Voter Nullification Efforts Are ‘The Worst Part’ Of Voter Suppression Laws 1

Voter Nullification Efforts Are ‘The Worst Part’ Of Voter Suppression Laws


Founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd, Washington Post columnist, and former Senator Claire McCaskill discuss how Republicans are trying to restrict voting.

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  1. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate 4) gerrymandering 5) voter suppression 6) money in politics, lobbyists, Citizens United

    1. @Nicole Wren perhaps the problem is with you. You might think you’re a Democrat but you really are not. You might be a socialist, you might be a communist, you might be a Marxist or you might be something else but you are not a true JFK Democrat. I believe the problem is with you. You also have a tendency to lash out because you cannot respond in a scholarly or logical manner to my post. So, you make it about me rather than the issue.

    1. @Scientific Methodologist Reality is not a narrative and religious conservatism really is a cult.

    2. @Daniel Hawthorn Conservatives calling other conservatives not real conservatives is no different than Christians calling other Christians not real Christians.

    3. @that one guy ‘how are they hurdles?’ 1) fewer voting locations; 2) fewer hours for voting; 3) more difficult registration (and controlled by the incumbents); 4) huge erosion of the anonymity of suffrage; 5) decreased protection of the outcome of ratified elections. The one good point here is that once Democrats take power, these restrictions will already be in place, and can be easily tilted to roll the other way.

    4. @Steven Hall ‘Eisenhower WOULD HAVE DESPISED TRUMP,’ Ike would indeed have despised Trump, and probably Bush the Lesser too (for starting a war on false pretences). But then Ike was Anti-Fascist.

  2. Will SCOTUS do the right thing or will the Robert’s Court bungle this one and destroy the right to vote and have it counted. Citizens United should serve as a red warning flags as to what Republican controlled courts will do.

    1. Elections are an individual state thing, not a fed judiciary thing. Try and keep up btq.

    2. @lorain not with the electoral college, we all know how a federalized voting system would turn out, you can’t use the same voting laws in Texas as you would Chicago or California, learn some history on the electoral college you might actually learn something useful in your life.

    3. The reason why the corrupt and entrance political class wants to get rid of Citizens United is that it gives the little guy like you and me a boys in politics. We cannot compete with the politically entrenched or the super PAC’s the incumbent politician. But Citizens United gives us the opportunity to pull our money into a PAC so that we have is allowed a boys as the corrupt and entrenched politician. This is why it has that name because citizens are united now and we have a loud voice which scares the political class. This is why they want Citizens United destroyed.

  3. Dont worry ! The Democrats will turn out more than 2020 !
    We the majority will make sure the ” REPUGNANTS ” WILL NEVER GET BACK POWER

    1. @Heritage Karma you don’t know me well enough to put a label on me, I don’t hate anyone. But I do believe in equal opportunity for all!

    2. @China Moreland Your statement was based in pure leftist democrat ideologies….the hate precedes itself. Otherwise everything i wrote is truth. Gday.

    3. @Heritage Karma Ya know what, Bubba. Where I’m from (United States of America) it is not only okay to hate fascists, it’s also cathartic and good for the soul

    1. register, and then make sure you’re still registered long enough before the election that you can register again if they purge the rolls like they love to do

  4. Exactly. I kept wondering why the media kept focusing on the ability to hand someone water who is waiting in line instead of the ability to easily overturn any election!

    1. @Lynnell Scott i get what your saying easier way to think…when you have a guest in your own home you try to make them as comfortable as possible with what is being done isn’t exactly doing that…this year’s elections were done is ways not usually done due to covid…democrats had approached republicans for funding to help yet republicans held it up claiming there was no previous issues with election integrity…Then Trump lost…it was obvious when you see the turn out from the lines and the number of votes…Trump lost and exhausted all ways to contest the election this is all in the constitution…the only thing that was cheating is the phone call Trump had with Georgia officials to suppress votes..and it was caught all on audio 1 hour and it was not just one that whole recording had more than 1 push to suppress….and yet we are now at this reform when the one person is the main cause..that one instance would put a disqualification on the whole race

    2. And now citizens are the ones who have to be impacted by one man’s poor sportsman ship?? The whole thing is like something that was seen in days of segregation…

    3. @Nic Moreno That’s because the people haven’t pushed back. In the U.S. we don’t like discomfort so it’s easy to distract the people. Not to mention, 10 million people didn’t even participate in the voting process. Some of trump’s insurrecrionists were asked if they voted and they said no, but Biden cheated trump out if him win.

