1. I’m afraid the brave people of Ukraine are about to face their harshest night. President Zelenskyi has been a beloved actor and one esteemed leader, may God save him from becoming a martyr. Whoever in this world believes in freedom as the most precious of human values, tonight stands symbolically next to those courageous men and women. We all wish more could be done, but let’s keep them in our prayers. Stay strong, long live democracy, long live Ukraine! 🇺🇦

    1. Its a war of 40 million united people fighting less than a million soldiers that are not sure of what they are doing. With enough handheld antitank and antiaircraft rockets Ukraine might destroy the majority of putin’s army.

    2. @GalacticEmpireStormtrooper You are as much a storm trooper as a toad..actually toads are far stronger and more rightious…get over your weak self…

    3. @katy bassett 🤣 bru I am over my weak self idk about u though lol I used to be pro republican 5 years ago but started to dislike what some republicans were doing and i never liked the Democratic Party either so I became an independent and did my own research on both political parties instead of one particular one and because I’m doing my own research for more accurate truth I’m starting to be more open minded. U know more when u learn about both political parties

    1. During the Holocaust, over 1.2 million Jewish people were murdered by Nazis and their collaborators in Ukraine.

      Ukraine is now experiencing a militarized resurgence of Nazism. In 2014, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia called Azov Battalion was formed to combat Russian separatism. It was then incorporated into the national guard, making it an official part of the Ukrainian military. There is no secrecy about the unit’s ideological commitments. Azov members wear uniforms adorned with SS symbols, swastikas, and patches celebrating Nazism. Its leader once stated that “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival.”

      Azov Battalion has not only been legitimized by the Ukrainian government but has received support and training from both Canada and the United States. The unit’s officers have spoken publicly about the training they have received from Western military powers and the support that they have in Ukraine’s diaspora communities in North America.

      In 2018, Canadian military officials specifically met with the battalion. They expressed concern only that their meeting might be exposed by the media, not because of the unit’s ideological commitments. As Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in Ukraine during the Holocaust, there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance on this front.

      American officials have also been photographed meeting with Azov members. The United States has supplied the unit and, in 2015, a bill was even modified by the Pentagon specifically to remove a clause that intended to prevent military funding and supplies from reaching Azov.

      Neo-Nazism is not a fringe movement in Ukraine. It has been steadily gaining a foothold, working its way back into the state, and maintains a presence in both the police and military, the most immediate arms of the state’s repressive apparatus. Nazism in Ukraine is also enabling the strengthening of the ideology elsewhere. It has been alleged that an underground division of Azov recruits white supremacists youth across Europe and offers them military training. Azov allegedly collaborates with American neo-Nazis, and American neo-Nazis have even travelled to Ukraine to fight.

      Imperialism is driving the current crisis in Ukraine. Russian officials have repeatedly stated that they are concerned with the constant expansion of NATO forces in Eastern Europe, and NATO forces have indeed been constantly expanding since the Cold War. The presence of Russian forces on Ukraine’s border is not an unprovoked development but it is also a demonstration of military strength grounded in the imperialist notion of territorial sovereignty and right to regional power.

      Imperialism is a root cause and one which must be addressed – it is deep-seated and engrained in the very foundation of world powers. But, burgeoning Nazism should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when watching this crisis unfold. In the throes of civil war, with growing siege mentality, the conditions are ripe for further acceleration.

      In many ways, the emergence of Nazi rule in Germany was rooted in imperialism and colonialism. Nazi ideology was driven by logics which had been cultivated across Europe for centuries. That fact is worthy of attention when analyzing the Holocaust. Yet, the Holocaust itself was the greatest concentrated atrocity in human history. It was immediate and overwhelming. To allow the particular manifestation of colonial and imperial logics that drove it to emerge and flourish again is beyond heinous.

      Right now, NATO is fueling a resurgence of Nazism in Ukraine for the sake of a stronger position in its struggle with Russia. This is absolutely inexcusable. In the shadow of the Holocaust, the briefest flutter of militant Nazism should be met with force.

    1. @Patriot So you’d rather Putin be your leader who in the last week has slaughtered many Ukrainian civilians including children? Got it. Do you pick the wings off flies too?

  2. It seems that a 40 mile long convoy is wide open to strafing. Imagine focusing on the nearest 10 miles. Imagine the bottlenecks it would create.

    1. @Artstrology Not in that terrain.
      The soil is waterlogged; and neither wheeled vehicles nor tanks can traverse the spongy muck.

    2. @Angel Gonzalez Good Lord, what are you smoking ?!?
      What is inducing your delusional state of mind ?

    3. @Rodolfo Hilliard Destroying Soviet armor is exactly what A10s were designed for in the “70s .

  3. Hey, CNN, this guy is a keeper. Put the General on your permanent payroll. He knows how to explain what we need to understand.

    1. @J Reyes ⭕️and the list goes on and on but when they see russia invade another country all of a sudden they’re outraged WHERE WAS the outrage when they killed 3 millions irakis dropped two atomic bombs on babies mothers innocent civilians schools……⭕️

    2. @john kline How did they find 1.2 million Jewish people to murder. Even in todays world the reported Jewish population is only 400,000.

    1. ​@Tong Zhang Very childish statement. I know you’re just a Putin puppet, you should probably change your mind. You would have been one of the same fools celebrating Hitler. Sad.

    2. @Yellow 45
      Yes, Until NATO AND USA troops fight Putin face to face in Ukraine, I will keep “PRAY and listen to my general”.
      And do you know that “Facebook Allows Praise of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion”? Do you know Who is finding, training and arming “Azov Battalion”?

    3. @Tong Zhang No one cares about the silly propaganda you want to spread. Ukrainians are fighting when they could flee or surrender. Russia logistics are a joke, the general here provides some decent info.

