Voting Rights Activist: There Should Not Be A Recess With The Vote Under Attack 1

Voting Rights Activist: There Should Not Be A Recess With The Vote Under Attack


Voting rights remain in the balance as Texas Democrats continue their bold fight to battle voter suppression in their state, while promoting the passage of voting rights legislation in D.C. Texas St. Rep. Jasmine Crockett and voting rights activist LaTosha Brown join Joy Reid to discuss.
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  1. The last desperate act of the dead GOP is to ram through laws wherein they can set aside the vote, and simply install whomever they choose…

    1. Soooo, HOW are YOU ensuring undocumented individuals and DEAD people DO NOT VOTE???
      I became a naturalized citizen to have the privilege to vote.

    2. @Cookin Breakfast So you don’t think that the dead should be removed from voter rolls? And that illegals should be able to vote?

    1. @FAFO
      Now time for trump “The Chosen One” to get arrested for all of his sexual assaults on all 47 of his victims. Oh and that little matter of rap!ng a 13 yr old with his buddy Epstn

  2. If our Washington Senators do not act on voter rights they should no longer be in power or Schumer should step down from majority leadership and be replace by Bob Menendez!

    1. 🆘 CNN Fake news liberal Joy Reid, Republicans aren’t killing blacks but Democrats are because they fund Planned Parenthood who kills innocent helpless black babies by abortion every day and that’s a fact.

  3. If she was a real voting rights activist she’d be talking about Cuba or North Korea where voting is not only actually under attack, it’s nonexistent since elections are illegal.

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