Voting Rights Front And Center on 58th Anniversary of March on Washington 1

Voting Rights Front And Center on 58th Anniversary of March on Washington

On the 58th anniversary of the March on Washington, demonstrators have once again taken to the streets to push for action on voting rights. Judith Browne Dianis, Advancement Project National Office Executive Director and Dean Obeidallah, MSNBC Daily columnist join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss what they’re pushing for and how passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act is more important now than ever. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Voting Rights Front And Center on 58th Anniversary of March on Washington


  1. Negative people are bad enough but negative people who never have any solutions these politicians have to go

    1. @Oh My Oh my why are they forcing their beliefs on us? Get your shot or dont. Then stfu it’s pretty simple

    2. @Tromso Prefect wait, they have taken every other vaccine. So how are they “antivaccers”? Please explain how you get to that argument.

    3. @Brandon Gadles I see plenty of people who refuse to get a covid vaccine whine about “tyranny” when their work requires it or adds a surcharge to their medical premiums for those who refuse to get it. Thousands of unvaccinated are dying everyday and costing our economy and healthcare systems great harm.

    4. @Tromso Prefect So are you going to demand fat people be put on diets? Funny how the vaccinated are so afraid of unvaccinated. Its like they don’t even trust the vaccine. Isreal has over 80% population vaccinated and half the infected are vaccinated.

    1. Lol I remember telling people years back that noone cares about us native Americans until it is convenient to care…

      Well here we are… suing the state of South Dakota for failing to register some tribal residents while people cry about racism in regards to black people and IDs.

      Lol yeah sure….. remind me again why one side actively tries to make sure people CANNOT vote?

    2. @Ana Lara lmao are you suggesting black people are too poor to afford an ID when the vast majority have IDs? Why do you look down upon “blac” people like they’re a helpless puppy and always need your help??

    3. @Ana Lara Wow.. what a racist thing to say about black people.. Btw, I was once a refugee in this country and even I can afford an ID because it’s free.

  2. Remember folks, it doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts them.
    We relearned that lesson 8 months ago.

  3. Fake news, Americans have voting rights . We need counting votes reform . Have proof of legal citizenship and you can vote

    1. …..the amount of legal citizens greatly trumos the amount of “illigal” citizens. Those notes would hardly make a difference. You are the main one suffering from fake news lol

  4. Imagine voting for a man who basically said black people are to stupid to use the internet and to get an I.D.

    1. @Justin Webb Biden’s approval is 38%. You’re delusional. Just like Obama who had a 42% approval when he left and then Trump won. Except Trump will win again. Keep calling the voting laws racist you’re screwed hahahaha

    2. @Justin Webb no when I saw swing and democrat states pushing mail in ballots and relaxed voting laws I was worried about rigging. Now you’re worried and calling the laws racist hahahaha

    3. @Justin Webb this is Trump Country boy, Southerns rule this land. Our Military is 80% from the South, Choke on that one.

  5. Democrats can go all the way to DC to protest but they can’t find their way to their voting voting machine!!!!

    1. @Janie Buck Why is that a horrible thing to say. We need to welcome all opinions in a political debate.

    2. @New Beginnings Any statement that is based in reality and objective truth is not only hateful, it directly offends those who are not as mentally capable as the rest of society. Try to be more sensitive next time bub.

    1. Nor is it hard to understand that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent. Too bad so many people have been fooled into believing the contrary.

    1. @Sincerely yours, it won’t happen.. this is the beginning of the end of our republic. The default state of any government is absolute power and with the help of the “free” media it is absolutely inevitable. I’ve lost all hope…

  6. These new laws are not restrictive, they are common sense solutions to ensure that Democrats will have a more difficult time committing voter fraud in future elections. The so-called voter rights movement and the bill in DC is just a Democrat Party power move to ensure future election success through massive future voting fraud.

  7. Pointless pot stirring….need an ID to buy super glue from Walmart so yeah get an ID to do something important like voting. Every complaint against ID is ridiculous and pointless. Get up,get dressed,get your ID,and go vote. No one is stopping you. Shame on MSNBC.

    1. This is a perfect litmus test, if people refuse to listen to the facts of this bill then they are lost souls.
      Unfortunately my father says this bill restricts voting access, I’ll see what mental gymnastics he goes through when I explain to him that Delaware’s voting laws are many times more restrictive than Texas’s could ever dream of.

  8. If I have to show ID *to buy compressed air at Rite Aid,* then you can be made to show ID to vote! Grow up already!

    1. @Mike Sims You are calling out your own party. The Republicans are the ones promoting the big lie. 60+ court cases have found no voting fraud, but your party claims that their new voter suppression bills will remedy what? The Trump cult followers are trying hard to force an alternative reality down our throats. Get a life! We will never accept these fraudulent bills! Never!!

  9. Can we just burn every “identity” flag so that everyone will have to pick the American flag when they go and protest?

  10. Democrats: Vaccine card AND an ID to get into a grocery store.
    Democrats: asking for ID to vote is racist.

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