Voting Rights And Biden Agenda Imperiled By Joe Manchin 1

Voting Rights And Biden Agenda Imperiled By Joe Manchin


Voting rights legislation, the filibuster, and the Biden domestic agenda all seem to hang in the balance on the vote of one member of Biden's own party: West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses that with Ashley Parker and Anna Palmer.
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  1. the feds have no right to take away state rights to run their state. we are a constitutional republic. ID should be required.

    1. @Jared L You obviously never learned how to research facts. Every document on the subject shows exactly how much each state sends the federal government and how much they get back. It’s not too difficult to look up. I’m sure even you can do it.

    2. @R C NY’s state top income tax(if you make 25 Million or more)is 10.9%. We paid the Feds 18 billion more than we got back the last 3 years. Of the top income producing states(hint they are mostly Democratic states) left the union the rest of the country would be bankrupt. Go do some research if you disagree. Yup In terms of taxes I’m for lower taxes and not adverse to a flat tax(depends on the rates) I’m also for a VAT tax. That said, I do t think companies like GE should pay zero taxes. In 1952 corporations paid 32% of all taxes now it’s 6.6%…guess who has picked up the slack? The middle class.

    3. @D William That negative balance of payments in the Northeast is driven by the large concentration of high-income residents. Not by any evil plot. You want to earn that money then you have to pay the taxes on it. I know how that works with the IRS when I earned X dollars and the IRS took 1/2 of it.

    4. @D William Florida has a balanced budget and would not go bankrupt. Also, unlike CA and NY, our retirement system has money in it to where I think at last count, could pay 85% of everyone who is covered the full amounts due. And this year, I think it will be near 90%. When i retired, they had enough money in the system to cover 16 years without a penny more being put in.We don’t get high wages but we get it back in retirement. What SS was supposed to do.

    1. Don’t watch. Are you too stupid to figure that out. If you don’t like the station or the guy don’t watch. why is that hard for your brain?

    2. @Doug Buse watch your trigger mr Lib!
      some Americans assume since the press gets special advantages cuz their second ammendment clause, that we deserve TRUTH. What a concept huh Doug?

  2. LIE: Your helicopter was shot down
    LIE: You were there when the Berlin Wall came down
    LIE: You flew into the Middle East with the seal team that killed bin Laden

    1. @BlondeGirlSez This Cool. So cool.
      Show me a 5 minute long clip of Trump saying things and point out the lies.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This what’s that, Tubby? You’re going to sack a bakery? , don’t choke on a strudel again!

    3. @BlondeGirlSez This I’m sure you know all about gas after that second lap band surgery. I hear you can clear a high school gymnasium in two toots! Don’t blow the doors off that old Pinto youre driving, your bigness!

  3. Remember when you lied remember when you faves on national television and that’s why you’re no longer with your other company you’re with this company you don’t remember

    1. President Joe Manchin and VP. Sinema have spoken.. No infrastructure, voting rights, democratic policies or police reform without their approval… Biden’s presidency is officially over.. Our Government is Broken!!

    2. @Jason Milton Yes exactly but remember when everybody said that they had to vote for Joe Biden because it was our democracy depended on it now everybody is realizing that Joe Biden does not care about our democracy he cares about lining the pockets of rich people like his predecessor before him and that predecessor before that guy and so on and so forth it’s been broken since the 80s matter fact since Kennedy was killed but who am I I mean think about it bro Joe Biden has put more black people in jail single-handedly than any other politician and he was supposed to be the black people Savior it’s truly laughable for anybody to enter That Joe Biden truly cared about our country

  4. The imaginary “rights” that are handed out by the government to sheep that asked for it. Lol.

    1. @Johnny Quest61 The Constitution delegates the management election procedures to the states. No states are taking away the right to vote. In at least some cases, if not all, the states in question are passing more generous voting laws than some deep blue states. My own state has far stricter voting requirements and I’ve not heard anyone complain about it.

      In case you didn’t notice, there was a real crisis of confidence in a significant portion of the population after the last election. The obvious response is for the appropriately delegated election authorities (states) to make an attempt to ensure that future elections are more secure and transparent. The Democrats and mainstream media have taken the opposite tack. They claimed, ‘nothing to see here’ and refused to investigate or report on it while their big tech puppets blocked and de-platformed people for ‘thoughtcrime’. And now they’re actively attempting to discredit and block state attempts to improve security and transparency. I don’t like the direction Republicans have pivoted on a number of important issues, but a lot of progressives seem to be going full-on Orwellian.

    2. @Sean Winters I don’t think that’s true. If most illegals and non-citizens voted Republican, I guarantee the Dems would be fighting it tooth and nail.

    3. @Johnny Quest61 your argument falls apart after you bring up the leftist narrative that states are restricting the ability to vote. If the leftist logic held true, there would be no traffic laws. Not allowing poorly maintained trucks prevents some from driving. Making people register their vehicles will restrict some drivers. No fair. Why have rules and laws at all? They are unfair to those who choose not to follow them, and that is unfair to those who choose not to follow laws.
      Election laws are needed to ensure fair elections. If you have a problem with that. Move to north Korea or China and enjoy “fair” elections.

