Walgreens Sr. VP: Vaccines Will Be Distributed In 'A Very Calculated Way' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Walgreens Sr. VP: Vaccines Will Be Distributed In ‘A Very Calculated Way’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Rick Gates, a Senior Vice President for Walgreens, tells Hallie Jackson his company has a detailed strategy for prioritizing those most at-risk when distributing their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Walgreens Sr. VP: Vaccines Will Be Distributed In 'A Very Calculated Way' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @E Hole and there’s no laws to say a business owner can’t give himself a bonus. Why aren’t you upset with these governors that allow big corporations to remain open while shut small businesses down ? That doesn’t bother you ?

    2. @David Hale everyone one is accountable for their actions. EVERYONE, that includes the dems and reps. That includes the morons speeding up the gun control laws by threatening law abiding citizens. That includes the out going and in coming president.

    3. @Johnny Hellfire but as you can see the laws aren’t applied equally are they ? How many republicans associated to Trump were arrested compared to any democrats ? It’s not that any democrats aren’t guilty. Like comey brennon clapper etc.
      there’s a two tiered system. A democrat one and republican one.
      That’s why your going to see more and more protesting by the right.
      And like the words of Chris Cuomo. Who said protest have to be peaceful.
      Just don’t whine bout it when it does happen.

    4. @David Hale never said that both sides had faults. Just in this case the trump train has caused more deaths, poverty, and treason they anyone else.

    1. Maybe they should force these corporations to close instead of small businesses. If it bothers you that much.
      Open the small businesses and let them get a piece of that pie.
      But you don’t seem to care bout the small business owners just complaining bout the corporations.

    2. ask this guy where his morals are in charging admin fees for a vaccine taxpayers have already paid for…passing it off as free when there are hidden admin fees

    3. @David Hale or maybe not give them so many tax breaks, bail outs, and consequence free loans on the tax payers dime.

    4. @Yashi Stampedes exactly!!! Funny how all those lay offs happened when this whole vaccine distribution is going on.

  1. Biden actually declined the blm leaders from coming to his civil leadership summit. He even sees through their BS lies.

    1. @J M M I’m simply spouting facts. I love how triggered you are over them. What’re you going to do about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing

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    1. If you guys have ears to hear please hear…. such is the Gospel, being interpreted “good news”. Shalom Rebeca, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

  3. Walgreens only likes to project themselves as caring, however didn’t have any protections for their employees such as plexiglass till mid April… not to mention a one time “bonus” of $300.00 for full time and $150.00 for part time, all while cutting payroll and adding more services. They still have employees not maintaining 6 feet with customers because of some of these services. They also allow customers to come in the store without masks. Putting everyone at risk. They sure like the all the “good PR” when it benefits them. Ask any employee about how they are handling this pandemic in their stores, you will find a much different story.

  4. Please do not take this DNA changing vaccine! It’s not what you’re being told it is. The serpent mingled with the seed of the woman. Don’t go out like this! God bless.

    1. @David Hale How’s that “Stop the Steal” thing coming along, by the way? You still donating to the legal defense fund??

  5. zero liability from injuries and death for the vaccine companies,or ANYONE who is involved in giving the vaccine at pharmacies,dr’s offices,etc.Do they know or inform who should not get the vaccine?Is there informed consent in Nursing homes and in general?

    1. Gee, maybe if people weren’t so greedy and litigious they wouldn’t need be sheltered from liability. I guess you’d rather they not be indemnified, and couldn’t afford to produce vaccines.

  6. Walgreens really Walgreens will save the public. … no thanks, this dna altering vaccine is very risky at best, deadly at worse..no thanks Walgreens and nbc news..

  7. Reducing financial barriers is one critical element, as research shows that even small co-payments can deter people from seeking needed care.

    Reducing financial barriers is one critical element, as research shows that even small co-payments can deter people from seeking needed care.

    Some advocates express dismay that Americans essentially could end up paying for a vaccine multiple times: with billions in taxpayers’ funds to purchase the doses of any vaccine, on top of billions of public tax dollars for research and development and manufacturing, then once again at the pharmacy when they receive a shot.

    people are starving and deciding which bills are critical to pay as essential.

    Walgreens wants to charge “administration fees”…$16 for the first and $20+ for the second shots

    Free isnt free if there are hidden costs. we already paid for this fuxing vaccine from taxpayer money. these fees hurt many families and its the reason this pandemic will persist well past the second quarter. administration fees exclude the most vulnerable on fixed incomes. worst the Cares Act created a limited fund for pharma to be reimbursed for administration fees. Trumps agreement with big phrama as part of the Warp Speed abuses this Cares Act taxpayer money without purposely restricting big pharma from charging administration fees..helping corporations and not the people who needed his help. this one of many reasons Trump will be seen as the worst president in american history.

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