1. @heymisterderp It’s a similitude my guy, maybe if you went to school instead of spamming comments under CNN’s videos you would understand 🙂

  1. Russian military’s behaviors are unbelievably incomprehensible… Do they have to suffer, so as taking others along with them???!

    1. @Виталий Киселев Russia a declining empire w/ 1 aircraft carrier is going to cross the Pacific Ocean to attack the only super power in the world? 😂.

  2. You really can’t back down against someone who targets nuclear power plants. Otherwise every other bastard starts getting funny ideas.

    1. @Mathew Bashor “That is a Russian missile.” Is it? How do you know? You believe everything you’re told? Tell me what CNN tells you that you don’t believe and I’ll at least take you seriously to entertain real discussion.

    2. @BlueMarlin81 How do you know Russia’s military strength? Source, please. If you’re watching this garbage on CNN you don’t know squat.

    1. Me, my blue haired progressive wife and her 🙎🏿‍♂️ boyfriend love Ukraine. SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦😘

    1. @Nic H the last power station there were russian troops and MSN admitted that, but they still said Russians were shelling that power station too

  3. Never ever underestimate the strength & will of patriotic Ukrainians fighting to defend the freedom & independence of their beloved country.
    Slava Ukraini..
    Stay strong Ukraine.

  4. What happens when he hits one of those things is anybody going to hold him responsible is he going to pay the price because as of yet he’s not been charged with war crimes nobody’s done anything and look at all the people dying for nothing they need to stop this stuff before it turns into another Chernobyl then what then it’s going to be too late

    1. Nato just stated in their discussions about any more strikes nearby nuclear plants , a lot of countries find its unpleasant to hear about other plant ..

  5. Imagine if that had struck the reactor building. All it takes is a little error in the coordinates or some kind of malfunction. We really don’t need another Chernobyl. The mushrooms in my area are still contaminated from that

    1. Guess you didn’t grow up praying for the MAD act to be reached and the colder war becoming a hot one.

      Probably sucked.

      My youth was fun as hell though!

  6. The lesson from history is that Dictators do not resign, they are either forcibly removed or die.
    Stepping down or resigning is never an option

  7. It’s terrorism, plain and simple. They’re saying “the next one may hit that reactor there”
    Ukraine should have access to a missile equal to what Russia used as to hit the facility that launched the missile

    1. @DOG STAR The conflict was instigated by Russia. The shelling went both ways. Stop peddling in Kremlin crap. All this could’ve been avoided if Russia didn’t concern itself with Ukraine. Shelling in Ukraine doesn’t concern Russia. Not now, not then.

    1. They wouldn’t be defending against the US. Basically, if China attacked Taiwan it would be nearly impossible to accomplish with the US forces there too.

    2. @Yaash they can’t (won’t) attack anything in that theater until they have superior logistics etc., to match their fleets. That’s less than 10 years off though. They know we would destroy them now

  8. Ukraine needs much more air defense immediately. NATO has to step up. We are one missile strike away from an enormous catastrophe

    1. The thing is Iskander rocket are very very hard to intercept. Even with modern AA systems they can penetrate defence. Thats why better to give long range attacking capabilities to Ukrane such as ATACMs so we can target Iskander systems before they even lunch the rockets.

  9. Targetting infrasturcture suggests you’re not planning to use it. It seems to me that the Russian Military have given up on their own territorial gains and are hoping for, at best, a protracted status quo.

    1. the territory they abandoned they’d determined wasn’t worth holding and the exuberant head-long charge of the 5 AFU brigades into Russia’s pre-registered artillery got lots of them killed – their spanking new NATO-built army is a lot smaller now

  10. What if he won’t use nukes, because he’d just rather create a nuclear explosion using their power plants?
    I don’t know, but God Damn is this a scary situation.

    1. I don’t think that nuclear power plant could do as much damage as an actual nuclear missile, but the radiation fallout would surely be terrible.

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