Walgreens Medical Officer Projects When Chain Could Offer Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Walgreens Medical Officer Projects When Chain Could Offer Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Walgreens' Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Ban discusses the importance of educating customers about vaccinating against the coronavirus and when the pharmacy chain could likely offer vaccines to the general public. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Walgreens Medical Officer Projects When Chain Could Offer Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Joe Fitz people like Bill Gates with no medical background whatsoever who stand to make a lot of money on vaccines.. suggested closing down bars and restaurants for another 6 months? Course Bill Gates can shut down for 10 years if he wanted to? and it wouldn’t affect his lifestyle whatsoever

  1. World wide vaccination is so important. Especially with so many not wearing masks or otherwise following guidelines.

    1. Imagine a vaccine so safe ? you have to be forced to take it ? for a disease so deadly you have to take it test to know if you have it?

    1. @Richard Barry While we’re on the subject of skepticism .. I haven’t had a single friend, acquaintance, relative, or neighbor ever to die in a car crash. Therefore, people don’t actually die in car crashes. It’s all a hoax to make us buy insurance and wear seatbelts.

      I’m just paraphrasing your nonsense.

      Over in Indonesia they figured out a great way to cure the people who deny covid .. they put them to work digging graves and putting covid corpses into the ground. By the end of two weeks, 100% of the doubters are cured. For some of them, of course, the “cure” comes in the form of a nasty cough that gets them hooked to a ventilator a few weeks later. Some don’t recover. But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for letting the trash take itself out.

    2. @Richard Barry Good luck proving that you were harmed. You would have better luck proving that you were dropped on the head a lot as a child. That, anyone could believe.

    3. @Richard Barry A grateful nation thanks you for choosing a Trumpian way to excuse yourself from the gene pool.

    1. Why? They don’t deserve it anymore than anyone else. If anything older people go first. They came over on a land bridge from Russia. They’re mainly Mongolian and Russian. Real Americans first

    2. @Kelvin Blackstone so in your mind Native Americans who migrated no less than 10,000 years ago are less American than Europeans who came on ships 600 to 100 years ago? How does that work? By the way extra effort should be made so that elderly in Native American communities get access to the vaccine as they are dying at disproportionate rates.

    3. @Kris Summer nah, first come first serve for the elderly. Just because they’re too lazy to get off the res and or the tribe ran the res into the ground (happens a lot) doesn’t mean they should get it first.

    4. ​@Kelvin Blackstone they are more “real Americans” than you are. they were here
      long before your ancestors came here

  2. Thank you for helping make this possible. I’ll be able to more safely care for my parents and to have a wider selection of jobs I can work. It’ll be a lifesaver.

    1. Nic DeGrave I totally agree♡ i can’t wait! This is such a blessing! My mother is all I have left & I help taking care of her & this couldn’t come at a better time, she has been stuck inside since March.

    2. @Tena Semirale I know, isn’t it fantastic! I just hope they aren’t too sick to get the vaccine. They’ve had to cut back to oral chemo by mail, which isn’t as effective and has more side effects, cuz their oncologist told them it was too dangerous to come into the office for treatment. That’s my only remaining fear about this, that they’ll have waited so long and can’t go out and see any of their friends or safely have people over. Since there’s been hints that people with the vaccine can still be carriers, that would not be ideal. I hope everything works out amazing for you and your family, you deserve it!

    1. @1984 THEBEGINING What did Biden say that was racist? Something vague about black folks voting for him? You’re right. Trump, who was literally convicted of racial discrimination, is by comparison a moral man…..lol, you troglodytes are hilarious.

    2. @Chris A nothing vague about “ you ain’t black if you vote for Trump “ nothing vague about saying “ black people are not as diverse as Hispanics “

    3. @Chris A oh and by the way , nobody has sent more black people to prison with the bill he sponsored in the 90s

    4. @Chris A BTW there’s nothing vague about asking a black man if he’s “ been smoking crack” because of the question he asked.

    5. @Charles Zorn He wont last 4 months. If he was a CEO of a major Corporation…he would be ousted by the board in a week. What is wrong with you?

    1. @urbanimage Do you whine and mutter when those “socialist” mail delivery vehicles, school buses, snow plows, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars go past your house?

    2. @surely you joke, mein failüre omg stop confusing social programs and government programs with socialism!

    3. @Deborah Freedman That’s about the only kind of “socialism” we’ve got here in the USA, apart from taxes that support corporations. “Socialism” (as defined by the state taking over private stuff) doesn’t exist here in the USA.

    1. Then that’s just St Darwin’s way of helping the trash take itself out. He’d be the first to tell you that lifeforms that make bad choices probably don’t deserve to be in the gene pool anyway.

    1. @Phil Swaim I call it having a conversation with my fellow Earthling’s and find most are pretty friendly long as you don’t get into too much politics

  3. I’ve trusted Walgreens as my pharmacy for years & where I got my most recent flu shot. Totally comfortable setting (private room) & so well done, I didn’t feel the shot at all.
    We need to help ourselves combat this coronavirus & in doing this, we help others as well.

  4. I don’t need convincing. When will Walgreens have the vaccine? Stop worrying about anti-vaxxers. Give the sane members of the public the vaccine NOW!

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