1. @Stan Farshtei I’m an American, I I also know the inside story. I can also read, and I’ve read it, not just listened to stories about it.

    2. @A Florida Son how can you know the story in America better then me who has lived in the country?!

      NATO was always playing this game of not allowing Ukraine to enter NATO, although explaining it by saying that Ukraine was not ready yet on different NATO parameters. NATO never allowed Ukraine to become a member because they were scared of Russia, like they are right now. Although officially they have never confirmed this.

    3. @A Florida Son remember NATO promised Russia that they where not going to expand near Russian boarders, Ukraine joining Nato was never on Natos agenda, because of its close proximity with Russia.

  1. Always wars has no winner!, only: destructions!, deaths!, loses!, waste of time…etc etc etc

    1. The winner is the comedian president. He is receiving a lot of resources. Also gays, Youtubers are making of him like a hero!

    1. @Sprezzatura That’s up for Ukraine to decide. And those aren’t the only 2 options. This is Ukraine’s revolution. Their future depends on what they decide to do. I know it’s easy for me to say, but I hope Ukraine never gives in, and they force Russia out of Crimea and the Donbas no matter how long it takes. Russia is paying a high price as well, and it looks like Russia is going to be the ones who capitulate, unless they want to see more airstrikes from Ukraine in Russia. This isn’t a game to Ukraine, and the citizens are so angry at Russia now, they’re not going to want to accept giving away land. Guess we’ll see what happens. Either way, Russia’s conventional military has been exposed as weak. The world was fooled for so long.

    2. @Kateryna , thank you for the info. I am from Brazil and for us that live in a one speaking language country it’s not easy to understand how things work in Ukraine. I pray for you that this war will end ASAP. Putin is dangerous for all over the world and must be punished for what he is doing. Stay safe!

    3. Precision ordinance, they can take out whatever they need, I think they are holding back, but will turn the dial soon, you might need to get out of Odessa!

  2. Note to self, at the start of war empty out all your fuel depots into trucks and barrels and stuff.

  3. The grandparents of the ukrainians who may have fought with the germans in the closing stages of the second w war,are about to watch their grandchildren make the same fatal mistake,the cauldron,eastern ukraine,

  4. A shift in strategy is a big concern! Moving their troops out of the way may be a lead up to something much bigger. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    1. @Prairie Hawker
      The armchair general in me said that capturing Odessa and cutting off the retreat to the East would have ensured a Russian victory

  5. Then those folks tanks and jets and SAMs, and patriots missiles or whatever our current anti missile equivalent is.

  6. Lmao at American diplomacy. If this were Kuwait we’d have been there weeks ago with our military in full force

  7. Glad we spent so much human time and effort to extract that extremely energy dense material just to blow it up and make it completely unusable as well as extremely hazardous to the health of the humans in the immediate area

  8. Lets just hope that none of the missiles will ever be NUCLEAR or almost as bad strike a nuclear power plant….

    1. @kilamanjaro Mountain love one’s self then you can love others wars are based on principles and beliefs, these two factors are beyond mortal man’s control. Only an higher power can sway these idiogies to the positive outcome. We are witnesses that proclaim that change. God in heaven bless you beloved.

  9. Definitely a big loss for Ukraine, but the war is about the survival of Ukraine. The comments about the failure of war is inappropriate, and doubly so as a beneficiary of the sacrifices made by American patriots two centuries ago. There are reasons to resist oppression, in spite of inappropriate responses from unknowlegable bystanders.

    1. and Russia also has the right to resist oppression in Donbas region and to repel NATO expansion towards their border

  10. I was in Odessa in 1996 with the United States Marine Corps. Beautiful place and Beautiful People. It burns me to watch this happening.

  11. Oh my God… I hope the world should understand that this war should STOP and Mr. Putin need to STOP this war. Why be so greedy, bullying, and empowering other country. Please let’s unite and STOP THIS WAR. Please help Ukraine WIN THIS BATTLE so we all live peacefully.#FREEDOM 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙏🙏🙏🇺🇦🇺🇸🌎

  12. “It is a small rootless international clique that is turning the people against each other and preventing them from having peace.”

  13. 9:37 – Yes, they understand why: You sold them off for cheap Russian gas. I wouldn’t blame them if they NEVER forgive us.

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