1. Its really scary and dangerous but i gotta admit it looks beautiful..
    I guess thats what they call beautiful disaster.

  2. All of the ash particles crashing together causes static electricity, which then causes lighting. Very cool visuals.

    1. 🔔Men, don’t lose your semen in sex, otherwise, your body will become weak very fast,
      🌟a substance that can create human beings, there must have a lot of energy in it,
      🌮save semen in your body, you will keep strong.

    1. Manny Taco Imagine being on Jupiter and this happening a million times over all day and a day lasts longer than a year. This volcano doesn’t seem too bad compared to that if u think of it

    2. @jyrrin wow had no idea, it’s crazy how insignificant and small earth is in the bigger picture of the whole universe

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