Wajahat Ali: 'Republicans Have Become A Pro-Death Party' | MSNBC 1

Wajahat Ali: ‘Republicans Have Become A Pro-Death Party’ | MSNBC


As unvaccinated Americans make up the majority of Covid-19 hospitalizations, Tennessee has halted outreach for all vaccines, including Covid vaccines, to minors. Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss what this reveals of the impact of the politicized pandemic and what this says about how far Republicans will go to keep their base.  

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Wajahat Ali: 'Republicans Have Become A Pro-Death Party' | MSNBC


    1. the democrats are the only bunch that has ever “owned” anyone. they were the pro-slavery party.

    2. @Vvoh vaelez I mean… plenty of Dems said the same thing when Trump won and didn’t follow through… so what’s your point?

    3. @Lesley Edgley What are you going on about? Children are the least effected… WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?!?!

    4. Gingrich started the whole “whatever the Left wants, we’ll say no even if it hurts us too” strategy in the 90’s and he’s proud of it. I would argue against the sheer, childish, unadulterated idiocy of it still, but they’ve gone so far they’ll commit seppuku just to fling their entrails in our faces.
      Godspeed, little Trumpanzees. We hoped it wouldn’t come to this but you rats are going down with the ship.

    1. Nope… you Chinese loving Democrats get all the credit. CHINA!!! That’s who developed this man made virus.. and the big pharmaceutical boys are cashing in. Blown out of proportion to take advantage of a relatively minor virus..

    1. @Mark Evans No… Florida’s busiest tourism season is the summer. This is why the hotels and Disney tickets are most expensive throughout the entire summer. After that Christmas Week and New Years. After that…spring break. Why? Because the tourism season is not based on anything unique to Florida. It’s based on the schools across the nation. All schools take the same summer break. Families choose that time more than any for vacation. As for Pidgeon Forge, of course they are doing good now. They cater specifically to Republicans and the Trump cult. The region and their clientele are the clueless who are ignoring their own doctors. And you say that like you don’t think there will be any consequences for being dumb….check the numbers in a month.

    2. People here in Florida is acting like covid been gone 10yrs! Everyone accept a small few is completely maskless, when we know most of these people is unvaccinated! The ignorance here is extreme! Visit but keep going if you got sense!

    3. @Michael W okay well I live there for 38 years so I guess I don’t know anything about Florida you’re a typical Democrat know-it-all

  1. What does Ron DeSantis and a bottle of Corona have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up.

    1. @ARLENE WUK oh yeah, and when that doesnt happen then what? Who told you that? Oan ? Fox? It’s so funny how all you people have absolutely no clue and I hope you know tucker is NOT the news, it is a opinion show. They can lie all they want and he knows he is lying to all of you idiots! Did you even know tucker and the rest have been vaxxed?

    2. @ARLENE WUK and? You do know that is all happening because of trumps rhetoric, ‘the china virus’ and all. Duh!


  2. As State Legislators prove they don’t have the intellect to manger anything beyond a sound bite…the nuts are going to enjoy their own country.

    1. @Keith Jackson
      Oh, and just a little bonus for you:

      You know how MSNBCers always whine about “systemic racism” and how we should do away with historically racist institutions?

      Planned Parenthood in America was founded on the principle of eugenics. It was established *specifically* in minority neighbourhoods to reduce the POC population. I am not kidding.

      Do you still support Planned Parenthood? I bet you do.

    2. @Keith Jackson
      Don’t play dumb.

      Open access and the championing of women who proudly receive abortions.

    3. They are not risking their children lol everybody else’s yes, I bet all the politician’s children if young have been vaccinated and will continue being.

    1. One mom sent her 13 yo to an infection party in 2020, she got it and died. Mom said she died for the economy to get trump elected.

    2. There is not enough research on children getting it and many may have already had the disease. We don’t know.
      The tests were never accurate. Ever !!! If they were they would recommend antibody tests . People like you are stupid.

  3. My mother contracted polio when she was 6 years old. She was one of the first to receive the Saulk vaccine when it was created. It arrested the polio spreading through her body, but to this day she is in a wheelchair. I am so grateful for the vaccine that saved my mother’s life. Why can’t people in today’s society be grateful we have an answer to COVID?

    1. @Mark Tito It was pulled back because Cutter Labs in California screwed it up. Then the production was given to the Canadian non-profit ,government funded , Connaught Labs ( which by the way produced insulin at cost) . Connaught Lab production runs turned out to be superior and they won the manufacturing contracts for the Salk vaccine .

    2. @Samma Vitae Still a 99.7% recovery rate for 70 yrs and under. That’s Pure rating. So how do make any sense getting a vax ? Follow the science/math.

    1. That epidemic has been here since inception. Most the founding fathers were some of the worst people in our history…

    2. @Moe Zura
      The stupidity pandemic only on the democrat side is a curing in all the red states that when for Trump, go figure

    3. It’s not just the USA, I be Canadian and my sister lives in BC on a mountain and she will not even think about the vaccine for her or her children. Nothing I say will change her mind.

  4. Self Righteousness and Ignorance is a Terrible Situation.
    Yes, own the Libs. They will ride that all the way to the Respirator.

    1. @Picnuts I agree 100pct, no sweat of my brows! If anything I think that’s great. If you willing to put your kids life at risk for hate, then you deserve what happens!

    2. @Mr Plow If Trump’s sycophants are too stupid to understand they should get vaccinated to save their own lives, then they have no one to blame if they get sick and die The bright side is, there will be less of Trump sycophants voting for Trump and Republicans in future elections!

    3. own the libs in exchange for your life, good trade good trade, you sure showed how manly a conservative can be /s

  5. When Americans create a new variant , it should be called the republican variant . Just a suggestion

    1. Just like how the delta variant should have been the Modi variant and the Brazil one the Bolsonaro variant.

    2. Remember when they wanted to name the vaccine after Trump hahaha, he’s certainly earned the dumb trumplicans variant.

    3. I already call this the Trump variant which was further spread by the GOP. We all know they are the real disease in America.

  6. Tenn. , the so-called ” Volunteer State ‘ where citizens don’t want to ” volunteer ” to receive the vaccine ? huh !!! go figure …

    1. Exactly, but this is about to MUTATE again here real soon so delta is going to be gone to quick to have that name so we shall save the Retrumplican variant next!

  7. Maybe we should cancel the hurricane evacuation warnings in red states.. Wouldn’t want the guv’ment telling y’all what to do right?

    1. Mannnn that’s a valid point! While they’re at it, send child tax $ back, stimulus, and no government aids too! Wth!!!

  8. Finally someone had the guts to call them pro death. No vaccines, no gun laws, don’t care about clean air and water.

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