Volcano Erupts in St. Vincent | TVJ News – April 9 2021


  1. 🔴 *Oh wait … is it true they have to get VACCINATED before they can be rescued ? REDICULOUS ! SO, VACCINES ARE WORTH MORE THAN PEOPLE ?!!*

    1. @Mat R The vaccine has been available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for roughly the same time that it has been available in the UK. The cruise ships and the receiving governments are insisting on vaccination as far as I understand it.

    2. @Divine Destiny – *It is people like you that belittle the lives of native people! People have choices! You are on the elite satanic side, defending their cause. Shame on you!*

    3. No, but people in the other islands can’t afford to have increased rates of infection. Covid19 really messed up our economies, we have to do what’s best.

    4. @Be Yourself – *Your leaders mess up your economies – not Covid! Less than 200 million people out of a world of 7.9 billion people is said to have Covid. Only 2.8 million people have died from it. That means 97% of those who get it survive like they do any other sickness. Your leaders choose to trust man more than Gd, and obey Gd’s health laws! Your leaders shut down economies to fight against a virus, which is impossible. Herd immunity is the only solution, but the global elites pulling their strings seem to be controlling the monies. You need to wake up, man. A mass vaccine program does nothing – but will set up millions of people to weaker immune systems. The people of St. Vincent don’t need that … Unless you have plans to depopulate them as well!*

  2. We all can say Jamaica bless but it is about time Jamaica get a wake up like this. God help Jamaica when their time come it won’t be volcano.

    1. It’s not a wonderful thing to look at over here mash up it nu look good at all but give God thank I am a Jamaican Jamaican would not want to have this in there backyard it ruff it nuff my God 😱😂😂 but I just hold the faith

  3. God bless Jamaica always..
    So stop wish bad for Jamaica….
    Jamaican’ s are praying for other countries to be safe….

  4. Jaah know…a nuff shipmates and friends mi have a Vincie….hope dem good, hard working people dem

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