VP Harris Puts Spotlight On Economic Investment in Central America 1

VP Harris Puts Spotlight On Economic Investment in Central America

During Vice President Kamala Harris’s first trip abroad, she highlighted ways the U.S. plans to invest in Central American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras through both the public and private sector. American Voices host Alicia Menendez speaks with Dan Restrepo, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and Tarini Parti, White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, about how investment could help address the root cause of immigration to the southern border.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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VP Harris Puts Spotlight On Economic Investment in Central America


  1. ® *कलयुग है साहेब*
    *यहां “झूठे” को स्वीकार*
    *”सच्चे” का शिकार किया जाता है*

  2. middle and lower-income people are the ones who spend money when they up left and feel secure they spend money so it’s just prudent to create that opportunity for them to grow

  3. What are they calling Investment? Investing in agriculture, sounds like a good investment…As long as their Government, does not proffit from money….In ALL countries USA helps, HELP NEEDS TO GO TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE RICH,[ GOVERNMENT, COMPANIES, AND THEIR POLICE, MILITARY ] …THE WORKING PEOPLE AND FAMILIES…

    1. Our government to begin with is not in charge, the powerful always like to win. Then I am all in as well for protesting the LEFT, problems start at home

  4. God bless Biden/Harris for any good intentions to want to help Central American countries. But I can only pray the money reaches the ppl who really needs help and have the knowledge to create a better future. Corruption is a cancer without a solution. I am very very skeptical. I hope the best for this countries. God bless the United States of America

    1. It would have been rational if the Bible said “God helps those that help themselves”. It applies to every country. One of the problems here is possibly big inflation ahead, because Biden is proposing the largest deficit ratio of all times beating WW 2 record

    2. God bless two corporate war mongers that don’t want to give people healthcare, a living wage, a ubi, and care more about their donor class than regular people, in this country let alone in other counties.
      Politicians, especially career hacks, don’t have good intentions.

  5. What about stopping cities and towns here from buying up farms and building new neighborhoods that’ll just taking away more and more water?.

  6. Lol, then they can be as messed up as us, have poverty rampant and corruption easily available for purchase. What a joke

    1. @robert felts Exactly,Biden’s whole administration has failed us ,
      his administration happens to be the worse of all, can’t picture our country in 4 years , hope you staying safe?

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  8. Just drove down a undersized US interstate full of potholes, exited and saw homeless holding up signs begging for food. How about after we clean our house we go clean up the neighbor’s. The neighbor’s dad will just buy beer if we just give him $$$$.

  9. How can we talk about corruption in other countries when we can’t stop the correction in our own government?

  10. “Political viability of these investments” no worries we’ll send our military into their countries to “Protect american ‘business’ interests”.

  11. Rather than spending our tax dollars in foreign countries While we’re in the midst of a pandemic, a tremendous recession, homelessness and unemployment skyrocketing and inflation upon us, and unhinged spending on woke nonsense… Let’s invest American money in America. To fix our immigration woes Just finish the wall and never again say “surge to the border” like Joe did During the first democrat primary debate.

    You know what? Trump was better at ALL this stuff.

  12. Create a cash pot to additionally steal from . At least the price of heroin will be going down .


  14. VP Harris, the one who didn’t get any votes in the primary, said in 2018.
    “Come loud & hard. Everyone is welcome to come to the USA”.
    Fast forward to the present.
    “Stay away”! “Don’t come”!
    What happened?
    Oh yeah, it’s called political theatre.

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