    1. What evidence do you have of Trump/Russia collusion that the FBI does not? The media lied to you, time to wake up.

  5. People are going to either become complacent, or they are going to flip out if Dems don’t do something!!

    1. Gee! I wish we had elected Bernie Sanders! He’d have Democrats fired up. Noooo, corporate dems had to pool together to revive sleepy Joe.

  6. Republicans have no way to appeal to voters, “Vote for me because I need to be in power” isn’t a great platform, Better to just stop people voting and declare yourself their ruler.

    1. AZ Getting to the bottom of the many problems with their election, more states send delegates to view the process, it going to expand all over the country Washington
      South Carolina

      13 states so far and the list keeps growing!

  7. Manchin needs to get with the People, or he needs to be removed from all committees. It’s the consequences for power grabbing and going against his constituents. Remove his ability to negotiate. He’s not representing anyone but himself.

    1. From the little research I’ve done on him, he’s an old-school Democrat in a very red and conservative state. He therefore appears to be doing what his constituents want, although I’d like to see a reporter ask his constituents how they feel about it.

    2. @Sheila Boston he doesn’t want to lose the fillerbuster, its that simple. He should be standing with his party on this

    3. Everyone who keeps bringing up Manchin instead of the actual facts here should lose their own vote for being too stupid to have a part in American democracy …. it doesn’t matter at all if Manchin and Sinema voted yes …what matters here is you need 60 votes in the senate to pass anything …including getting rid of the filibuster … since we only control 50 seats in the senate that means we need 10 republicans to cross the aisle and vote yes with the democrats … since that is not going to happen quit blaming Manchin and blame the republicans … you people are disgustingly ill informed about everything and because of that deserved having Trump for your President and deserve even more horrors like that …. if you can’t even keep simple things like you need 60 votes in the senate to pass any bill into law than your are horrendously stupid creatures …

  8. Thank goodness voter nullification is now being talked about. Couldn’t believe it when everybody jumped on not being able to hand out water! If the legislature is given power over election officials it’s game over.

    1. @NBK And finally, we agreed that among the most important shared missions is renewing and strengthening the resilience of our democracies by pointing out we have to prove to the world and to our own people that democracy can still prevail against the challenges of our time and deliver for the needs of our people.

      We have to root out corruption that siphons off our strength; guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain — this phony populism; invest in strengthening the institutions that underpin and safeguard our cherished democratic values, as well as protecting the free press and independent judiciaries. All of those run the agenda.

      That’s how I’ll prove that democracy and that our Alliance can still prevail against the challenges of our time and deliver for the needs and the needs of our people.

      This is going to be looked at 25 years from now as whether or not we stepped up to the challenge, because there’s a lot of — a lot of autocracies that are counting on them being able to move more rapidly and successfully in an ever-complicated world than democracies can. We all concluded we’re going to prove them wrong.

    2. @NBK So who’s your second choice? If not Trump who on the right do you think would make a good President. Someone who engenders respect in all Americans and indeed the world the way Donald J Trump did?

    3. @NBK A secret cabal is taking over the world. They kidnap children, slaughter, and eat them to gain power from their blood. They control high positions in government, banks, international finance, the news media, and the church. They want to disarm the police. They promote homosexuality and pedophilia. They plan to mongrelize the white race so it will lose its essential power.


  9. Voter Nullification, is the new Voter suppression, which is worse than Jim Crow, It’s 21st Century equivalent of Slavery. To quote the Boss: RISE UP!

  10. Nullification cannot happen if America wants to save Democracy. We have to push/fight back this BS.

  11. I can’t understand how, in a first world country, the greatest democracy in the world, voter suppression is legal.


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