1. Big facts…there should be a rule that after 70 you cant be a president or leader of a country.

      Do you show up to a race with an old Ferrari or a world cup game with old players. Enough with these old personalities and traditional minds.

    1. Read up on the Peloponnesian war by Thucydides
      One very old example of the folly of believing might makes right…

    2. so Ukraine compared to Russia was like Vietnam vompared to USA – but North Vietnam was sponsored by the Soviet Union they fought with K-47s so don’t be a hypocrite !

  1. Weapons manufactures always ALWAYS make money from war … But if it were that simple there are a hundred conflicts that could be supported with weapons … this is not just profiteering … although they’re making a profit

  2. Do you think people make weapons out of the goodness of their own hearts? People are in factories making a salary/paycheck from these jobs. Necessary jobs which provides weapons for not only US military, but European militaries as well. Of course they profit, how else are they supposed to get workers to actually make the weapons?

    1. The West conducts weapons trade deals with China and Russia. They use them to militarize countries that they feel the need to control the economy with, because capitalism requires that resource values are controlled by a unified entity and not separate countries who can make their own decisions. They fear that economic wealth makes it hard to profit off of cheaper labor in those countries to keep the market supply in the global economy balanced. They feel threatened by countries who do not comply to this and want their own power, so they use military to control them. That kind of pressure is meant to keep balance to countries they use as resources, so that if it’s controlled by a unified government with a military complex, they have the upper hand. The reason why you are seeing these spikes is simply because the money is now going over to the west’s resources, only at this time when it is relevant to try and make it seem like the European Nation has their own military supply. But behold, it all looks new, doesn’t it? Because we use China and Russia not our own. Yet it is evidence we have a lot of military operations all around the world in an attempt to democratize nations, but really they control elections for fear of the people not electing someone who shares their economic interests. Like the Buddhists in Myanmar, who are being terrorized by European controlled Junta military. The Buddhists to not like western culture, they do not believe in materialism. And it is in direct conflict with their beliefs. So they have often rejected making deals with Europe and allied nations because they do not want the west’s money and culture there. So the military acts as a controller to stop them from siding with China, who just wants to help them become independent. Because China is also manipulated, and used as a factory resource and they have always been manipulated. That is how they came to be what they are, having fallen from a huge level of power 200 years ago. They are not bad people, but there are indeed bad military people in China. Both China and Russia do not, as a government, have the legal rights to influence other governed nations. Only the European Union does. So they couldn’t possibly be causing the genocides in all these countries. The Miltary they have though, is part of this union in the west, and they use them to form governments that benefit global economy and ensures people’s money is a certain value so businesses profit off of them. Basically keeping them poor. But we were always buying from China and Russia, then blame Russia and Chinese military for the war crimes and military terrorization in places like Syria and Myanmar. Because in truth, it is actually intended and controlled by the European Nation. They do this because they think the rebel groups, who are protesting against the military and government leaders (who they do not want to control the economy and westernize/own their territory and resources) of being terrorists. So they don’t care about how they are killing people, but they blamed it on Russia and China. Even though their militaries are all European controlled. That’s why they are communist, it limits their freedom in the capital market. And it makes them easier to use as a resource. Whenever you are a capitalist nation, all of your methods use military and economic power to have dominance. This results in the methods you see today as to how people use the military.

      Hi, I am the person Eren Jaeger was based off of. And Myanmar has people being burned alive, raped, and tortured because they don’t want to become a materialist society and have their land turned into a resource because they believe the land is sacred. Bu they are all considered terrorists for fighting back. That makes the UN claim rights over allowing the military to genocide them. Which is why they never get justice.

      They can try to make this all look different, but I know the truth.

  3. Of course the CEO’s are ringing their hands while supplying these fiendish WMD’s to whoever wants to spend the nation’s tax money on them. Truly a noble profession being an arms dealer.

    1. @Madison Gittens Oh for sure 😃, thinking up more ingenious ways to destroy and maim human beings is a vitally needed contribution for the betterment of mankind 😒!
      Everybody knows that😕

    2. Its not noble, it’s necessary. When you return to reality and off your soap box, you’ll learn that if you’re not able to defend yourself, you’ll lose whats important to you.

  4. PUTIN asks: “Friend, when you are in the front line under artillery fire, what do you wish for?” The soldier replies: “That you, my Fuhrer, stand next to me!””

  5. back in history, which company made profit the most? indeed is a weapon company that can survive in the cause of wars

  6. Wise man once said “Peace is good for business, unless you are an arms dealer.”

  7. “War has shattered many young men’s dreams.
    Made him disabled, bitter and mean.
    Life is much too short and precious to be fighting wars these days.
    War can’t give life; it can only take it away.”
    – Edwin Starr

  8. Yeah this is a normal reaction. Defense Contractors must give back though. They’re gonna really need to deliver on other arms that haven’t been sent to Ukraine yet.

  9. One commentator (Beau of the Fifth Column) broke down the spending and found what we’d given to Ukraine so far was about 1% of the the income for military contractors who do business with the US for a year. Hardly a windfall.

    1. Yeah, that’s true. I’m not sure why CNN would point out that the manufacturers profit, which is true, but not do any breaking down of the numbers. I find their position to be very strange. They benefit from the advertising dollars of both weapons manufacturers AND military contractors, which would normally be a reason for them not to criticize. They could have had the nuance and details Beau pointed out and end up having the manufacturers look at least a LITTLE better and chose not to even though it would be even more accurate. And yet, I would be utterly shocked if they ever did a segment similar to this one about how terrible contractors are.

    2. You better do the math again . Excluding ships , it’s more like maybe can maybe 20% 40 billion dollars by the end of the year and maybe more . 2 trillion dollars was the increase in the national debt in 4 years of trump ! That would be $500 billion and 40 billion is what percent of the national debt it’s under 10% and I have a lot more than 5% . But how long will it take to print that much money ?

  10. I suspect we are asking some suppliers to do extraordinary things to increase production or rapidly convert to making a new variant. The defense suppliers aren’t angels or devils. They do need financial over sight but we should also feel fortunate to have them working hard at critical times like this when very courageous people are dying to end the destruction of their country and people.

  11. 0:57 When those javelins start showing up in European cities after this war, i wonder if he will still be saying that phrase with such excitement on his face.

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