Violence in Arab-Israeli towns intensifies 1

Violence in Arab-Israeli towns intensifies


Arab-Israeli leaders are calling for greater involvement from police and Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet to combat a wave of violent crime that's hit Arab-Israeli towns and cities. CNN's Sam Kiley reports.

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  1. You will never understand a wound until you own it. Further: If policy makers were made to physically be involved amidst the conflict they promote, there would be less war.

  2. May God watch over the Israelis. I need to stop taking what I have for granted. I don’t have a three story house in Scottsdale or own a yacht but at least God watches over me and my family.

    1. So God only cares about the Israelis? He doesn’t give a crap about the Palestinians? No sure what God you pray too. My God loves everyone.

    2. @Raquel F. God isn’t the one with his finger on the trigger, so stop blaming him. We have evil in this world because we CHOSE it.

  3. Wait do these people not know the US changed our embassy to Jerusalem? That should have fixed all the problems right?

    1. @matthew 2779 I don’t want to burst your bubble but Jerusalem is an eternal capitol of Israel. Read the Bible please

    2. lmao. Yes that was “progress towards peace in the middle east” better yet some pigs in the republican party suggest “trump has achieved peace in the middle east” because according to them if you make one side of the conflict happy youve achieved peace cause the other side doesnt count, that side being the Palestinian side.

    3. @Moe Boutari Both the citizens of Israel and the citizens of the UAE are very happy to have the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel. Yet some leftist degenerates would rather watch the endless conflict just because the peace was brokered by Trump and his team.

  4. Just imagine visit Israel and Jerusalem and also learn more about Palestinian culture. There would be so much less misunderstanding in the world. I also think that the United States shouldn’t be in such a rush to defend Israel all the time because sometimes their wrong. And The Taking of Palestinian land in the treatment of their people are the perfect example if how Israel is wrong

    1. historically the Jewish people were there first. Also, WHY didn’t other Arab countries take the Palestinians in? They have the land they just didn’t want them.

    2. @Red Rock what are you talkin about? that’s why it’s called the land of Cana because someone owned it before them. Take a history lesson cuz obviously you don’t know shitt. And I don’t want to burst your bubble but the Bedouin of the desert have been there since the beginning the Jewish people were not giving a home state until what war 2. So I’m pretty sure the Palestinians were there first. When you build a wall on someone else’s land that’s called stealing. You can justify anything you want in your narrow mind. but that don’t make it true. And what you said is the perfect example of someone running their mouths about something they know nothing about. And I’m just skimming the top facts for you, because apparently you don’t know your history, or the Jewish people’s history, or the Palestinians History for that matter Mate. So the next time you going to leave a comment thinking you sound all smart you should have some facts to actually back that up

  5. alright break it up, find the organizers, and bury them out in the desert. you guys are making too much noise.

  6. Wait until the warlords start to pressure the USA Government to be in another Middle East conflict.
    Big Guy: “America is back! Yee Haw!”

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