1. So sad to know not even one survived the crash.Condolences to the bereaving family and loved ones of the victims.

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    2. If your body was going 400 mph and u came to a complete stop , your brain and limbs would be done. Limbs could also pop off. Add fire and debris to that and then ur just mush.

  2. If they lost cabin pressure, they would head down to 8000, which is the un-pressurized range. But they wouldn’t do it in a complete vertical orientation.

    1. @Mot Kaou don’t watch this stupid video he’s advertising. It’s crap 💩 and has nothing to do with this.

    2. @Soulife the main comment was about depressurization and that they wouldn’t drop down that violently/rapidly. Same case applies for any emergency, even if a bomb went off inside, descending that rapidly (almost 90° as seen in the video) would not help at all.

    1. @abcd def And how many millions of miles have Boeing’s flown without incident? Stupid comment!

    2. @Hong Lee Against who? The hundred plus innocent people who died. I’m no fan of the current Chinese government. However, that’s pretty cold!

  3. Could be a mechanical fault but I would expect this to be a suicide. 90 degree angle is not a “natural” angle for a falling plane…

    1. @Darlene Crisostomo ……… this plane doesn’t have the SYSTEMS the MAX version has, the software can’t be ‘updated’ it’s entirely incompatible.

    2. @BonefishBoards it is possible but very unlikely. The older 737 models did have issues with rudder hardovers but those were fixed.

    3. @Evan Walker Not talking about the fly-by-wire. I’m talking about the special computer software designed to balance the plane due to the “updated” fuel engine they have on these planes. The plane is tilted due to the design so the system is put there to balance the plane. When this system malfunctions, it tricks itself into thinking the plane over-tilted so it autocorrects itself too much.

      Only boeing does dis cus their planes were retrofitted with a new fuel efficient engine to compete on the market.

  4. Very sad event given the circumstances around the globe. Families will never see their loved ones again and to die in such a terrifying manner is horrific. Condolences to their families.

    1. in ukraine, putin ordered to shotdown passenger plane that killed 300 passenger and blamed it to ukraine govt,, fortunately US satellite traced the origin of missile and it came from seperatist,, but putin did not held accountable until now

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    1. @OG-Trice Oh yeah the g forces at that speed and intensity would have caused most people to pass out pretty fast.

    2. @OG-Trice do you think the pilot passed out on the second dive? they said the plane dived down once before the fatal one.

  5. A plane will ‘glide’ at a certain speed, or at least want to bring its nose up to equilibrium with no stick input. Especially if it has picked up speed from a dive(referencing the first dive recovered). In order to have a nose-down attitude, there has to be manual intervention to direct the nose down and keep it there, especially for a 90-degree angle. It’s sad, but it appears to be pointing to the flight crew or someone in the cockpit.

    1. @André Lyons You missed the point, doesn’t surprise me. Even without stick input it may not self stabilize with the higher speed if there is damage, especially to the tail. For example if the horizontal stabilizer separates from the jackscrews and goes past full trim down, the nose will drop and full elevator up wont be enough

    2. @André Lyons Why bother to give an opinion in cases like these. There is enough pain involved and uneducated “opinions” only add to it.

    3. @K Point taken. And I could see how that could also explain it. Perhaps after the investigation we’ll know more.

    4. @André Lyons perhaps? You don’t believe the investigation will reveal more? How severely mentally handicapped are you? It’s definitely severe

  6. Prayers and condolences to those lost, their families and friends from the USA. Crash could be an intentional act by a member of the flight crew.

    1. @Mot Kaou don’t watch this stupid video he’s advertising. It’s crap 💩 and has nothing to do with this.

    2. No! He was fully vaxxed and boosted as was Shane Warne and many others who died of “heart issues” 😇

  7. It flew almost vertically down. Damn… that must have been terrifying for the people on board. Condolonces for the family of people on board.

    1. The dive, then leveling out at 10,000 may have been to confirm that the passengers were all knocked out, and then the final dive is done without 130+ screaming people

    2. From the looks of it, that WAS a vertical 90° dive. Like Godzilla picked it up by the tail end dropped it. No mayday or pan call–nothing. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that.

    3. @prince estrada the g-forces would have been negative, humans do not pass out from negative g-forces. When in the dive itself it would likely be 0 g’s. Unfortunatly they were very much conscious during the fall.

  8. Planes simply don’t fall.
    Left uncontrolled, the tail will push the plane into a glide profile. That kind of directed flight into terrain, a nosedive, is not possible without being steered into that configuration, either by a bad autopilot or a human pilot. but it has to be DIRECTED and HELD to nosedive like that. the plane will naturally climb out of that to a glide.

    1. @mangolordrue If its a model to be maintained in China, maybe bad maintenance that led to mechanical failure???

    2. We do not know if the plane was left uncontrolled, maintenance, or the cause. What we do have is a video with is far more telling than the situation in which you would describe above. Air speeds above VMO/MMO it will become harder and harder to recover due to tremendous force on the elevator, naturally the nose up elevator and trim is what you would use. We are also considering the extreme scenario, as this was definitely not a moderate pitch attitude.

