Wallace: Former National Security Officials Call On Trump: 'Make It Stop' | MSNBC 1

Wallace: Former National Security Officials Call On Trump: ‘Make It Stop’ | MSNBC


Nicolle Wallace reports on reactions by former high level national security officials to rioting Trump supporters in the U.S. Capitol. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Wallace: Former National Security Officials Call On Trump: 'Make It Stop' | MSNBC


    1. @Buetifull Persun tell them to come…and in the words of a movie actor,” tell to bring a good supply of body bags”!… Lol

    1. @Uncle Stubs Sure thing bud. I’m American. This is 100% Donald Trump and those who voted for him.

      You folks are like children. You don’t understand what reality is.

    2. @ElLenadorLA grow up and do something with your life because fighting racism isnt an excuse for not accomplishing anything.

  1. Investigate the incitement? It was right in front of your faces the whole time. What’s to “investigate”? *TRE45ON*

    1. @madhabitz the police were grossly outnumbered but they’re all on tape and will all be held accountable.

    2. @The Riff Writer  This mob has been massing for days. Trump doubled down on his rhetoric. Congressmen and senators were allowed to do their thing, which flies in the face of the oath they took to the Constitution.
      This was begun the day trump installed a Nazi in the White House and has continued each and every day since. There have been zero consequences. I could go on and on ad nauseum, but truly, it’s all been said already. I am beyond sad this has happened. I am sadder than that, actually, that so many of our representatives have feet of clay.

    3. @sam deitz yeah, I know all about agaslighting — all that was brought up when trump first took office. Something needed to be done then, as I’ve posted a gazillion times in the past.

    1. @Em Andem I don’t watch it. I just come down to the comments to see what goofy people like you have to say.

  2. I’m sure none of these protestors have heard of the Reichstag fire in 1933 and the events that followed.

    1. @crash fistfight Facebook made a lot of money from right-wing ads and was recently busted for censoring the left. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to protect his $100 billion fortune by fighting for the Republican, who work for the rich and use the poor. Facebook only recently pretended to censor right-wing lies after they got busted. Get your facts straight.

  3. Who did not shore up an obvious “hot spot” in this instance? Come on now, brain dead foresight? Security chief asleep?

  4. The world and our enemies has just witnessed the vulnerability of the security of our nation.
    Our enemies just witnessed how the mighty US weakly cannot protect our nations capital .
    I’m disgusted

    1. @Mowana123 They had 10 ft barricades and hundreds of police. They did their best. It’s an angry mob, can’t exactly just stop them.

    1. Tell me about it. Every security measure- breached, response time- hours, response-sit around and watch. Every terrorist enemy the US has- watching and smiling, calling friends to join tRump 2024.

    2. Trump 25 amendment and all the Senate’ s and congresses that went along with this foolishness be impeached ASAP!

    3. @Kay Right Kay. We know you don’t quit get it. It’s OK. We know you’re a little limited on rational thinking.

    1. @david thomas I find it ironic and scary that the president is always railing against Antifa. He is the fascist leader! All his enablers and supporters are the brown shirts. History repeats itself.

    2. @Jonathan Mol It this were the White House, every single protestor within 50 yards of the house would have been shot and killed.

  5. Cops always use the excuse that there life was in danger so they had to use deadlier force. Today I have seen a police officer in one of thee most important building’s in america run for his life from a mob not pull his weapon.smh

    1. @DedJorge Phloid Ok righty as for surfing there are four world class breaks near me and no covid .Half a world away from your sick hole

    2. @frank hayles name one…and tell me one shaper you know kook. I will gladly take you out and give you a lesson….you couldn’t afford a 1 bedroom apartment here

    3. @DedJorge Phloid You miss the point stupid I will never visit your swamp.And I have had more waves than you will ever get in you life time ps riding a shark biscuit isn’t surfing

  6. why do they keep talking about a peaceful transfer of power? Can’t they see that it got violent already? Or have they started already to whitewash history as it happens?

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