly, more often than not, such children arise out of dysfunctional families where parents are often so self-involved with their own issues that they have not given sufficient guidance and support to the kids. By the time the child is in early adolescence, such kids are not accessible to any corrective influences the parents may attempt. This appears to be someone who was born with a risk-averse temperament with insufficiently involved parents who likely could have recognized the kid was looking for positive support, but gradually found such support from other dysfunctional influences on the internet. Clearly, his failure to sand down serial numbers from the gun and to stay in the area hours after the incident suggest he unconsciously sought to gain attention for what he had done. Even the female clothing suggests that, other than a disguise, there is some sexual ambivalence or identity diffusion. When will we get some common sense background checks and a halt to access to any weapon that can be converted to a rapid fire firearm!!!! We are being led by people who are not being guided by reason and such weapons would never be considered by any sportsman!

  12. The suspect’s uncle must be blind or does not wish to hurt the killers reputation any more than it is. I can spot a gun crazed teen with no girlfriend pretty easily

  13. 🚓 Notice no 6o shots fired, he was handled delicate. I’m surprised Law Enforcement didn’t take this person of interest to Burger King before taken into custody. 🚓🤔🤫

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