    4. @Matt W you, sir, are a commendable American. Thank your for making sense! We need more people like you. Both sides have problems, but a lot of people these days say, “these representatives are of my party, they cant have done this.” It shouldn’t matter your relations to people, when they have done something wrong. The right keeps talking about the stolen election, and I agree that fraud happened, but that doesn’t mean Biden won due to fraud. He is in we cant do anything about him being Potus now, but we can make sure people have faith in the integrity of voting.

    5. @Johnny Quest61 I would suggest that you go back and read the Constitution again. The Feds are taking more powers than granted them under the Constitution. Election rules are not one granted them.

  5. Remember a few weeks back when Dems/MSN were calling Cheney brave for doing the same thing, weird how that works.

    1. @Shawn M that lie isn’t a lie. Why did Manafort give a Russian stooge voter information? Proved by FBI and CIA in court records. So you want to live under Russian rule? Because if you are okay with Russian help then you are anti American. When was it allowed that Russia inference is legal. Oh right it isn’t? So maybe Trump is innocent but Manafort and Gates are quilty.

    2. @Titoscudd why is it okay the minority party, Republicans, actually represent 60 million less people then does the Democratic Party? This is a fact…look it up

    3. @DLC Bwahahaha! You claim to have “facts” and then ask me to look it up? There is a reason why most state houses and state assemblies across the nation are controlled by Republicans.

      Just because you dominate NY city, Philly, Boston, Atlanta and other coastal cities and have perfected the art of election rigging does not mean that you get to become a dictatorship imposing your preferences on the nation.

  6. If your party depends on 1 seat or 1 guy, dare I say that you don’t have ENOUGH of the country on your side to be DOING what you’re doing? Just a thought.

    1. They have the White House they have the Senate and they have the house if they wanted to give it to you they could they don’t want to give it to you do you really think one man is holding up this vote come on bro not one Republican voted for the relief bill but yet you got it I mean they can give it to you they don’t want to give it to you they’re acting like it’s Joe Manchin it’s all of them.

    2. @William Cooley Actually not even that. 50 GOP, 48 Dems, and 2 Ind. in the Senate. The Dems do not have a legal majority.

  7. When it’s 50 50 every Senator becomes a deciding vote. Gives a lot of leverage to get something for your State.

    1. The old paradigm of “bringing home the bacon” for your state is why government is so broken. The goal of EVERY senator / representative, should be to get the government out of their voters business. How many elected officials actually fight to limit the government intrusion into their voters lives? Rand Paul… Ted Cruz… Tim Scott… Maybe one or two others. The ONLY thing we need from the federal government, is a reduced burden on the taxpayers.

  8. The future of our democracy is only at risk because of election fraud. They aren’t restricting voting rights to anyone. If you need an ID to buy a beer, then I damned sure want people to present an ID to vote.

    1. In Arizona there is a Dentist with a last name so rare they are the only person in the USA with that name. Yet ADT investigators have found that in the 2020 selection 3,500 B@llots were cast from people with that last name. Yes. they are now looking at tens of thousands of ultra rare last names to cross reference how many B@llots were submitted using them.

  9. Centralization of power contrary to the intent of the Constitution imperiled by Joe Manchin….I need to call & thank him

  10. Mr Potato Head is on tour. Listen to the media laud his wonderful virtues, and heap sacarine praise upon his astonishing majesty. I know I’m in awe. Aren’t you?

    1. President Joe Manchin and VP. Sinema have spoken.. No infrastructure, voting rights, democratic policies or police reform without their approval… Biden’s presidency is officially over.. Our Government is Broken!!

    2. When the results of the AZ ADT and other states right past wrongs. Mr. Potato Head is going to have to climb on his helicopter for the last time very soon.

    3. @Jason Milton No, government is not broken. All that is just proof that our government is working exactly as it was intended to.

  11. Voting rights give me a break anyone can vote who wants to – but the progressive elites want everyone to vote including : non citizens, minors, dead people (substitutes ) ..hence no verification, no registration, just so they can make the poor suckers believe they really care about “them” while they live in the east and west coast enclaves / gated communities and maintain there power..

  12. No one is imperiling voting rights by requiring IDs you absolute muppets, also if this was Romney breaking ranks you’d be lavishing him with praise.

  13. Why is having an ID to vote not a standard thing? lol. ID for driver’s license, ID for cigarettes, beer, ID to get into high school football games, ID when you go to the Drs office….I mean, this argument is ridiculous.

    1. Without ID requirements a person could request a B@llot in Brian William’s name and vote all GOP up and down and submit it.

      REMEMBER THEY HAVE TO TURN EVERYTHING INTO RACISM! Ever since Obama came into office it’s been racism accusations ever since. First “Black President” divides the country!!

    3. That is the LEAST of what is in these crazy voting laws, I would suggest you educate yourselves before commenting. You already have to show ID.

  14. Cheney break with Trump: “what a hero”
    Manchin breaks with Democrats: “he’s endangering Democracy.”

    Fortunately we are beyond critical mass for the great awakening. You will all be held accountable.

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