1. Hunter Biden’s Laptop Documents At Least 459 Legal Violations, Watchdog Group Says

      The team put together by Garrett Ziegler, Marco Polo’s 26-year-old founder, has mined the laptop with digital savvy, and produced a thorough report that is anything but vague or superficial, weighing in at 1 gigabyte because of the number of screenshots from the laptop.

      “I’ve been focusing on this for 13 months,” Ziegler told The Daily Wire. “It was really a thing of necessity.

      I recognized how rich the material was. It requires utter focus. It is so hard to write something comprehensive about it and do anything else on the side.”

      “There’s been some phenomenal writing so far on the sex and degeneracy,” he added, but “The focus of the report is on crimes … I had a compulsion to log every crime, even the state-level statutes.

      The mission is simple: Hold Republicans’ feet to the fire. We don’t want to hear that Republicans need another year to do an investigation. I’ve done that here.”

      The report, which reviewed the laptop’s emails, videos, calendar items, photographs, phone records, financial documents and more, but also provided context and explanation, serves as a “Rosetta Stone of white- and blue-collar crime under the patina of ‘the Delaware Way,’” the report says.

      “We were able to illuminate previously convoluted network webs of the people leading the charge for global governance,” cutting through shell companies and middlemen.”

      Crimes Hunter Biden allegedly committed include serving as an agent for foreign entities without disclosing it, tax fraud, and falsifying business documents. The alleged crimes also include prostitution, non-consensual pornography, and distribution of narcotics.

      “This Report would not have been necessary if law enforcement had done its job,” the report’s introduction said.

      Marco Polo — which previously put 128,000 emails from Hunter’s laptop online in searchable format for anyone to peruse — also unlocked new data located inside in iPhone backup file on the hard drive.

      A U.S. Attorney in Delaware is considering charging Hunter Biden with crimes, and if he is not charged, the report could lay bare to what extent evidence was not acted upon.


  1. Arrest and charge them ! I pity any stupid sob that tries to stop me from voting. Voter intimidation is not to be tolerated !

    1. With you to the end!
      I pity the fool…whom dares ask me about a goddamn thing concerning my vote!!!
      Give no quarter!!!
      Vote blue, stay true!!!

  2. What is Youngkin doing with her? Disgraceful. It’s disgusting and outrageous. How dare he! Another traitor.

    1. 1 Republican Governor campaigning with another Republican governor candidate… That is outrageous to you? lmao @ you

    2. I live in Virginia and Youngkin is sooo lucky many Democrats didn’t vote including myself , cause Youngkin didn’t acknowledge Trump

  3. this is why you need to publicly and humiliatingly debunk purveyors of conspiracy theories. don’t just dismiss them, dismantle them. just as any hypothesis, it must withstand scrutiny. if it doesn’t hold up, move on.

    that last bit is important. when a hypothesis is tested in court 60 times and fails… you need to listen. move on.

    1. Yes, I think religion, belief in a god or mystical esoteric nonsense should be held to the same standards.

  4. Shouldn’t Glenn Y focus on his own state? I really hate all these clowns. Kari Lake in any other time would be chased out of town.

  5. Republican minded people are entitled to their opinions, but not their despicable behaviours. Get educated and respect others.

  6. Well if the GOP party would stop lying it wouldn’t be an issue!!! Vote blue for Democracy and against corruption 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

  7. I saw a lot of things on November 6, 2020 that troubled me, like mobs of people surrounding state election buildings where ballots were being verified and counted, yelling “Stop the count” in some states and “count every vote” in other states. Some had automatic rifles. All were very physically aggressive.

    1. Vote and don’t be afraid of these clowns. Women take a man with you. To the real men do not be intimated and go with your game face on.

  8. “People who believe pathologically lying, corrupt former presidents and their allies, will commit atrocities. ”

    ~ Voltaire

  9. Someone harassing you and photographing information to track you down? Ask them for their ID. Fair is fair, and you have a right to photograph their ID. Stand up to the bully, don’t just wilt.

  10. If they are doing it within 75 feet they’re in violation. Drop boxes have surveillance and a Live feed can be viewed by the public from the County website. No need for people to be intimidated.

  11. US Marshalls should also start hanging out at election drop boxes. This will keep people from hanging out there to intimidate voters.

  12. I understand that trying to talk to a Trumper is like pissing in the wind! Still Hobbs needs to be seen. She should respond instead of react, keep her answers simple and truthful and I believe she can turn people who are looking for guidance and not drama to the polls. GO BLUE!

  13. Lake is too aggressive and Hobbs doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of all the ridiculous conspiracy theories with her. Lake is a nut case and very threatening. Arizona may turn blue so I think Hobbs is going to be ok as long as she doesn’t underestimate Lake

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