WaPo: ‘Mask Mandates Won’t work – Unless They Are Enforced’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Wigg Picker , Herman Cain, past Republican presidential candidate who attended Trump’s Arizona rally and then diagnosed with COVID died at 74 years old.

    1. Florida only has one governor, i want to know where the mayors who mishandled things are and whether they still think this is a hoax

  1. *👉 Every Governor, Mayor & State Official who touted Trumps BS as a “Truth” needs to be charged with “Negligence & Dereliction of Duty for the Office Held” and they should 👉RESIGN! **#WeKnowYourNames*

  2. To understand why, is to understand, with a rational mind, the irrational mind. There is no rationale for this unless you assume the myopic, unsophisticated, simplistic desperation of a malignant narcissist.

    1. that explains all these “alphas” who think trump is an alpha too. they condemn bernie sanders for having a heart and being open to all races and sexual orientations while they look at trump’s open racism as a form of confidence and straight talk. and then these alphas go advise other alphas how to be alpha like them: confusing ignorant arrogance with confidence.

  3. The United Kingdom has clearly demonstrated this recently.
    When the government advised to wear a mask few actually wore a mask.
    As soon as they made it mandatory last week, nearly everyone wears a mask.

    1. RogerWilco, Not where I live in Greater Manchester, they’re so arrogant and the shops and supermarkets just let them in regardless, That’s why the UK has the worst number of cases per capita than anywhere else on the planet shame all you halfwits that voted for Doris, now the rest of us have to live with it because of your abject stupidity !!!

    2. Unfortunately people need to be told to put one foot in front of the other. I heard two women talking 2 weeks ago saying ‘oh you have a mask on already, it doesn’t come in while the 24th’ . Sheep need a shepherd.

  4. The same people who insist on controlling a Womans body and reproductive rights, are the same people who are whining about wearing a mask because it “Violates their freedoms” 🤪 Pure Hypocrisy.

    1. You’re so right. Those idiots want to tell a woman what to do with her body but wearing a mask to save lives is stepping on their rights. Amazing how many stupid people in America. The good news is people like you and l outnumber those idiots. That’s why America will be alright. I also PRAY for my country.

    2. Excellent point, Mr. Acton. It comes back to the same thing every time. When we do it to someone else, it’s OK, even good because we are by definition, our definition of course, good people. When you do something considerably less intrusive towards us, it’s bad because you’re bad. And you’re bad, by definition, because you don’t agree with us. That is the way today’s Republicans and so-called conservatives view every single interaction with other people, including something as insignificant and only mildly inconvenient as wearing a mask. It allows them, encourages them to completely ignore science when it doesn’t tell them what they want to be told. If science disagrees with us, then we’re still right and the science is wrong, because we’re always right.

    3. I am confused by your comment. Masks do reduce the spread of covid19 while in public, and most people in other parts of the world don’t need to have that explained to them, because it is rather logical and obvious. Masks are not a new idea. How did “reproductive rights” get into this???

  5. Every Minute in America one Person Dies from the COVID-19 Virus.
    A great Job was done by Donald Trump, America’s number one Gravedigger

    1. Trump is the LYIN’ KING!! Like Mary Trump said: Trump is the most dangerous president ever. The pandemic proves it. I do not want to endure another four years with this very crooked operator. It seems to me that Mary Trump is telling the truth about Donald Trump.

    1. @Wigg Picker You are the brainwashed moron, not me. There are none so blind as those who will not see … Trump and Co. don’t care deeply and sincerely for this country, only for themselves, and that includes their “secret” disdain for “the base” they profess to love and cater to. There’s a sucker born every minute, and if you can’t see who the con artist’s mark is, it’s you.

    2. @Telly Vin-a
      Msnbc personnel are serpents posing as human gutting the nation with fabricated lies and manufactured crimes for full beast system Demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity paving the way for the rise of the Antichrist u piece of trash

    3. @Telly Vin-a
      Moron, the serpent left labmade virus is for your corporate beast system mandatory cancer laced beast system Vaccination genocide with nanotech tracker ink, chump

    1. Barr, Moscow Mitch, and trump aren’t going to rig the elections, that’s Russia’s job. They’re going to suspend the elections.

    2. @Daniel Whitaker they have been working on it for 3 plus years.
      Trump Dump Hole must Go to Russia, now!

    3. Ha ha what election?

      Dump will somehow invalidate mail in voting I’m sure. He’s gotten away with everything else crooked he’s done while in office.

    4. Does anyone think masks are reducing infection risks? Think again . Every time you exhale into a mask, those tiny moisture droplets leach/permeate through the fabric/fibers. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody are following proper medical procedural mask wearing protocol. The second anyone touches the mask for even the quickest of adjustment or pulls it down and up just once your hands are now contaminated with thousands of potentially deadly infectious pathogenic viruses; it happens that quickly and easily. (exactly equivalent to licking your fingers). Now your hand is literally an infectious disease spreading implement contaminating everything touched. The sad thing is everyone wearing a mask is quite literally wearing a badge of stupidity right over their face. Everyone puts on a mask thinking they are doing their part to save the world without giving it any critical thought to what is actually happening. What’s worse is nobody is questioning any supposed authorities on the absolute junk science of wearing masks in real life conditions with all the variables to be considered. The good thing is, the global population will reach herd immunity far faster now that there is a seemingly endless population of irrational anti- sciencers unwittingly spreading virus like wildfire.
      100 years of scientific infectious disease procedural protocol containment and logic, gone in a mere couple months for political agenda.

  6. When leadership fails the people being led need to wake up and do what they know is right and band together and lead themselves.

    1. Trump Intimidates His Advisors including Medical Staff , Removes them if Things don’t go His Way , that’s why he’s Confused , Pandemic Out of Control and Trump’s Behind by Double Digits, Trump Thinks He Knows Everything and Won’t Listen to Anyone. . . a Hopeless Narcissistic . . . .

  7. 150,000 dead, but the US “can’t” enforce masks. Meanwhile, 75,000 unmarked federal officers to pull people off the streets for graffiti.

    1. dean mushtuk you need to relax. No mask is perfect. But wearing a mask makes you breathe into a mask so it filters some air. Mostly breathing out of a mask captures saliva you don’t breathe out towards others. If you breathe in through a mask and someone breathes out through a mask you would only get like 5% of potential saliva. That’s the difference.

    2. @Jason Boyce Absolutely false. Exactly why everyone must exercise critical analytical thinking. Every word I wrote is empirical scientific fact. Please educate everyone.

    3. @dean mushtuk Explain why you would insist on a surgeon wearing a mask if they were going to operate on you. *_Masks do improve the situation_* . Don’t wear a mask, we don’t care……..I am not even in the US. And if you are in the US, you are the last person that should be educating the rest of the world on how to handle a viral pandemic, unless you are a medical expert, which clearly you are not.

    4. @G Guest Read what was written about medical procedural mask wearing protocol vs non trained every day use. improper use is infecting far more then it is not , that’s just the obvious facts that need no explanation.

  8. TRUMP & his administration, should be found guilty for mass murder…
    THEY have not listen to top advisers.

  9. His term in office has expired due to his utter incompetence and danger to society. He should be removed immediately.

  10. For all the people that say the government shouldn’t tell people what to do. If you would act like an adult, they wouldn’t have to make you.

  11. I honestly didn’t believe that there were so many stupid people in the United States. We elected stupid people to leadership positions. We continue used to allow stupid people to stay in roles of leadership and now stupid people fight wearing a mask?

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