War has taken a toll on his body but his spirit endures 1

War has taken a toll on his body but his spirit endures


In 2011 a peaceful uprising in Syria quickly turned violent, and eventually grew into a civil war. Thousands have been killed, millions displaced. An entire generation of children have been forced to grow up with the conflict dictating their lives. CNN's Arwa Damon reports from Idlib, Syria, on the 10th anniversary of the conflict.

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    1. why does everyone say that cnn is a pedophile ring is it because of chris cuomo

    1. My God! I so agree with you! Times seem to get more and more evil. It just jumps up out of everywhere. Just devastating!

    2. Because far too many can’t and or refused to have compassion for anything and anyone different from their beliefs and norms. Fear of understanding is a mental disease that does not discriminate. We choose to never learn from the past, yet online if financially profitable and hardly ever simply for the collective betterment of mankind until it’s too late. This is our generational fates that shall go on forever like the black sea of space.

  1. Sometimes, you just need to let dictators be dictators. Less stressful than the hell on Earth that western nations try to bring in with so-called Democracy.

    1. 50police yeah cause Libya and Syria were way worse off before western nations intervened. Open your eyes man

    1. You can take pictures, videos, write reports and store evidence in a laptop.
      Ordinary people send all that to the world, through their ordinary mobile phones.
      It works, anyway.

    2. @Alex Jones it’s just a war propagandist in the UK, all his “info” are lies and exxegrations from Turkish backed “jihadists.”

  2. What a brave mother and young man. No one should have to endure the nightmare that is Syria. We should be helping, not adding fuel to the fire.It is the innocents that are suffering.

  3. Our history is filled with grim reminders of our inhumanity
    Armies crushed
    Populations ravished
    But the human spirit is not so easily confined

    1. @Ken Lucas Nope, Only war can bring Americans together. The US is always the leader of the world. Don’t against that idea or I will block you. If you hate the USA, I won’t be your friend.

    2. @Jason Lou unfortunately war is actually really good for the economy so that’s why so many world leaders love war

    3. That’s not what these human garbage neocon/Hillary/Cheney/Bush/Biden/Obama types think. Endless debt death and war are their livelihoods

  4. God bless those babies, that beautiful little boy and girl, and all of the innocent people caught in the middle of this conflict.

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