Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un Remain Silent On Biden Win | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un Remain Silent On Biden Win | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1


Foreign Correspondent Molly Hunter reports on world leaders' reactions to Biden's presidential election win and Trump's refusal to concede. Aired on 11/11/2020.
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Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un Remain Silent On Biden Win | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

37 Comments on "Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un Remain Silent On Biden Win | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC"

  1. TRUMP: “MAGA”
    2020: “Morons Are Going Away”

  2. Of course Putin is quiet. He has lost his puppet and needs time to process his loss.

  3. That’s because they all have Trump in their pockets.
    He literally is a puppet of use for these dictators especially Putin.

    They don’t want a Biden presidency because Biden won’t cater to them and get down on his knees like Trump does.

    Trump was the worst thing to EVER happen to this country and he did damage that will take YEARS to correct. That is if we even can now. The division he’s caused may be irreparable.

  4. Someday the truth about Trump and astonishing facade will come out.

  5. Elizabeth Omorodion | November 11, 2020 at 7:04 PM | Reply

    maybe they up to something

  6. All the tyrants stick together.

  7. That tells you all you need to know about Dump

  8. This is soo sad😪😪😖he truly made America great again by losing this election

  9. The Trump family literally went on a vacation to North Korea at the expense of taxpayers

  10. Adrienne Gholston | November 11, 2020 at 7:06 PM | Reply

    So what. We don’t need to hear from them. 😤

  11. Putin is gonna give Conald a whoopin for being such a loser.

  12. Biden needs to start interfering in Russian elections. I’m sure there will be payback. We will see how Putin fares. I know France was ringing churchbells all over France and the English set off fireworks. Sure the Irish are relieved.

  13. Give baby Donnie is baby bottle put him in his crib let him have a good night sleep maybe I’ll straighten out in the morning

  14. It scares Dictators when one of them gets deposed , they know these kinda things spread like covid19 at a Trump rally .

    • Dictators are silent, because they know how to rig elections, and aren’t stupid either. They see the fishy stuff going on in the USA.

      Dictators would know.

  15. President Elect Biden - fan account | November 11, 2020 at 7:34 PM | Reply

    Ah! Donald Trump’s friends! Makes sense. They know that Biden won’t help them as much as Donald Trump was willing to.
    No collusion eh?

  16. These dictators are our country enemies and crazy 😜 dictator Trump’s best friends.

  17. abdenbi CHIKOUN | November 11, 2020 at 7:51 PM | Reply

    Ahmed Shawqi
    « Nations prevail as they relate to morality. Otherwise, none shall preserve their identity. »

  18. Silence speaks volumes!!!!! Responsible Government is returning to the US and Putin and Kim jun un know they can’t manipulate this President elect

  19. Tyrants know that when one of their brothers goes down, it makes the rest of them look less-invulnerable. When Russian people see America voting out a Tinpot Dictator, then they start to believe they can get rid of their own too.

  20. Lucifer Morningstar | November 11, 2020 at 9:00 PM | Reply

    Do you remember that war with Kim John Un?

    Ohh wait…

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