Viewer Question: Why is Donald Trump Still A Free Man? 1

Viewer Question: Why is Donald Trump Still A Free Man?


In today’s segment of ‘Make it Make Sense’ Tiffany Cross breaks down the legal trouble Donald Trump continues to face after his Presidency and why it may even help his 2024 campaign.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Viewer Question: Why is Donald Trump Still A Free Man?


  1. This man asked the REAL question that is concerning 95% of the American People. Thank you sir, you are a gentleman.

    1. @Sue Howie emojis, I was being sarcastic, your reply was pathetically predicable, does your moma know your own the internet.

    2. @Skeleton Toes I happy for you and your mother, I hope you have a wonderful, and long life together. I wish you great health.

    1. Please don’t tell me he’s still out walking free bc of (D)’s in Congress!! My thoughts on this is that as long as he’s out now, and they let him stay up and running…that no other (R)’s will be able to run against him…and then low and behold the investigations conclude and he goes down and of course he would NEVER go down alone…I’m sure they all heard that statement from him!! To me, it makes sense that this could be possible too!! Not trusting any of America’s Institutions anymore now!! Esp since most of them are still headed with the ppl Trump hired in because they would be loyal to him and do his bidding!! THAT’S WHY HE’S REALLY WALKING FREE!! Just admit it! Garrett has no balls to take him down!! You really need to come up with ANOTHER crew of guys that can preferably Men (and Women even) who don’t have any families to be threatened!!

    2. @Annette Zaleski free cuz wealth and white privilege. Consequences are for poor people and minorities

    1. We have been asking that same questions about the Clintons. I read one one time there was talk about charging Hillary but she was first lady at the time and for goodness sakes we CA t bring charges against first lady.

  2. It took awhile to get Capone and Gotti but they both went down in the end. Just gotta be patient and hopeful

    1. @William Woods you mean twice acquitted. The first time was because there was literally no evidence against him. The second time was because the Democrats got caught fabricating evidence against him. Which pretty much makes the Democratic party the purveyors of the big lie.

    2. You talked about Donald Trump administration was more than 4years question him found nothing. but how about joe Biden administration before and now never been in court or questions. I think you are blind can’t see doesn’t know where you are, sorry for someone like you.

    3. Yes-all of them were involved each and everyone of them were working their own scams. It wasn’t Allen Weisselberg business he only worked there. His daughter-in-law said Trump new it all. So they are not done yet and to ask someone who has a cheery wide smile on her face when you ask a serious questions that needs answered correctly you need to asked someone who knows. Trump is not untouchable and the party isn’t near over yet. He is also being investigated for federal crimes while he was in office and I don’t think they are as easy to get out of as the Impeachment’s. The Impeachments were not handle properly the (D)s were too weak and they are still too weak. It would have been okay if a (R) got nominated for President but Trump was calling the shots and he has covered all avenues with threats to his Trump (R)s. Wait something will be coming. I won’t watch this didy again.

    4. McConnell’s wife reportedly used/abused her influence to help China and her own family profit so let us not limit the Republicans jailed to the family of “45 … but let’s do include them..

  3. This brilliant question should be asked to attorney general Merrick Garland at his next news briefing. Bravo.

    1. @peremptory expression and not only that but his daughter had a major business profit from China .but that was a diversion

    1. @Rosie Callender Every university out there is scamming people everyday. Why aren’t you trying to get those people arrested?

    2. @Alexander dayton Robertson A scam is a scam even if it is state sponsored. I would say it’s worse since the government is supposed to “help people”.

    3. If you have the money/influence, you can keep your criminality in the civil jurisdiction and buy your way out of jail. As examples of the $2 million judgement against him due to stealing from his own charity, or the $25 million settlement due to defrauding students of his fraudulent “university.” After you attain enough wealth, criminality such as this is just part of your business structure of risk.

    4. @Gary Kelley calling every college or university in this country a scam is hyperbolic and you know it. 99% of nationally accredited colleges have actual teachers who have been trained not only to teach but heavily in their subjects of Interest. Trump University had no qualified educators and had no accreditations legally. Stop carrying water for Trump and recognize your own mechanisms.

