VP Harris: ‘Enough is enough’ after Texas school shooting | USA TODAY

Hours after a mass shooting at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, Vice President Kamala Harris pleads with lawmakers to end gun violence.

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  1. Perfect example on why you don’t hire/vote based on skin color or gender. What an embarrassment.

    1. @Political Legacy Not a Republican, but nice try though 😉
      Say whatever want to cope hun; but the reality is that statistically, there’s a trend of people leaving one side to vote for the other, and it definitely doesn’t favor Democrats. ✌️

    2. @Anne Onymous yes and I have seen some of the worst of it in my lifetime. Beyond sad even.

  2. Not even a moment of silence. Just shut up. … jumps right on policy. So sorry for theses poor babies and their families. There are no words

  3. Ah yes, never let a tragedy go to waste right? Like every problem, this can be solved with more government power! If only murder was illegal….

    1. That sounds like an emotional reaction. I’m sure you are very broken hearted and upset and I hope you seek recovery and healing.

  4. I’m praying for those families that lost a loved it truly heart felt. It sickens me to hear her and the other politicians use a tragedy to get what they want, no remorse felt for those families. Im a veteran and a cop and I see a lot of sickness in this world. That’s wrong with Society today no one is held accountable or takes responsibility for there actions it’s always someone else’s fault. If guns truly kill people then pencils truly make me misspell words.

    1. You and your brothers in arms should not be so neglected and cheated after sacrificing so much and you should be providing security to all of these vulnerable and targeted places. How frustrating.

  5. My prayers and tears for those families and the community involved. We do not need a political speech here and now. Give these people time to grieve.

  6. This woman should not be standing there , surprised she didn’t grin during her little speech

  7. We have to have the courage to deal with mental health issues and bring back mental institutions.

  8. Then take the action you SOB! I’m so upset, I don’t understand how this can’t be stopped. As a mother it’s my job to keep them safe right Mrs Vice-president? You lock mothers away for neglect all the time, which I agree with. So can we as s nation lock you away for NEGLECTING US?!?!?!

  9. I’m sick of people playing the blame game… this is not a republican vs democrat issue, this is an issue that affects all of us as a nation.

  10. RIP Victims . these Mass school shooters & spree killers US has a lot to figure out. In the last decade I don’t know how many times I have heard of mass killings due to some pycho having easy access to a gun & every single time it is in the US take the necessary steps or this will happen again & again &again

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