Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe? | All In | MSNBC 1

Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe? | All In | MSNBC


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Chris Hayes discuss Leader Kevin McCarthy’s call for the January 6th commission to include the Black Lives Matter protests and “antifa.” Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Wait, Why Is GOP Demanding To Investigate Black Lives Matter In Jan. 6 Probe? | All In | MSNBC


  1. This is going south the way the GOP wants, The FBI needs to start prosecuting these insurrectionists, getting them sentenced and the loyalty to the proud boys an oath keepers exposed and linked to Trump and his enablers in the GOP.

    1. @Annie Indeed. It is just another Republican political stunt they think can be spun in someway to fit their desired-narrative/agenda, to vilify peaceful protesting/protesters/protests and obviously BLM.

    2. @Annie 35%er/derp
      They didn’t ignore the claims of voter fraud, they were investigated repeatedly and found no evidence of voter fraud.
      And the claims all turned out to be nonsense made up by full on magacult dingbats.
      Well, since you couldn’t have missed all of that, you’ve chosen to ignore it and continue pushing the proven false narratives of magacult BS, you’re clearly one of those sycophantic magacult dingbats.


  2. Any rational adult knows exactly who stormed our Capital on January 6. They need to be held accountable! Both the insurrectionists and those who incited them!

    1. @Chaos Surely I do have an objection to them wasting time and resources investigating already debunked conspiracy theories so they can distract from the treasonous domestic terrorists we know for a fact stormed the capitol and the traitors who incited them (several of which are congressional GQP). But hey, maybe NASA should be spending billions investigating whether the Earth was really flat all along?

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis just because they haven’t found evidence yet doesn’t mean there’s no evidence. A thorough investigation would sort this out once and for all. If you don’t think evidence exists then you’ve got nothing to worry about and you can continue to use this as an example of orange man bad. Fact!

    3. @nuanil Thus, defflecting to the 2blacks attacking Asians videos the media keeps circulating regurgitating however the Atlanta targeted massacre no hate crime to see here???

    1. @Jonathan Boullion oh so it wasn’t the terrorists organization of blm?
      Nice to know since u were there, are u with the terriost organization of trump or blm?
      Which one are you included in

    2. @John James I’m actually the leader of the “Jon’s Who Hate “h”-Jon’s Society”. Our philosophy is to hate idiots who need redundant letters that serve absolutely no function in the pronunciation of the Jon-namesake.

  3. Wow, Sicknick had a stroke on the very day thousands of hillbillies stormed the Capitol and he was bear-sprayed! That’s almost as coincidental as George Floyd having a heart attack the at the same time as a racist cop put his knee on his neck for 10 minutes!

    1. BLM/ANTIFA and the Patriot protesters/rioters sprayed each other for months with bear spray, didnt hear about anybody dying as a result.

  4. The Pro-Trump GOP will not do a true Bipartisan inquiry. They do not believe in Democrocy anymore.

    1. It’s been along time since they’ve believed in democracy… when George W. Bush says that they were way out of line… you know they’ve really lost it

    1. Yes the GOP is stirring the pot atempting to create a race war if they can so that they can establish an authoritarian rule via emergency

  5. The GOP must face the consequences of their actions if there is even a chance that another January 6 would never happen again.

    1. @Punchy Fartbox HAHA more like “speciesist,” but you’re too imbecilic to understand how ignorant you are. LMAO

    2. @Punchy Fartbox And by speciesist, I mean that I insulted rats LOL

      I wish you were fluent in English so I could you tell you to go EF yourself and you’d understand, imbecilic dimwit.

  6. Are we surprised, remember they tried to turn trumps first impeachment into a hunter biden impeachment

  7. The commission will never be truly bipartisan given how the Baby Cheesuits have plenty to hide and will do everything possible to keep them hidden.

    1. They locked up over 300 people in louisville ky how many did they locked up Jan 6 THAT BLM was not even at plus in louisville it was people had came from all over to loot and start fires BLM was just the excuses they hid behind to get free rides here so get facts right.

    1. Indeed. Libertarians have been working diligently for a century to return the country to the landed-gentry, King Cotton model of governance. (See: James M. Buchanan, Architect of the Radical Right.) Unfortunately for them they went all-in on donald trump to lead the coup attempt and, as you noted, he demolished their cover.

  8. If the Rs aren’t willing to be bipartisan and act in good faith in during the formation of this commission, they aren’t going to act in good faith during it’s proceedings, then move on without them. That’s there choice. Don’t let then frame this narrative. It’s time for accountability across the board.

  9. We need PROSECUTORS not a commission! This hogwash of putting together a commission will end like all commissions do, with these crimes swept under the rug.

    1. Yes, and we will not know the truth for many years after and then only if we look it up and research it, not like it will be broadcast to the world.

  10. The seditious GOP are doing anything they can to deny, deflect, and obfuscate any accountability for their insurrection.

  11. When you don’t like the outcome, you distract, lie, conspire, manipulate and redesign the plans that did not give you the answers you wanted.

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