Voting Restriction Bill Is ‘A Solution In Search Of A Problem’ 1

Voting Restriction Bill Is ‘A Solution In Search Of A Problem’


Nearly 300 Texas residents showed up to the state Capitol yesterday to voice their opinions on the state's fight over voting rights. Democratic State Representative Rafael Anchia joins Ali Velshi to discuss what’s going on behind the scenes in Texas’ special legislative session and to call out his Republican colleagues who don’t accept that “our Republican Secretary of State called this election safe, secure and successful.”

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  1. Just make a straight up legal voting system and hang the people caught cheating. A stolen election is stolen freedom.

    1. MSNBC, there’s NO VOTING RESTRICTIONS!! We’re all trying to prevent CHEATING BY YOU DEMOCRATS.

    2. @walter yew You can not enlighten them. They have been too well educated for their own intellegence. They believe that they did not cheat. It is ok to change voting rule s and regs and go around state constitutions. They believe and teach, that they did not. They did.

    3. Exactly, they’re trying to tell us that there was no discrepancies, no fraud, no state voting laws broken when it is plain fact that it did, not just in 2020, although that was the worst but each election leading up to it has been progressively worse. Widespread fact cannot be hidden for long. When people finally see the facts and ignore it they have still accepted them and then it’s themselves they have to reason with and why they refused to look at the facts when they where originally presented.

    1. You ever think maybe he has been bailed out a bunch of time and everytime you get arrested your bail goes up. To call it a mistake is insane. He didn’t know the law? No one told him the law? You believe that? He got caught doing something illegally and for the news to say he was eligible to vote, oh except for that one thing that made it illegible.

    2. @Kim Watson no I don’t think that about bail because I know that’s not how it works in reality. He most likely didn’t know the law regarding prior convictions and voting anymore than u do. Voting illegally is not a high priority crime. U think any sensible person would intentionally risk fine and/or imprisonment just to be able to cast a vote??

    1. They already found just over 10 thousand fraudulent ballots cast by people who don’t even live in Georgia. From their audit that isn’t even finished yet.

    2. @Sweet Potato Gamer You do know that they have already came out and said the ballots werent fraudulent. They are ballots cast by military personnel overseas. Anyone in the military that has ever voted while overseas can attest that the ballots arent the same as what you get here in the states. I mean if your going to audit an election shouldnt the audit be conducted by people that actually understand our elections and ballot process.

    3. @Susie Dupuy I’m well aware, I was just giving an example of the evidence that they are not looking at.

    1. @Miiko Jackson The candidate that wanted to abolish police was gaining but they all dropped once the test votes got removed.

    1. @Dee Wynn Guess whose in charge of their districts voting along with where, when and how many machines are used. If it’s happening in Democrats areas then that’s on them.

    2. @Michael Jean Baptiste You’re a yahoo. Just listen to any MSM DNC media outlets, every Democrat primary, every talking point is race race race. You must not have signal in that cave you live in.

    1. @Liz D there is no question i watched the senate hearing… you obviously did not. i watched the fbi admit to lying about almost all of it… anyways change the topic no. im responding about the russian collusion claim you made above

      Liz D
      19 minutes ago
      @Dularr Voting in person will stop Republicans from purging eligible voters and removing polling stations? How will it do that, pray tell?

      Isn’t it odd how there was actual Russian penetration of the election in 2016 but you didn’t hear a peep about preventing voter fraud back then? now you think im stupid bc you are not getting my point… the left SCREAMMMEDDDDD FRAUD all the way to a sham impeachment over fraud… they were responsible for the 2016 fraud by weaponizing the fbi to go after a sitting president… but na we didnt hear a peep about it bc the left was getting caught red handed… thats whats funny.

    2. @Liz D the clinton foundation PAID for the fake dossier from christopher steele who works with russians to find FAKE evidence on trump. that really proves alot about who russia was helping huh??

  2. Lol, that’s logical. I suppose I shouldn’t lock my door either because I’m not aware of anyone ever trying to get into my house.

    1. And they’re not even right about it being “in search of a problem.” The problem is that the democrats are trying to pass HR-1 “For the People Act” which, among other things, makes it so that in any state with an ID requirement, you can instead sign something swearing that you are who you say you are as a replacement for needing ID. No verification of this is done, just you saying “I swear I’m John Doe.” and if you lie, they can’t even track you down because they never verified you in the first place. That’s why states are making these bills, they’re trying to get ahead of the Democrat’s plans to make it so you don’t need ID to register, to vote, unlimited ballot harvesting allowed, and make it illegal to spread information saying that a federal election was fraudulent.

    2. Logical thought is a sin to a democrat. Their lips move before their brain has a chance to think.

    3. But what if the criminals are POC? Shouldn’t you give them every opportunity to take the things you worked for decades to get?

    1. @Adrian Fuentes evidently it’s hard for you to tell the TRUTH since it’s not about ID fool. but your kind LOVES to strawman that argument because it’s one you believe you can win. go read the law proposed traitor, then get back to me how much of it concerns ID mmkay liar?

    2. @Joe Dead That whole “snowflake” thing really hit you guys hard, didn’t it? I mean, why else would progressives be trying to turn it back on conservatives in a (sort of) grown-up “I know you are but what am I” manner? One shouldn’t take things to heart so much.

    3. @Jonathan LeBlanc who uses snowflake still? Oh yeah old people. Lmao you Chad’s be hilarious.

  3. Okay, so you need a valid ID to get a concealed weapon permit. It requires background checks, college ids are not valid for alcohol or tobacco, because………… that argument is asinine and he knows it. He just counts on people being ignorant to his verbal judo. You are.

    1. Did you notice that none of the things you listed are your rights…and you are bragging about how little freedom you have because?

    2. @Colin Devick 2A is a right buddy. Maybe not in whatever shithole of a city you live in, but it’s #2 on the bill of rights. Also why does every other country need an id when voting?

  4. The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.
    Vladimir Lenin

    1. @Joey Ruggiero It doesn’t matter at this point. The constant denials, lack of thorough investigations and half-assed attempts at debunking have failed to convince half the population and permanently undermined the populations faith in our elections.

    2. @wpl Good Point well said. Actually the number is exactly 1317 in the past 30 years and most of them are mistakes.

    3. It’s funny that so many of you are ignoring the roughly 100k cases of voter fraud last year. It’s astounding that with a straight face you can ignore it.

  5. No one is restricting a vote. It’s the voter integrity bill. You know, integrity, that thing journalists are supposed to have?

  6. Why does it bother you so much for accountability. Just watch! There’s all kinds of proof, it’s going to be funny

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