VP Kamala Harris Touts America's Efforts On Gender Equality | MSNBC 1

VP Kamala Harris Touts America’s Efforts On Gender Equality | MSNBC


VP Harris addressed the Generation Equality Forum on Wednesday, where she called for gender equality. Lauren Leader of All In Together and Tina Tchen of Time's Up join Morning Joe to discuss.

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VP Kamala Harris Touts America's Efforts On Gender Equality | MSNBC


  1. Here’s the Truth: Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did backwards! Ladies you did it better!

  2. Women’s equality is cancelled now that Trans men are winning Beauty Pageants and competing against women in sports.

    1. So thats why Texas is forcing that geneticlly mutated woman to wrestle woman even though she is in all aspects a Man.

  3. I want to see these women cutting the grass, changing the oil and fixing the washing machine. Oh, they hire men or ask their husband. Except I doubt Joe Scarborough could change a flat tire.

  4. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom

    1. I believe it’s a bigger opportunity than movies…. retail or anything like that. Because this is something that almost everyone in the world is required to have, and a crypto-based technology is leading its permanent “digital shift” right now.

    2. Honestly I tell this my friends everyday, it’s good to save money but you gotta have that investing spirit if you really want financial freedom.

    1. “Only 2 genders male and female”. Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t coin this phrase first. Carmillia Clydie King’s book So says an Old Blackwoman to Old Whitemen in Power released in October 2020, no negative reflections on LGBT, just a statement of fact. MTG used the phrase and posted it outside the door of a fellow Congress woman as a bullying tactic against the flag representing LGBT. That the representative placed outside her door, honoring her daughter. Sisters are doing it for themselves is also a sung. Girl power is real my sister and brother. No matter who or what you proclaim to be. We should all be counted as one nation.

  5. Don’t give me this talk about gender equality when the left is the reason a MAN was able to win miss nevada

    1. You’re kidding right?? A MAN won Miss Nevada!??? If it’s true, that’s nuts.
      Edit:. OMG it is true. How insulting to women! Preposterous.

  6. I’m so glad this administration is tackling the gender identity problem! Now I can sleep at night! Thanks Joe!

    1. There are reports now that the vice president office is a hostile work environment for many staff members. This is very troubling.

  7. Yet last week there were no gains in equality according to democrats.
    Just one more example of the two faced nonsense of democrats

    1. Your cap lock is on,stupid. Just tap the key that says cap lock. By the way Biden is a vegetable and Kacklin Kamaltoe is a Kacklin Kamaltoe.

    2. I think we have some major issues brewing right now. We’ve got human rights violations on our southern border, we are facing runaway inflation, international tensions with China and North Korea are increasing with China becoming more belligerent.
      We also have bullying allegations coming out of the White House again to Jo Ann now 20 staff members in VP Kamala Harris’s Office are complaining about a hostile work environment.
      If this was a Trump administration, our hair would be on fire.

    1. India has a lot of nerve…ofc point the finger at someone else for your own failure…wow seems like america doesn’t it…

    2. @Michael Cooper no, you go to court for crimes and laws, after all if you are in charge of a medical organization you must be honest and follow the laws. Hiding effective treatments is medical malfeasance, which is why the Nazi Dr were hung

  8. That’s wrong Kamala. Real and strong Democracy is where every one respects other’s rights. Finally this is the only right way every one will have rights. Root of the Democracy is respect other’s rights. Rights and duty are two sides of a single coin. Once everyone perform their duty to respect other’s rights other side of a coin having rights will appear clearly and this is the truth about real Democracy.

  9. “A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome—ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.”

  10. Letting Cosby out can’t help. Bill should remember something about women,they don’t forget,and they don’t dig being tricked.

    1. Dude we all know he’s not innocent but due process was served because the DA screwed up in 2005. It sucks and it’s wrong but it’s also the same due process that got chauvin convicted so it happens.

  11. Women all over the should be ashamed that this is the one that speaks for you . And didn’t she just say a quote from Trump . Nice ‘ lol

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