    1. @M Great question. There’s so many crimes and thefts going back to the 80s that it really is hard to know where to start.

    1. @Dennie Saunders for what? Being Democrats? So much ignorance!
      Trump’s offensives can be proved and has been. Come with the evidence, Dennie!

    2. @M it sure did answer it…just like those who support CLINTONS etc …and thinking they are good people who could do no wrong ..TRUMP supporters are doing the exact same thing but they dont realize TRUMP is an evil entity…

    1. @joan frederick no one cares about hilary, she disappeared gracefully into the background after she lost, like your guy refuses to do. A lit of us wouldn’t care about Trump either if he’d just shut up.

    2. if this was you or i,we would be in jail,that i know,how is that possible,or should i ask,why is that possible?

  4. The question was: what about the charge of Sedition. Please answer the question, I have the same one.

    1. @Leonette Terry See my comment about Scotland. It may take other laws to bring him to justice. Should he ‘retire’ or sell his assets (?), I bet it will be Donald J or Eric who end up paying for his LIES?! We live in hope.

    2. @Chrisgerald Byrd I just looked at your chan. you subscribe to beauty and fashion? LOLZZZZZZ

    3. @Diana He came from under a rock and Scotland might put him back there.? Check my other comments; if not him (because he may divest himself from the Golf Course to avoid any legal issues), but his stupid kids may end up in the firing line?

    4. @Leeanne Bishop trump free cuz wealth and white privilege. Consequences are for poor people and minorities

  5. I just noticed Trump sounds like a mob boss when he, for example, says “dat” instead of “that.”

  6. I want him locked-up for life.
    He deserves to be. Many times over.
    I will be very surprised if he ever sees the inside of a prison.

    1. So, Trump is said to be a criminal? – You Americans meanwhile are as jaded as the Germans were in 1933. Who is a fascist is determined by CNN.

      “I still decide who is Jewish !” (Hermann Göring).

      Hitler could pass his universal enabling act in march 1933 with the votes of the greatest media mogul of Germany, Alfred Hugenberg, with his DNVP (German National People’s Party). It was the base of Nazi power until the German surrender in 1945.

      Is European history still taught in the US?

      History may not repeat itself, but history rhymes.

      You haven’t learned anything. We Germans – including my parents and grandparents who suffered a lot by Nazi criminals- were liberated by US forces, who will be coming to free you ?

      You have no clue what totalitarianism really means. I have it in my DNA, believe me. Obviously degenerated by prosperity, you can`t distinguish friend and foe anymore. What do you want, what do you expect in life?

      Greetings from Munich, Germany, the former “Capital of the Movement” from 1933 to 1945 (“Hauptstadt der Bewegung”)

      Shame on you. Continue your education.

      Schämen Sie sich und bilden Sie sich fort.

    2. My feelings exactly I’m tired of hearing about all of his cases, he should be in prison already.

    3. @Peter Satur Who is a Socialist is determined by the anti Democracy led network (Fake FOX ENTERTAINMENT news) owned by the anti Democracy “Rupert family” from Australia .

    1. I love animals. Please don’t make this comparison. Animals are innocent. He is a sick and twisted human being.

    1. @Bill Lynch not only did he caused 100s of 1000s Americans to die, HES ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR COUNTLESS MORE INTERNATIONALLY

    2. @Joe Biden is a senile child molester 1 Wow, a 3 day old troll account? Nice. I guess that’s why you reason like a 3 yr old

    3. @carl fisher Sorry to tell you this, but you’ve been misinformed. He was only going to stop normal tourism from China, and it was already raging across parts of Europe by then. Businessmen, Chinese or otherwise, were still okay to come and go under his proposal. The measure was too little, too late.

      You want “spot on” handling of the pandemic? Look at places like New Zealand. If trump’s handling of the pandemic was even approaching competent, there wouldn’t be 600k dead.

      Please, stop lying to yourself. He’s not worth it

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