1. @Real Aiglon , hey, if you let us know when your flight to India leaves, we can be there to wish you well as you head off to teach swimming. Thank you for your generous spirit.

    1. @John Smith well actually the clearance was not given by the local authority, but the company operating the bridge opened it anyway and overbooked it.

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear another tragedy, this and the Itaewon deaths in SK. My deepest condolences to all victims. 🙁

    1. @Real Aiglon When you sing happy birthday to someone, do you include me ? or are you just some selfish az hole.

    2. @ LOUISE JOHNSON 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 not many people in what smegma is so your comment really made me laugh 😂 No doubt this tragedy could have not happened if there wasn’t so much corruption 😤

    3. @Lilacscentedfushias I’m glad that I was able to make you smile. With so much bad news all the time, it’s important to find moments of laughter. It’s part of what keeps us sane.

  2. The engineering team should be strung up. So embarrassing. Outsource these logistical situations to non 3rd world entities. They will make sure the smart people do smart things with smart materials.

  3. What a tragedy for the country! God Bless all those that loss love ones.Their in God’s hands now. 💕

  4. This is another proof that too many people at a spot at the same time is dangerous. People should have an awareness to not crowd into a narrow space.

    1. When the curators of the bridge allows 600 people at once in exchange of tickets that is money, greed gets on to the management and this happens. Also the state government is to be blamed for hiring cheap contractors to renovated the bridge, which took them 6 months and worked on nothing and then in haste allowed it to open because the Prime Minister who comes from the same said state wants to show that he renovated the bridge in the name of progress and development. He has been doing that a lot and all his failures are getting exposed.

  5. Massive crowds have always posed an enormous threat but time and time again humans gather like this. Stages, bridges, balconies, and stadiums all collapse. Stampeding from rock concerts, religious events, fairs and festivals happen every year. Then there’s vehicle overloading like trains in India, buses in South America, even escalators and elevators. Mobs of people oftentimes end up shifting from happy to violent with very little influence among the crowd. It’s extremely simple to fix this problem – “Save a Space, Save a Life”. Whether you’re walking, standing, or driving “Leave a Space”. If you’re on a boat or in a field surrounded by goats “Save a Space”!

    1. I expect no less from such a place like India. India is the bottom of the barrel country. It is the most dirtiest place I have ever seen.

  6. rest in peace our prayers went to Indian! and do not forget cnn 116 GUARDIANS our brothers in africa, you don’t know them, but they died of hunger may they rest in peace.

    1. It’s heartbreaking that CNN Fake News is reporting this. People won’t know if it’s real or not due to CNN’s poor reputation for reporting facts.

    2. @CNNOTHING BURGER LETS GO BRANDON!!! You should really start carrying a plant around with you to replace the oxygen you waste.

  7. The lack of proper management is nothing new in India.
    All those contractors who built that bridge, as well those authorities present who didn’t warn those people to be out should be charged.

    But everyone knows, there’s never a justice for the poor, these politicians and contractors win in every way!

  8. That’s why its neccesary to teach your children how to swim right from the beginning. I guess those who drown including grown ups werent able to swim at all. I clearly see from the footage that the bridge was very close to the shore, several meters away. I mean anyone who can swim could easily make it

  9. Praying for everyone involved in this horrific tragedy. God be with you!! ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  10. There’s corporate neglect in the real consequence! Yea and Republicans have always been adamant about privatization of so many Government departments. I can only hope democracy For the People keeps the iconic principles of responsibility in the hands of those most qualified to exercise them.

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