Virgin Galactic Flight Is 'Not Just A Dream, But A Reality Check' 1

Virgin Galactic Flight Is ‘Not Just A Dream, But A Reality Check’

Ahead of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Launch, the first woman of color in space, Dr. Mae Jemison, joins Ali Velshi to discuss the importance of this new milestone in space travel and why she thinks this is more than a dream, but “a reality check as to what we can do.”

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  1. Reality check: The super rich can fulfill any wild fantasy of theirs, while we sit and burn on the planet they destroyed. Good times.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Maybe they should keep going and not come back!

    2. And 1/4 of a million to go to 50000ft or so for 1/2 hour…. Wouldn;t that money be good to feed a lot of poor people… sheeessss

    3. Consumers happily make them rich and voters keep them rich….change the game by voting issues for change not political religionism…

  2. Tourism in space, provided by billionaires for billionaires, as the US west coast burns up, the east coast is flooded, Greenland melts… well, you know the drill.

  3. You’ll be in a permeant dream if you lock yourself inside a large warehouse and test fire this thing for 10 minutes with all the doors and windows closed. Nylon pellet fuel. This was great now don’t do it again.

  4. How much tax would I have to pay? I never saw Richie Rich pay taxes? But Fred Flintstone paid.

    1. @Ted Weddell Stone age to space age. Fred Flintstone to George Jetson, Mr. Slater to Mr. Spacely. These maybe cartoons but from what decade? Google how the game Monopoly was invented and what year. These are facts from my childhood memories then children and grandchildren 2 years ago I became a great grandmother and want a different ending for Little William. He’s worth it we all were.


  6. Thank God he’s got such great toys! This is helping mankind in so many ways! The homeless are now all housed! Those with covid or cancer are cured! And there medical bills forgiven! It’s so nice to see a boy and his toys making the world a better place!

  7. When you get older and think about atomic particles, or photons, you start to see how your perspective as a life form limits your grok powers. We can design with great precision and prediction, but inherent in us is time, as the observer. The observer is our conditioned self. To face the unknown, we must be the unknown. Any accumulation as the self facing the unknown is illusion. A missed shot. Maybe that’s why we’re attracted to these hidden mysterious solitary creatures like the Loch Ness, Yeti, etc. They resemble our subconscious; hidden and mysterious. We are constantly representing reality to ourselves. Our imagined first encounter with alien life forgets about our conditioned response to it. There will be no quantum realization from this. It will be the continued taking in the present to reinforce the past, as memory, as thought, as the self. There are more neurons running from the brain to the eye than from the eye to the brain. We are fishermen with nets with a hole in them. We never catch anything smaller than the hole, and never catch anything larger than the net. Quantum leaps come from birth. The movement of life. As soon as you have a child, everything you possess steps back. You’re back on the dance floor.

  8. Thank you sir!! Under the fox news YouTube story of the 14yo girl who was the first black scripps spelling bee champion, so many disgusting people made references as to why it shouldn’t be important to announce that she is the first black spelling bee champion. That is a major accomplishment and should be celebrated. If there is not first time Hispanic or Ethiopian then damnit I’m celebrating for their ethnicities as well even though im.not directly in their communities.

  9. To be honest I don’t understand the obsession with trying to put people in space where there are zero hospitable planets- when we have a planet that is perfectly hospitable, if we just treated it with respect. We really are parasites to this earth, just wanting to trash & move on…

  10. I wish people really think about humanity by seeing reality of its impact on environment for future generations. Just see that in 2-3 hrs trip, what was the environmental damage done. When NASA etc send satellites in space, its for use of general public in totality whereas space tourism is mass environmental damage for luxurious adventure for a few filthy rich.

    1. When was the last time you did anything for humanity? I am sure you ride you bike to work, don’t you?

  11. Wait, didn’t we do this as a society, oh… we’re not invited to space anymore… so it’s no longer the best of us…just the rest of us with money…cool, proud moment?

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