Violent Attack On U.S. Capitol A Win In Trump's Eyes As Republican Support Holds | Rachel Maddow 1

Violent Attack On U.S. Capitol A Win In Trump’s Eyes As Republican Support Holds | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow points out that despite the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol fomented by Donald Trump's sedition, Republicans in Congress did not feel sufficient shame to back off attempting to subvert the election outcome in support of Trump's lies, and neither Trump nor his acolytes have suffered any real consequences so far. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Violent Attack On U.S. Capitol A Win In Trump's Eyes As Republican Support Holds | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Judith Bradford No one has yet, it’s only just now being called what it is, but we still need to see actually CONSEQUENCES for the high-level people responsible…not just the protestors themselves.

  1. If hanging and firing squads became forms of capital punishment as they wanted there are the first 9 to be punished with DD being the first for their treasonous actions.

    1. Actually those two are still forms of capital punishment in some states, although I believe they have to be requested

  2. Why should anyone trust the actions/ lack of defending our country. THEY ALL NEED BE REMOVED, Especially the leader of the pack.

    1. They all need to be in prison and serve a life sentence in prison for their actions DT, The Proud Boys,and Qauon,and the ones that all the DT supporters that did all that at the captiol and bragging about it is not cool on what they did their and the stuff they said their and did and hasn’t been from the start

      File charges against all of them put them in prison and keep them their for thats where all of them belong. I still agree with the using the 25th amendment as well to move DT as well for hes need to go and can’t be trusted and needs to be kicked out have charges filed against him and be put in prison for his part in what happened at the captiol as well.

    2. Well, a whole lot of those senators and representatives who STILL cheerlead the phony stolen election narrative, were just elected, so… We the people have spoken!

    3. Treasonous is obvious. The national guard wasn’t even sent out to protect. trump was the cause of that. Putting people in positions they are not in the slightest qualified for. Yet 10 years in prison for defacing a confederate statue. How long has the Civil War been over? Ask trump, he doesn’t know. Look back at history to see what Hitler did to the world. Is this what any American would want for their Country. My father, uncle and Father-in-law were in WWII, to stop the nazi regime. How many of our allies fought alongside America in that war. It was so awful, even Russia fought against them. After Russia built a wall to divide east and west Germany.

  3. Look at the similarity of yesterday in W DC and Germany under Hitler up to the 2. World War. Europe sees it and feels it . . . . . . . . . . . . !

    1. Hilter burnt Reichstag Building and assumed power as Der Fuhrer a couple of years later.

      Donald Trump sacked the Capitol Building and he will assume power as a King years later?

  4. Congress: “The rioters have stormed into the capitol. Do something Donald.”

    Trump: “It is what it is.”

    1. @I drink Commie tears Trump may never stand for election again. So impeachment is the best thing to do. Trump is and will remain dangerous if not silenced forever. As for Ted Cruz, he’s a rat.

    2. @Rich Bryant Apples to Apples. You have to realize that this was a perfect opportunity to send in ANTIFA apprearing to be Trump supporters! Conservatives are NOT violent people, and it was a PROTEST against the Defense of FRAUD in our election. I do not condone the violence, but I also don’t agree with you. I haven’t seen one protest in four years that didn’t result in violence against Conservatives. The fact that you justify that and deny any responsiblity is disgusting.

    3. @Raymond Romswinckel do you don’t believe in freedom of speech. Just because someone has a different political views as your doesn’t make it right to censor them. Our first amendment is are greatest one. Biden’s transition team is already talking about making hate speech laws smh.

    4. He was calling Republican members of Congress as this was going down to continue to try to overturn the election!

    5. @Denise Hall no I don’t. First off I don’t even support Trump because he’s a communist in disguise. Secondly look at all the Democratic governor’s who intentionally put infected people into nursing homes.

  5. All these Republicans careers should be over, they should be removed from their positions in office. How can Americans have “lawmakers”in the senate & Congress that were ok to with violence & domestic terrorism being used to storm the Capitol building to overthrow a fairly won election, and every last one of them knows it was fairly won.. They ALL need to go!!

    1. Amen, we should fire every single democrat who enabled the burning and killing of their local businesses at the hands of Antifa and BLM. How easy you rats forget what you have done.

    1. @John Davis Hopefully you lost something like everyone else has because of your discussion, for God’s sake trump took an article out in the New York Times calling for five young men who were proven innocent to be executed for murder they didn’t commit, even the killer came forward out of guilt and confessed.

    2. @John Davis Yes , he has my Dad as well. Seeing what trumP did at the Capitol, nearly broke him, He said, “trumP must think he is a god.”

  6. Interesting to think about the guy who built the guillotine and had to transport it. That is some commitment to stupidity.

  7. This was Americas version of the Munich Beer Hall putsch. The next attempt, will be far worse, and the consequences unthinkable.

    1. None ofvthem in gop are facists..they are just idiots whobthink about themselves..facists are something else..much more evil..and dangerouse you can compaire it with whats going on un Russia today.Trumps friends..where people dissapear..

    2. @Susan Hewitt no its not easy to understand..he more insane than Hitler and then still he has supporters in the senate…amazing..

    3. @Bruno Sørensen Mostly, I agree with you.
      My concern is that there are for sure bona-fide Fascists amongst his supporters. The GOP play and want them for their own base, with or without Trumpf. 
      Perhaps they are not entirely aware of the danger in those flames…or perhaps they are aware and think that they can control them.
      Fools ignore the lessons of history. I think that it is time for the rest of us on this tiny planet to be concerned for the future, given the USA’s military power and the thought that it could fall into the hands of those creatures.
      Stay safe, Peace.

    4. @tigerinatrance Exactly how I saw it, but I was surprised I didn’t see it as the Beer Hall Putsch. However, the Putsch succeeded in capturing government leaders and was not a march, and at least in that march the perpetrators were fired on… so it isn’t as good of a parallel as the March on Rome. He truly earns the title “Wussolini” now since Mussolini at least was THERE leading the march, which Trump said he’d do but didnt.

  8. I live in at the moment we are disgusted with this Trump cult and followers Republican senators should been jailed for treason

    1. I live in the US…. and a large number of us think the same.

      Plus I’m even more disgusted that members of Congress like Cruz and Hawley doubled down on his lies on the floor of congress just hours after the armed seditioners invaded.

  9. Imagine a group of armed people of color storming someone’s house. Would any of them still be alive?
    America may not be racist, but racism is still very much alive.

    1. @Doug Ohaver
      I believe in Christ and that ones acceptance of Him along witt following Hid commands means that I am in the Abrahamic bloodline by adoption and everyone who does the same is my bloodline.

    2. @KingofGrace I understand that but I still say if we started out with just two people on earth then somewhere down the line we’re all related.
      Peace be to you cousin

  10. The fact that Trump was allowed to continue on after his first impeachment is unforgivable, but now?? Giving that money hungry narcissist a free pass will come back to haunt them I assure you!

    1. According to some people I know that are trump supporters they claim that this was antifa not trump supporters. All I could do is laugh

    1. Don’t get your hackles in an uproar. We’ve been getting more of the same for the past four years. Don’t think it will stop because Quid Pro Joe says, “Let’s have unity,” while disparaging Conservatives. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    2. Well, Democrats will have the power of the Senate, and won’t have to get permission anymore from those Republicans who hold the power now when they need to make the call in the future.

    3. Let’s all take to face book and create a petition! Cause that’s about all the rest of America has in ’em except the reds that stormed the capitol.

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