2. Ukraine has admitted to worse things in 1987. Using government vehicles to carry dead bodies INTO the country.

  1. he didn’t say they he alone took kleshivka , everyone knows that he went in there what’s airborne battalion. You guys need to learn how to report the news without adding your own melodrama. It’s unnecessary just report the news.

  2. As incredible as Germany’s success was in Russia from the summer of 41 til winter ,as they won every battle easily and took 2 million prisoners ( many more killed ) Yet Russia was able to stop and crush German forces after the winter made their offensive impossible to continue……Wagner has had some success at absolutely incredible losses…..Now he can no longer get prisoners to join on drives , as they have heard about the policy of human waves and executions for those that retreat( 8 on the last stop vs 115 at the same place 2 months ago )….human waves barely worked in WW 2 , and have no chance long term in this war…..Russian recruits already have very little equip and training….only down hill from here !

    1. This war will last 2 years. And then a huge wave of Manhunt groups will occupy all of Ukraine and parts of Crimea. Do you like Rockstar Games? I give it 5 Stars. 🐻⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    2. Yes, the head of the Wagner group to a friend of his in Zug, Switzerland that he will the leader of Russia in 2024. Putin will be eliminated by the Wagner group in November 2023.

    3. @Jasper Percabeth Russia knows how to DEFEND in winter. Any country can as efficiently. Russia is losing 1 solder for every 1 meter they take. They’re getting destroyed and by spring the next mobilization will be absolutely necessary for russia to continue, after their “excellent (?) winter”.

    1. Eheh! No doubt would be an awsome “flight” but Putino depends on him!
      If he “flies”… also does Putino the duck! Many waiting for the duck hunting season in Russian spring! So lovely there, specially on the sea side! Great cliffs to “dive” from and catch “air”!

    2. @priyamec1742 
      Just irony cause more than 10 strong russian oligarcs fell from windows or died in strange circumstances in the last 8 months! Militaries, Bank, oil, gas, mining company leaders that…. fall of windows even in hospitals and it’s a mistery how that happend! Maybe it happens to him also….. soon.

    3. He wont, because he’s literally the only person who is showing some sort of progress, and thats saying a lot.

  3. if it was a football game then the 2 teams aren’t playing ,one team has brought in another team to play for them.

  4. I can’t see Russia or Wagner group winning. Their cause or motivation to fight is without any merit whatsoever. Fight all they want. People with a cause worth fighting for will overcome. Especially with the support of the world. We Should give them what they need to make a final effort to push these thugs and thieves out of Ukraine.

  5. Germany needs to understand the importance of delivering the Leopards urgently. They are reluctant understandably.
    But the German sluggishness is worse than all the other options and the worst outcomes.

    1. More importantly, we need to NOT allow this to separate us. The minute we start attacking each other and Ukraine has lost the next minute.

  6. Then where are the British tanks for now? Where are they? Have they been shipped to Ukraine and when will they arrive in Ukraine? We have been hearing of this for weeks now and all we need to see is actions in the battlefields before many more soldiers loose their lives. Definitely all of this should have been done 6 months ago and by now Ukraine would have had trained soldiers to even drive the Abram M1 tank and it would not be such a dire need. I often wonder the way and the speed of the Europeans how is working in helping Ukraine.

  7. Conscripting prisoners into the army can have a number of negative effects, including:

    Loss of experienced soldiers: Experienced soldiers are often replaced by conscripted prisoners who lack military training and experience, which can negatively impact the overall effectiveness of the army.

    Decreased morale: Conscripting prisoners may lead to decreased morale among soldiers, as they may feel that their service is not valued and that they are being replaced by criminals.

    Legal issues: Conscripting prisoners can raise legal issues, as it may be seen as a form of punishment, rather than a form of national service.

    Lack of discipline: Conscripted prisoners may have difficulty adapting to the strict discipline and regimen of military life, which can lead to problems with discipline and order within the army.

    Difficulty in reintegration: After completing their service, conscripted prisoners may have difficulty reintegrating into society, as they may have difficulty finding employment and may be stigmatized for having served time in prison.

  8. Prigozhin has that stereotypical villain look. He’s one of those guys that you can spot a mile away and know for sure he’s the mob boss type.

    1. @Collin Buckley Really? How? As a super power they attacked only MASSIVELY weaker countries. Kudo’s? Now they recruit prisoners and throw troops at a tiny town for the only success they’ve seen in a year. Wagners are a joke that wouldnt last 15 minutes in a war against the US

  9. 1:02 That is absolutely not what he’s saying in the clip. He says “We will win this year, but first we will defeat our internal bureaucracy and corruption. And when we defeat the internal bureaucracy and corruption, then we will defeat the Ukrainians, and NATO, and the whole world”.

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