Wally Funk, The 'Heart Of This Mission,' Finally Reaches Space At 82 1

Wally Funk, The ‘Heart Of This Mission,’ Finally Reaches Space At 82


Engineer, physician and retired astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison discusses the importance of the diversification of space flight, and how far science and understanding has come since Wally Funk's participation in the Mercury 13 program.

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Wally Funk, The 'Heart Of This Mission,' Finally Reaches Space At 82


    1. Yes, they expect us to be inspired by their accomplishment of wasting money on joy rides instead of paying their taxes like the rest of us do. 🙄

    2. Well, that is the magical ingredient for success….looking up to the rich like, “hey, I have a chance to be that guy”. In reality it’s a big casino where the house has rigged it all to scam you.

  1. HE PAYS NO TAXES. HE ABUSES HIS WORKERS TO THE POINT OF DEATH. This isn’t a success. It’s raising himself over others via Slavery. STOP REPORTING THIS AS A VICTORY.

  2. Space flight is wrought with dangers, and I can’t say I will be sad when eventually one of these rockets explodes carrying a bunch of out of touch billionaires.

  3. I wonder what trump thinking about Bezos? I guess he would’ve tweeted that he will go to Jupiter if has access Twitter account or heaven may be.. Coz most of his follower will believe even though they are still on flat earth…

  4. I agree the expense that went into this Venture needed to go to Amazon employees and Taxes first.
    I am sad to hear a Commentator downplay the message of a Women Astronaut (however brief) is to Women around the World. Women’s Lives Matter x!

  5. I wonder if he wore a diaper like the rest of the Amazon employees since they can’t take restroom breaks!!!

  6. Spacex with the phallic rocket that penetrated the atmosphere to enter the holyland. After finishing, it pulled back out and returned, emptied and much smaller.
    Yeah, sounds about right.

  7. So cool that Ms. Funk finally overcame misogyny. Good on Bezos for rectifying this mistake.

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