Wall Farming in Jamaica | Small Farming Ideas | TVJ News - May 30 2021 1

Wall Farming in Jamaica | Small Farming Ideas | TVJ News – May 30 2021


As food prices rise one small farmer in Manchester is encouraging Jamaicans to use whatever space they have at home to grow their own food.

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  1. Exactly! Had we Jamaicans in the 70s grow our food we would have been the superpower in the Caribbean for fresh produce.

  2. It’s about time this kind of farming got highlighted, it’s simple DIY farming which comes in hand of times of drought and spike of food prices.

  3. That. How. My. Father. Use. Plant. Pepper. Tom. C. At. The. Back. Off. The. Kitchen. When. I. Was. A hold. And. The. Big. Crops. Was. On the. Farm. The. Government. Should. Get. Those young. People. Back. Into. Farming. Or. Those p. In. The. Jail’s. To. Do some. Work. On. Roads. Has. Well. Why. Should. The. Government. Import. So much. Food come on Ja get. Your. Thinking. Cap. On. What. About. Morning sport. My. Father. Use. To. Get. The men. In. The. Village. To. Help. Bring. Back some. Of. Our tradition get. Farming

  4. Great! I love this. I have almost no land space in my back yard, & I reaped callaloo this morning, hot peppers & about 2 1bs tomatoes. I have planted, escallion, garlic & pineapples in plastics also

  5. I love this!! This type of farming should be highlighted to a large extent. Based on what is going on in our country this is a good idea especially for people with small space. This is how it should be…eat what we grow and grow what we eat.

  6. Excellent idea. That will also assist with recycling as the plastic bottles will be put to good use. Will definitely try this.

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