Voter Suppression Still Occurs, 55 years After Voting Rights Act | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. The US voting system is designed to fail. In our country voting is compulsory – fined if we don’t vote. No issues, plenty of polling booths, no long lines. The govt even sends small planes to very remote areas across the country for people to have their say. Do whatever it takes to have ‘your’ say – vote regardless. love

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    1. @J why do you accuse me of being a lefty because I disapprove of your opinion. When a republican president has pushed for the reopening of states when Covid19 is rapidly spreading. Who holds a rally in Tulsa where federal agents test positive before the event but goes ahead anyway. Now a leading supporter, vice chair of Black voices for Trump has died of Covid19 because of his stubborn refusal to accept the danger this virus poses to the US. This is his heartless and total failure not the democrats. I support those in congress of any party who are trying to support the working american people who have and will continue to pay taxes that provide federal funding. Right or left makes no difference, what makes a difference is working together to protect the health and well being of all US citizens according to the constitution. The president & the GOP are doing everything to block or avoid these fundamental duties to the US public. Loyalty should be to the people not
      a person or political party.

    2. @zek Baker That’s a lot that I’m not going to read. All I can say is that I’m sorry for your loss.. Truth exists but you still need to open your own eyes before you can see it.

    3. @J I’m sorry that you cannot even take the time to engage in the democratic ideals of debate. I read, consider and make decisions from a review of all opinions. Your truth could be your downfall because you, not I, choose to be blind.


    2. The left could easily win.. Just find a real candidate who’s a bit less corrupt. Only true idiots would support Obama, Hilary, or Joe..

    3. @J “ust find a real candidate who’s a bit less corrupt.”
      How’s that glass house and your bucket of rocks that you’ve been throwing around?

  1. Voter suppression is an attack on the U.S. Constitution, and should be a punishable by life in prison.

    1. Mike Galbraith – ??? Voter suppression is in reality caused by Lazy Liberal DOLTS who don’t want to show up at voting stations with their Identifications. Voter Fraud is a tool for the Corrupt Democratic Party to harvest votes for their candidates. This is NO secret. It’s been on-going for Years.

    2. That change any think on the rép. action, nothing they break the law’s since 4 years and what is happend, NOTHING X 10 =Zéro

    1. Virus is probably lefty made.. Developed out of tears and fears. Odd that it started right after the impeachment sham backfired on them at least.

    2. how about a new campaign hat ‘ JAHG ‘ ‘ [ just another hoax grandma ‘ ]
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  2. Voter suppression is a republican standard! Tom Hofeller was good at drawing up the nations maps for republican gerrymandering.And for the longest time, democrats remained idol and never seem to care. But all that has changed now,republicans can’t cheat during presidential elections as much as they would like to.We are WATCHING THEM NOW! like never before!

  3. If the Republicans can’t win they will cheat lie and gaslight everyone. No honesty or integrity left in their minds or souls.

    1. @j welsh – ??? You Liberal DOLTS are so Mentally-deluded and Corrupt. It’s very Disturbing to Honest and Conscientious people. Shame on you!

    2. Right like what Hilary tried to do.. Trump won fairly before and he will win fairly again. Only corruption will be coming from the left.

  4. And Pompeo…this week condemns China…for human rights abuses…The voting rights abuses in this country have been going on since Black People got the RIGHT to vote…They block the polls…close polling stations…sanctioned by Governors…Special Groups like (The KLAN) comes to mind…Well the GOP…blessed Trump…were all getting screwed !!! Even a totally stupid Republican can see…this country is going in the toilet…with Trump…unless…they are Stuck..Locked AND Jammed…on… STUPID !!!

  5. Expect armed vigilantes to turn up at voting places to scare away certain groups from exercising their right to vote.

    1. how about a new campaign hat ‘ JAHG ‘ ‘ [ just another hoax grandma ‘ ]
      get a few friends & neighbours Ruth & print that on a T shirt, & HAT ,,stay safe & well my friend

    2. Thats not the problem. The problem is that Democrats are too weak and too scattered to unite against Republicanism and the GOP, and thus always lose to a political party that, by itself, would collapse. Americans are the people who eat at the same place that makes them sick every week, even though they know that take-out food is the cause.

  6. Why can’t the GOP be criminally charged for depriving Americans their fundamental right to vote in an election?

    1. @Mars Falcon Three messages later, you still haven’t told me jackshit because you haven’t got jackshit.

    2. @Mars Falcon Of course the intention was to discriminate against illegal voters, not against black citizens. That’s what the supreme court will tell you in three years from now when they uphold North Carolina law. Dude, you gotta play quicker.

    3. @Jeff Gibson “The measure came two years after North Carolina’s previous voter ID law was struck down as part of a host of voting restrictions a *federal appeals court said targeted African Americans “with almost surgical precision”.* African Americans make up about one-fifth of registered voters in North Carolina. Turnout among African Americans dropped six percentage points from 2012 to 2016.” True right wing you.

    4. @Mars Falcon So what? So what? eventually it will get sorted out so only citizens can vote. In the meantime, does it concern YOU that China has a first-strike capability against the US for the first time? Bill Clinton sold China Cray Super computers in 1994 so they could forecast the weather. Uh-huh. The other thing they did is to target YOUR house with a nuclear warhead riding a hyper-sonic missile. And now China is being punished by 40 other countries and there is no predicting how China will lash out.

  7. Voter suppression is the real threat!
    Not talk about delaying the election.
    Not talk about the legitimacy of the election 3 months in advance.
    They want to rig the election by denying the right to vote to those unlikely to vote for trump!
    Be wary of #TrumpFascism

    1. It’s not a “threat”, it’s a reality and it’s been going on for centuries in the good old USA.

  8. Mcconnell has been holding The Voting Rights Bill in the Senate for a year. That speaks volumes. No matter how hard it will be we must vote. Get your Mail in Ballot NOW! DO NOT WAIT! Do not procrastinate! Mail it in EARLY! VERY EARLY!

  9. That’s right its completely unconstitutional not to allow felons to vote, after all every founding father was in fact a felon sentenced to death .

  10. Trump slows down postal service
    Also Trump tweets: “The election results should be known on the same day itself, not in days, weeks, months or years!”

  11. Republicans want voter suppression. How unAmerican is that? They disguise it as “concern about fraud.” The fraud will be the help that Trump gets from Russia.

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