Voting Rights Bill Fails To Advance: Schumer Says 'We Will Not Let It Go." 1

Voting Rights Bill Fails To Advance: Schumer Says ‘We Will Not Let It Go.”


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer admonishes Senate Republicans after they united to filibuster the motion to advance the voting rights bill. 

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    1. @Erik Anderson Funny that two people liked your comment. It proves my point, that when liberals say something……other liberals just blindly believe it. What the bill actually says is that in Federal elections, if a person claims they have no ID, they can sign a statement (under penalty of perjury) that they are who they say they are and that they are eligible to vote. After doing so, they get to vote with no ID. Maybe you better read the bill……again….LOL.

    2. @Rodger Arnold I bet you are the type
      of person who would argue the physical insurrection was not a power grab. You far right loons should all just emigrate to Russia.

    3. I’m willing to say there should be debate about voter ID – what is an acceptable requirement, and what is too disproportionately burdensome on certain communities? Republicans voted against having that debate. S1 also gets rid of gerrymandering and addresses dark money in politics. Again, there are potential First Amendment issues here THAT SHOULD BE DEBATED!!! Republicans refused even to discuss the matter. What is the balance we should strike between making voting accessible via online registration, mail-in-voting, etc and making it secure? The GOP won’t have that conversation.

      Republican lawmakers have showed their hand. If they thought their position on these issues was reasonable and justified, they wouldn’t have refused to debate like the guilty cowards they all are.

    1. @Alan Hirschenhofer II Did you forget about the Russian collusion slander which was fabricated by the democrats, basically suggesting that the 2016 election was stolen with the help of a foreign aid? Did you forget that Hillary Clinton explicitly said that “They stole the election”. You are a sheep of the highest order. Don’t pretend otherwise.

    2. @KH010 Sigh, ok cool, I think y’all are in love with Hilary. Read the Mueller report objectively and get back to me when you see the facts.

    1. Who told you That Rachel Madcow ? Or Chris “Fredo” Cuomo ? How about Don Le Mon ! Did he hear that and repeat it at Rainbow Club meeting ? Then it must be true !

    2. @Steve Sanzari If that’s your thinking then it will surprise you to know that he said it during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News last Wednesday!

  1. The 55 large corporations that paid $0 in federal
    corporation income taxes in 2020 spent $450 MILLION on lobbying and
    political contributions in recent years !

    1. Yeah! With all the racist, rightwing, doom and gloom, lying and cheating, dystopian republicans leading the country, we’re headed down the tubes just like Rome, and for the same reasons.

    2. @larry taylor says the Man Who’s Party started and Still are Racist Today ! Problem is you have No respect for Blacks and think they are Uneducated by saying things like Schumer said that they don’t Drive so they don’t have a Valid Drivers License ! , Biden Saying they are not great Entrepreneurs because they dont have Lawyers or Accountants ? Really ?

  2. Forget this idea of debate or bi partisanship. When are the dems going to get it in their thick skull?

    1. @Crimdor Well you see I studied US politics and history when I was at University and I’ve maintained an interest ever since. The lunacy of your recent political events has put my country at risk, as well as many others.

  3. Use your power Democrats.
    Stop talking about what you’re going to do. Do it, then talk about it.

    1. @suziestube brown I got off fakebook because I was death threatened constantly by leftist and nothing was done even after turning over the evidence. I never ran into much rhetoric from the other side.

    2. @MrLobo1776 Have never been on FB. Sorry this happened to you. I have found trump supporters to be vulgar and make instant personal attacks before logical debate. Sad how this has become the norm.

  4. If the GOP wants to enact all these new “election integrity” laws, then they should be willing to publicly debate it.

    1. @Bryan You obviously haven’t seen the polls on this bill buddy A MAJORITY of Americans want this bill passed!

    2. @Ron White THis country is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. Nowhere in the constitution is the word democracy or any form of it… Educate yourself on the difference… look into what the founders had to say about democracy.

    3. @Grateful Fredly the republicans are trying to restrict voting rights on the Democrats. Easy enough to figure out with all that I’ve said. Please go back and read

  5. The Koch network always gets what it wants. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and yes, even Joe Manchin, all make sure of that.

    1. @N 827 I see what you did there! You’re taking the cheating from Trump and you’re projecting it on Biden, who did not cheat at all. Have you heard the do9j memos released of all the ways Trump was trying to get them involved go to six different states and throw out their votes, just because he said so? Someone needed to tell him he ran a business; this is government; government is not a business.
      That is why he is now under 29 investigations. If the devil’s best worker had just stayed a ‘businessman’, he could have continued his life of corruption and grifting that he’s done since the 70s.

