Voting Rights Are Being Restored For Millions Of Former Felons | MSNBC

Activist Desmond Meade calls it the “Juneteenth Effect.” States across the country have been expanding access to voting rights for formerly incarcerated persons – but most of them don’t know their voting rights have been restored. Meade tells Alicia Menendez, “It reminds me of the story where the slaves in Galveston did not realize they were free until two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.”

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Voting Rights Are Being Restored For Millions Of Former Felons | MSNBC


  1. If you’re an American and you are of age, you should be able to vote, freely and unhampered by anyone else… It’s your right … End of…

    1. More gibberish. There’s nothing wrong with our election process. Cry harder, you’re really good at it.

    2. @CShield denial can lead to perminent mental disorders. Dont let your narcissistic tendencies get in the way of facts.

    3. That’s great princess. I’m not reading your crybaby drivel anymore, you’re boring. Vote, don’t vote…up to you.

  2. The GOP has been manipulating the system for decades as it now doing, making it harder to vote and
    gerrymandering. The voting restrictions in AZ upheld by corrupt supreme court judges is disgusting.
    The GOP have been selling themselves to rich people and corporations for too long.

    1. What exacly was restricted in the AZ supreme court decision other then the constitution, After all the job of a supreme court is to decided if something is constitutional or not, So does constitutional mean restrictive to democrats

  3. “Arrest minorities for non-violent crimes like drug possession, then take away their voting rights. It will save us the trouble of having to suppress their votes when they get out.” – republican strategy

    1. @Russell Jordan whether it was aimed at them or not it shouldn’t be allowed to pass. SCOTUS was dead wrong on this one

    2. @Barbara Ann that was my point it wasnt aimed at them and if you brought it up that way mentioning its everyones problem they may be in even bigger support of opposing it.

  4. The only people in my life ive ever heard say they wanted more restrictions on voting or disqualifying people from voting were republican. I wonder why.

    1. @Kevin Nelson you’re entitled to your opinion. Wrong or not you are allowed your opinion

    2. @Jock Young i not only believe it ive watched you both do it. Did you think we were all blind?

    3. @Hugh Jorgan No they love laws and forcing free people to adhere to the hive mind set, what they hate is being responsible for their own actions, Get pregnant have an abortion, didnt save for college just have tax payers foot the bill, Afraid of covid just make everyone else wear a mask, Create a high crime inner-city culture blame racism, Everything they do is either to escape consequence or pinthe consequences on someone else, i hear white male republicans are a trending target these days

    4. @Detritiv0re ya leftist propaganda is usually great satire then it swaps to terrifyingly insane. They dont have a inbetween.

  5. The people of FLA voted by 65% – to allow people to VOTE and have a 2nd chance at Democracy:)…

  6. The “bad ones” really don’t give a dam about voting, that’s not what their gig is… and the ‘good ones’ are stupidly prevented from being completely reformed. Who is served by that? The prison industrial complex?

  7. Back in the day we had News stations. Now days we only have Propaganda Pushers with weather. 💯

  8. So TRUMP and his clan should not be afraid they won’t be able to vote in the future!

  9. All you Mexicans who are here illegally can vote in our election as well. The democraps are counting on it.

  10. Get em registered ,and don’t pay that hateful voter suppression mess no mind, just keep on moving forward,we are the Majority

  11. sometimes this like button needs to be capable of counting in multiples…

    because that was worth about a 1000, thanks!!

  12. Psssst , hey Florida…. NOT ALL FELONS ARE RETHUGLICONS !! It won’t increase your supply of corrupt thugs in the party of HATE ! BIDEN/HARRIS 2024

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