Volcano erupts on St. Vincent island 1

Volcano erupts on St. Vincent island


La Soufriere volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent on April 9.

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  1. A perfect picture of what will happen when it’s released soon that Donald Trump is the actual president of the United States of America.

    1. Richard, give the Caucasians back their Diety. Slavery ended a long time ago, give them back their slave religion.

    1. There have always been volcanoes. Has nothing to do with “end times”. There will be volcanoes in ten thousand years, and that won’t be end times either.

  2. Let mother nature take back what she created. She’ll settle down once the human infestation is at acceptable levels with nature.

    1. @levi walker Hopefully you’re on the island as the volcano erupts. The next population might be more pleasant.

    1. Yeah let me tell you how legions of animal activists who just so happened to be on call on a nearby vessel are scouring the mountainous jungle of St. Vincent corralling all the fauna off-site.

  3. St. Vincent is the patron of the Order of the Deacons of the Catholic Diocese of Bergamo Italy. He is honored as patron in Valencia, Saragossa, Portugal. Columbus named St. Vincent after the patron saint of Lisbon. Prophecy of Fatima; Portugal.
    Vincent spent most of his life in the city of Saragossa, where he was educated and ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Valerius of Saragossa, who commissioned Vincent to preach throughout the diocese because Valerius suffered from a speech impediment, Vincent acted as his spokesman.
    President Joe Biden suffers from a speech impediment.

    Sign of the times.

  4. La Soufriere has been known to erupt every 30-40 years and it tends to erupt in the same month – the last eruption was on April 13th 1979. Vincentians have co existed with the volcano over a 100 years …

    1. Really? There are multiple videos of it. You can’t make up that there was a volcano on a populated island.

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