    4. @Yellow 45 You are right, Russia logistics are a joke, We could, should attack them when they were stopped, this is not “propaganda”, even a German corporal know that! Afghan would attack them even ride on camelback.
      Enough cnn for today, see you.

    1. @Cho Cho They followed incorrect intel about that. Hussan had to be taken out. Today, with online feeds monitoring random posts, fake news and intel can be sorted quickly. Vastly different circumstances. Babies have been killed here, it is no less tragic.

    2. @Cho Cho exactly even plestine they was supported isreal bcz they say rocket is ok but unarmed use stone is genocide their priorities are difreent for difrrent relgions . mainly they are the killer of afghanistan iraq , plestine kashmir yamn
      I am just shocked now they are giving lecture on humanity they destroye afghanistan just to taht are close to russia throgh afghanistan they can easy keep an eye

    3. But partly because Russia has not yet bombed the civilian buildings where Ukraine soldiers hide waiting.

  4. Message to Ukraine: Stay Strong. Slava Ukraine.
    Message to Putin: Beware the Ides of March. Death to Tyrants.

    1. Crimean bridge must be destroyed. It will literally choke the invasion from that part of Ukraine.

    2. @jeck jeck
      The current leader of Ukraine, whom everyone holds in such high regard, shut down the three news agencies who criticized him. He also had his political opposition put in prison so that they couldn’t run against him. And yet the main stream media, and Biden continue to call this place a democracy. The real question is why are they trying to fool all of you idiots?

    3. @Mewan O’really, they are only talking about ~500,000 at the boarders. Population of about 44 million. I over guessed 4 million will flee. They will stay and look after their homes/investment. Didn’t you see the Ukrainians standing in front of Russian tanks telling them to go home? They weren’t fleeing.

  5. So heartbroken for Ukraine 💔. May strength, courage and victory be the shield of all Ukranians. 🙏🇺🇦🇺🇲

    1. @Avery Davis ⭕️THE US dropped two atomic bombs in hiroshima and nagasaki more than 400 babies and toddlers were killed / /THE us incarcerated 150 k innocent japanese Americans in concentration camps in california after pearl harbour //the US killed more than 35000 innocent civilians in irak including yahmi a baby of 9 monthsin falluja (not the only one)//

      The us tortured prisoners in irak – democratic elected regimes were overthrown by us presidents and even invaded a country under a lie of WMD and you have the nerves to condemn russia🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Bass INC ⭕️we accept moral condemnations from people emanating from countries who are morally just and sincere not FROM THE US my friend ⭕️

    3. How many people died in the USA and its allies wars?…millions… Do you know that these people (the middle east) hate you? Do you know that majority of nonwhite people support Russia. What about media freedom ..blocking Sputnik and rt …we r getting one side of the story..that means the west has no different from Russia’s media behavior ….this has always been about dominance..DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHY RUSSIA IS ATTACKING UKRAINE..
      If Ukraine is winning…why r they telling Russians to back down, retreat, negotiate…..Russia is losing let Ukraine enjoy its winnings..🤔🤔🤔🤔think about it🤔🤔 @Avery Davis

  6. As a Romanian, I find the situation in Odessa (and Ukraine in general) both ironic and heartbreaking: in 1941 Odessa was occupied by Romanians, and defended by Ukrainians and Russians. Now Odessa is defended by Ukrainians, which have the Romanians suport, against a Ruasian attack. It so sad.

    1. @Roshan Thapa your ignorance is sad…all people who are in European union ..we live free..since finland..romania..portugal..we re free..we care for health and economic rise ..for our familes have a good life!!! Do you think putin want s that for us or even for his people?? I can give you some events that show putin don t give a f…. for the life of russian people..he love his palaces.

    2. @эммм ya…what we see most is European Union doing wars…🙏🏻🙏🏻 your ignorance is alarming…it s why people like putin are in power for so many years!!! Putin clean your pockets and you smile .

    3. …and to spike the irony another notch, Germany is sending small armaments and support to the Ukrainians. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…but just let time pass and the phrase gets reshuffled and turned on it’s head. Tell that history to an 11 year old.

  7. Holy smokes the military subject matter guy has the exact analysis the world needs to understand right now. CNN drop these other segments and just do 20-30 min interviews with this guy. Put him on blast.

    1. @Demeter ! he doesn’t know what the phrase means 😂😂 . thats wayyyyy different than capitalization , boomer

    2. @Gigi Rose — I didn’t mention anything about the phrase. Or perhaps you lack reading comprehension too?

      Also: *that’s
      And: *way

    3. @Demeter ! u can do that all day , im still gonna type like this and he still took an L when he used a phrase incorrectly lol

    4. @Two parties, one oligarchy You won’t find that promise in any document treaties. It was never promised. Nato alliances always stated that from their beginning any country could join if excepted. No Document contains it.
      If you can find it. Please attach it.

  8. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling is just the person we need to explain operations. Please keep inviting him on air.

    1. The last guy they had on said Russia wouldn’t move on the capital but guess what they did so now they brought this guy in he sounds so wrong

  9. 2:14 I love how the reporter gives him a little tap on the back, just a small gesture of love and kindness goes a long way in such harsh times.

    1. @Hearthstoned Didn’t say I could do a better job, did I?

      You’re like most people- When your logic fails, you take it elsewhere.

    1. “Easy” (except NOT), when the whole attack relies on the APPEARANCE of being soldiers, having weapons and Military vehicles… but um, it ALSO relies on FEEDING your soldiers, duh… and putting GAS in their tanks… Maybe when Putin worked for the KGB, he took their Bluster-and-Control habit personally…

  10. Great praise for the Ukrainian people for their steadfast strength in the fight for independence. Glory to the Polish Nation, who are the first to help Ukrainians.

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