WaPo Reporter On ‘How Incredibly High’ Danger Of Getting To Airport In Kabul Is 1

WaPo Reporter On ‘How Incredibly High’ Danger Of Getting To Airport In Kabul Is


Washington Post’s Afghanistan and Pakistan Bureau Chief Susannah George details her journey to evacuate Afghanistan with her colleagues and many of their families
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  1. While everyone should despise the Taliban, staying there and continuously deploying soldiers for the next few years will absolutely solve and accomplish nothing, as nothing was accomplished the first 20 yrs. Everyone wants to blame someone or something….we all failed and our failures have impacted the lives of real people.. Dittzx.

    1. Awww so sweet, Biden is a f up and has blood on his hands. GOP elections will show you everyone agrees.

    2. Agreed, let’s not mince words, we are running away. Leaving poor Afghans in thd hands of a bunch of bigiots and idiots.

  2. So they stole my email – stole $2 Trillion from the Pentagon GAO on 9/10/2001 went nation building in Afghanistan for 20 years – the Affghanis did not like the USA government we selected and refused to fight for them and fled and you blew my 9/11 reward money – gee thanks!!!

  3. Nicole, I have heard that Biden told these people to get out some time ago. Would you ask one of these people if they were advised to get out and if so, when did they receive that message?

    1. @Biden Sucks of course he has. According to leftists in this comment section Trump and republican politicians are the only ones who ever lie but all democrat politicians are as honest as Mother Theresa. Even the democrat politicians who came into office dirt poor and are now multimillionaires on $178,000 a year. Which is the case for 99% of them.

    2. The soldiers got the order to sneak out in the middle of the night so the citizens had no idea when exactly to leave.

  4. you can tell she is smiling and giggling through the interview to try to hold it together, thats some traumatic stuff

    1. @Lisa DeRenard 100% for sure, Im just saying you can tell she is still processing some of that raw trauma live on camera

  5. Excellent story for those Americans that hate our country. There is a reason immigrants come to our shores.

  6. Good to see British forces attempting to break the siege of Kabul. Breaking the siege is unfortunately the only way.

    1. Biden needs to send in our infantry to clear out the Taliban from the perimeter around the airport .he better move now and quit F around

    2. Siege of the airport being operative. I too am grateful to the UK and German countries who have vowed to help people evacuate.

  7. If you are from Afghanistan and have gotten out and come to America I want to say welcome to you and I hope the American people treat you with the dignity you deserve! Be safe and well!

    1. Because Biden won’t go into Kabul to get anybody out. They have to make it to the airport on their own and even then they have to get through all the thousands around the airport.

  8. 3:34 “danger of going to the airport is so incredibly high” Washington Post’s Afghanistan and Pakistan Bureau Chief Susannah George. It’s a War Zone outside the airport, how does Biden live up to America’s commitments?

  9. Welcome home new Americans! Sorry we messed up your homeland. Hopefully y’all can find some peace and success here

  10. OMG this is in a way AWESOME ! This young Lady never planned for this, and look at the roll she was thrusted into, decisions made, and the end result. Listening to her, the shake in her voice, she was never prepared to hold anothers’ life in her hands. We ask young Men and Women to prepare for this every day of there lives. This Is Who We Are! I am proud of you..

  11. I cant help thinking thiw this evacuation situation resembles refugee situations. I mean , a day or 2 spent waiting to get through the gates is just another Tuesday for a Guatemalan family in Mexico. Or a Syrian in Turkey.
    How selective the outrage and hand wringing is.

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