Voting Rights Activists Vow To Be Relentless In Their Fight 1

Voting Rights Activists Vow To Be Relentless In Their Fight


A day after being arrested at the U.S Capitol, voting rights activists met with Vice President Kamala Harris. LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, says, “Black and Brown voters are being targeted in these communities but the impact of that will not just impact Black voters or democratic voters, it will actually undermine democracy for all of us.”
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  1. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. @Auntie Pha lol. funny. You must bve a troll to care that little about those civil rights abuses.

    2. @Auntie Pha Antifa just fought to put a dem establishment liberal fascist in power. How those free tuitions working out for ya? Way to go dope.

  2. John Lewis is looking down, smiling on your efforts, LaTosha. The GOP is backed into a corner, knowing Senate Democrats are seriously considering a filibuster “carve out” to pass the bill named after the Voting Rights ICON.

    1. All told over 150 Americans of all races, ages and backgrounds exercised their right to vote. – Joe Biden


  3. You’re a lovely singer. And I love the tunes you share. Best wishes from a wee Scottish lassie.

    1. I just found out I have some Scottish heritage. I just got back from a Scottish festival and found my family clan. I’d love to visit Scotland someday. Stay safe and healthy. Love from America 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❤️

  4. Talking about Fulton County, the country that has been exposed as a total mess by the Favorito lawsuit. In fact the secretary of state new it in November.

  5. Voting rights were hard-won with several deaths and riots and I don’t think the blacks and other non-whites are going to give that up easily without a fight.

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