    2. @Steve Sanzari I have a grasp on reality! Sorry you don’t. My candidate won by 8 million votes! Unfortunately the other guy leads a cult and he keeps telling them that he won even though he didn’t! But because they are in the cult, that go along with whatever he tells them. How silly! Who believes a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? Pathological Liars LIE!

    3. The Democrats should be able to cheat again with “Vote w/o proof of ID”, “Bloated Voter Rolls”, “Ballots Harvesting” and “Voting by non-citizens”

    4. @Joke Biden Your problem is you believe a pathological liar. FYI pathological liars LIE! The fact that Trump is 75 years old and cannot accept reality, that he lost an election fair and square, is disturbing!
      Remember the fix has been in since July when he said “the only way I would lose is by fraud”
      If he had done a better job, he would have been reelected!

    1. the gop are anti poor, anti black, anti brown, anti women, anti voting rights , anti gun control… pro money pro power pro white old man. f the gop.

    2. @Iron-Curtain-ASAP and They ALL Know That we Have a Weak corrupt Mental Case in the Whitehouse named Joe Biden ! But thank God Hunters doing Well Getting pay for Play money to help the old Man out ! Now he is an Artist ! How quaint !

    3. @Steve Sanzari Joe Biden has more integrity in his little finger than Trump, a one- term, twice -impeached president, who stole from his own charity and scammed gullible young students, who registered at his fake university.

    1. @Macdonald Maurice W/o id, how can you tell the voter is a legit citizen and eligible to vote?????

    2. @aussie jim I have been thinking about moving to Australia but I hear so much about the large and/or poisonous creatures there. is that an over exaggeration ? how many critters have you come in contact with.

    3. @Joke Biden How about any of the following?
      1) Birth certificate.
      (In accordance with 14th. Amendment of the US Constitution.)
      2) Place of work with pay slip.
      3) Union membership number.
      4) Address on Utility bills.
      5) Marriage Licence.
      6) Passport.
      7) Drivers Licence.
      8) Military Discharge papers.
      9) Social Security Card/Number.
      10) Deed of Property ownership.
      11) Doctor and/or Hospital records.
      12) Health Insurance Card – ‘Medicare’.
      13) Voter’s Registration Notification.
      14) W-2 wage and tax statement.
      15) Membership Card of any Professional Organization.
      How about any or several of the above?

  6. How many more situations like this have to happen before we the people throw the filibuster into the dustbin of history?

    1. @Ron WhiteSince when are “working class americans” working for minimum wage? You’re talking about the uneducated poor workers.

    2. @Johnny Ireland theres a reason why Bernie was defeated in the primaries…single payer healthcare would cost every taxpayer about 10 to 12k in higher taxes every year. People might consider it, except the open borders policy of Democrats makes it a non starter. No one wants to pay $20k per household to pay for other peoples healthcare who dont contribute. No one in their right mind is going to vote for that.

    3. @anthony craddolph Why? So Democrats can stay in power for ever? Only one Party rules over everything forever like Communist China???

    4. @anthony craddolph Democrats have used the filibuster so many times it isn’t even funny. They used it every single time on every single issue they needed it on when it benefited them. Now when it’s not benefiting them on their agenda, they’ve become hypocrites and say it should be disposed of. Why is this? Why was it fine when they needed it against Republicans but now it’s not fine when Republicans used it on them. Can you answer that intelligently???

    1. It took Nancy over a month to announce she will launch a House investigation into January 6th Insurrection Day. Not that it exists and they have met. But that she’s GOING to put one together. Are we sure Democrat leaders are really on our side? They dragged their feet and let lots of time pass. Are they now done with thinking we can do anything bipartisan? Republicans are killing our democracy!

    2. @Joyce Duncan DEM,s are useless bunch just talk talk talk only , no guts to take bold action , meow meow ppl

    3. @jimbo karan Totally agree with you. Republicans bring knives to a fight. Dems bring feathers. Ridiculous! Look at how much time has been wasted!

    1. Yep..we the people whose vote was stolen will never forget the massive fraud the dems organised to blatantly steal an election that they knew they would never win honestly…

  7. But they can pass laws on protecting Dogs and cats,Driving an auto through a crowd of protesters and there’s good folks on both sides

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