W.H. Urges Leaders To Use Available Covid-Relief Funds To Address Crime 1

W.H. Urges Leaders To Use Available Covid-Relief Funds To Address Crime


President Biden holds a meeting with A.G. Garland and local leaders to address the nationwide rise in crime and gun violence.

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W.H. Urges Leaders To Use Available Covid-Relief Funds To Address Crime


  1. It’s really not a good idea to start riling things up in the Caribbean in the middle of hurricane season.

  2. That Omega Variant is gone be a BEAST 10 20 BOOSTERS a year..YEEAAAH !.. … That’s if we ain’t in Great Depression 2.0 or Ww3 by then….They really really wanna get that hi tech fluid into everybody

    1. Everything you mention is true. We are in the process of a Great reset, meaning the 4th industrial Revolution has begun. Say Goodbye to your freedom’s

    1. Or when MLB, to protest voter suppression, crippled POC majority owned businesses in Atlanta

  3. Ok if democrats are against defund the police then give the police back their money.
    Add more cops.

  4. Casually she says well he Biden didn’t take any questions, now just think if it was president trump not taking any questions, IT WOULD BE 24/7 FRONT PAGE NEWS while bashing him and screaming at him. Helloooooo

    1. Imagine Trump slurring his words and saying “im going to get in trouble for answering questions.”
      “What do you want me to do now Nanc”?

  5. All crisis without any solutions. His philosophy it will all go away. Wait until China invades Taiwan. He hasn’t done anything with China shutting down Australia imports to China because backed Taiwan. His handlers are over their heads.

  6. These so called leaders to fight crime are a joke. They’re a prime example of getting a job because of what they are not what they know!

  7. “We can crate all this opportunity and atmosphere for crime and then we can pocket more money from the huge heist we made last year.”

    – Democrat party

  8. Didn’t this channel just run a story saying there was no rise in crime? I thought they attributed it to Republican fear mongering.

  9. The Virus is so deadly we are going to swap its funding with Tearing down statues and underwater finger painting…

  10. So, CONVID really wasn’t/isn’t that big of a deal after all. TOLD YA SO!!!!!!!!!!

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