War of words between Hajdu, Shandro over Alta. lifting COVID-19 safety protocols 1

War of words between Hajdu, Shandro over Alta. lifting COVID-19 safety protocols


Federal health minister Patty Hajdu is adding her name to the growing list of health officials around the world concerned with health measures, meant to curb the spread of COVID-19, coming to an end in Alberta on August 16th.

In a letter addressed to Alberta health minister Tyler Shandro, Hadju asked for more clarification to better understand the rationale behind the decision.

That prompted a reaction from Alberta health minister Tyler Shandro via social media Thursday where he defended Dr. Hinshaw and questioned Hadju's motivations for writing the letter.

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  1. Justin says we are to remain very very afraid until he says that we are safe. C’mon Alberta….what makes you think that you can think for yourselves.

  2. Few weeks ago Alberta jailed pastors and was seizing churches now a free for all approach makes it easy to understand that they don’t have a clue what they are doing

    1. That was then, and this is now! Things change, perception changes, just because you used to do things a certain way before, that doesn’t mean that you have to continue doing it for the rest of your life! Especially if it doesn’t make sense anymore!

  3. “Ottawa has looked, and it doesn’t like what it has seen in Alberta”…that should really be the lead in of every story regarding the Federal government, regardless of the topic.

  4. If you look a lil farther you will see that Alberta got beat in court hence why the lifting of the restrictions.

  5. sounds like the the liberals are frightened and afraid that they’ve lost control and Canadians are not listening to them anymore and me personally I don’t take medical advice from a graphic designer she has no right giving out medical advice!!!!

  6. Hajdu is not even a Dr. She should shut up and go serve burgers. Maybe she will be better at that.

  7. Haju doesn’t have the credentials to even utter the word lockdown. Not one child has died in my province during this entire “pandemic”. NOT ONE according to the professor of pediatrics.

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