      However, with them leveling off at 10,000 feet we must also consider the pilots may have been conducting a rapid descent maneuver, seeing as this is where you would level off at. You will typically have communication of this with ATC.
      Pilot training, a multitude of issues can play a factor.

      The plane is also not “falling” out of the sky. Ridiculous.

    3. @Force And of course, the Chinese authorities will be totally transparent about their findings. (lol)

    4. @Bryan Jackson Well, the Chinese authorities aren’t going to be the only ones in this case, there is also the NTSB and representatives from Boeing and CFM.

  9. My deepest condolences to all the families of the victims of China Eastern Airlines, may God give you patience and sincerity, and may the victims rest in peace… Amen

  10. Planes just don’t fall from the sky like that. That was deliberate. The fact that it leveled off at 10,000 feet then resumed the nosedive indicates the co pilot was fighting the pilot or vice versa and lost. The winner resumed the nosedive. That to me is the most likely scenario and it is the simplest. As we all know the simplest usually is the correct scenario. Obviously, I’m just speculating but it’s most logical.

  11. I wonder if they’ll ever know what caused this plane to nosedive nearly straight down to the ground that way. I’ve never witnessed anything like it in aviation history. One might believe that the pilot crashed it deliberately but it is possible to lose control or have a malfunction in which pilots can’t control the aircraft or recover from such a major malfunction. All I can do at this point is pray for their families and pray that they went without suffering or pain. May all 132 people Rest in Peace.

    1. @Hans Bjorkman yeah that is such a long time, and i pray that black box is still okay, but i mean everything including the people themselves looks like shredded paper so it’ll be a miracle if its still exist.

    2. @Cedric So you think the rudder controls the pitch of the aircraft? I think you need to go away and learn the basics before trying to tell others how an aircrat works, the rudder has NOTHING to do with pitch.

    3. @Kristiana Wilson this will sure be a test of how much force these instruments can withstand, hard do see a worse kind of real life test.

  12. It is so incredibly important that Boing, GE and international aviation crash investigators are directly involved in this. The 737-800 jetliners make up nearly 1 in every 5 commercial plane in use worldwide.

    1. The 737-800 has been around for nearly 30 years. If there were any serious design or manufacturing faults they would have showed up long ago.

  13. Sad for the people and families of passengers, the 737 actually has a very good glide angle even with both engines off so it will be interesting to see (if the black boxes survived) and what happened that could make it crash pointed straight down into the ground.

  14. Hope they find out what happened, but I’ve never heard of an accidental plane crash that had that steep a dive. Not saying it couldn’t happen but but only heard of deliberate crashes diving that steeply. Maybe some kind of a computer issue, where up and down got mixed up? Though my thoughts go out to all those people and their families, the death of a loved one is never easy, especially when you know how terrifying their last moments must have been.

  15. Unless you experience a massive horizontal stabilizer runaway or a massive horizontal stabilizer failure (probably jackscrew), the only way to enter into this configuration is pretty much by human interaction. It went nose down into the ground. That is highly unusual, even in case of a complete stall where the airplane is more likely to simply float down to the ground.
    If this was caused by a massive technical failure, they really need to find the cause very quickly.
    If this was a type of suicide action, the investigation will of course move in other directions.

    1. @Scott Tracy you mean, passenger try to hijack? then they struggled to gain control of the yoke and it got pushed down? you watch too many movies hahaha, although plausible. and the most likely though. always thought planes float even when all engine fails

    2. …it does seem to have a profile somewhat similar to Alaska 261 which had a malfunction and subsequent failure of the stabiliser jack screw actuator due to improper maintenance and lack of lubrication. The aircraft went into a steep dive for about 8,000 ft after which the crew managed to recover by deploying the speed brakes. For a while they were able to maintain level flight though struggled to do so also using some flap and slat to bleed off excess airspeed. After deciding to divert to LAX and continually having to muscle the controls to maintain altitude the jack screw mechanism failed, locking the stabiliser in a down position causing teh aircraft to enter a second steep dive which made any recovery impossible.

      It was found that multiple inputs into the mechanism in attempt to “unstick” during the flight were also contributory to the jack screw’s failure due to the lack of proper lubrication.

      However we will not know the actual cause until the flight data and CVR are recovered and analysed.

    3. @Jorge China’s airlines have 1 pilot and 2 co pilots. Data shows the plane tried to pull up in the middle of that process, I dont believe its a suicide move.

    4. Yeah. After seeing the video it is impossible to imagine a scenario where a malfunction or failure could cause this horrible event. This(the plane) looked like a missile hitting the Earth. I don’t think you can even replicate this in a simulator without human interaction. Very sad, very concerning.

  16. God this is so heartbreaking.. I can’t imagine the terror and sadness people must have initially felt.. Also, 1:03 kudos to CNN for actually labeling Taiwan.

  17. What a terrible tragedy. My heart aches to even imagine what they went through.
    My condolences to all.

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